Ireland TNS Test Results

SummaryDetailed List
Normal/Clear Carrier Affected
3 1 0

Registered Name Owners Name Registration Number Sire Dam Date of Birth Gender Lab Number Assessment
Beesting Wicca Jennifer Hickey Z5399704Z04 Beesting The Little Wigginer Gillesta Cindy Blue Eyes September 20, 1999 Female UNSW_ID 2430 Normal/Clear
Dramboro Takoda At Keyonee Jessica Kinane AH0901628 X74887 ISDS 287646 Highyews Jaro At Tagnrye Highyews Thisbe February 11, 2007 Male UNSW_ID 3006 Normal/Clear
Highyews Jaro At Tagnrye Julie Holmes AE0901654 W86942 ISDS A271467 Brackenholme Amos Jan Of Highyews May 24, 2004 Male UNSW_ID 2609 Carrier
Keyonee Kaya Jessica Kinane AC0901188 W22818 ISDS 259054 Lucky ISDS 216081 Holly ISDS 248364 January 23, 2002 Female UNSW_ID 3005 Normal/Clear