France TNS Test Results

SummaryDetailed List
Normal/Clear Carrier Affected
5 1 0

Registered Name Owners Name Registration Number Sire Dam Date of Birth Gender Lab Number Assessment
Cub Of Gwersyllt Ulrich Simon AB00375301 COED Spot Bet O’Gwersyllt October 9, 1999 Male UNSW_ID 2302 Normal/Clear
Nice Of You To Come Bye Be Fast Leonore Folmer NHSB 2644390 Liza’s Border Ouzo Red Arnpriors Come And Be Nice February 2, 2007 Female UNSW_ID 1663 Carrier
Sashdan Rainbow Star Ulrich Simon N/A Yeleek Wizard Of Oz Sashdan Rising Star August 1, 2006 Male UNSW_ID 2305 Normal/Clear
Valita Of Blue Bay Mauritius Ulrich Simon LOF 17373 Cub Of Gwersyllt Boadicea Of Gwersyllt March 5, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 2304 Normal/Clear
Victoria Of Blue Bay Mauritius Ulrich Simon N/A Tonkory Wonderboy Megan Of Gwersyllt February 12, 2004 Female UNSW_ID 2308 Normal/Clear
Vivian Of Blue Bay Mauritius Ulrich Simon LOF 16465/3191 Cub Of Gwersyllt Megan Of Gwersyllt September 4, 2004 Female UNSW_ID 2303 Normal/Clear