CL DNA Border Collie Test Results

CL is often referred to as a disease that only impacts Australasian Border Collies. This is not true. We can only speculate that CL was believed to be associated with the Australasian Border Collies because CL was originally identified and diagnosed in Australia more than 25 years ago.

However, since that time, in the United States, the Texas A&M University reported that it had diagnosed CL in several Border Collies located in Texas.

Although the University never released the identity of those dogs, this occurred several years prior to the importation of any Australasian dogs to the United States. Therefore, these dogs had to be from American and/or British lines.

Approximately 10 years ago, a Border Collie located in Great Britain died of CL.  A post-mortem examination confirmed the diagnosis.

Again, the identity of the dog was never released. However, the dog was known to be from 100% British lines.

This database contains results as tested by various laboratories from around the world.

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Australia CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Adenwood LanaDeitmahr Kennels3100191686Clan-Abby NZ Misty TartanArdenwood PennyAugust 7, 2007FemaleBRC 9658Normal/Clear
Aldyson King BillyLyn ProwseT0981563Aldyson Mac DougalAldyson Loch LassieMarch 9, 1988MaleUNSW_ID 525Normal/Clear
Alpineash BanditDebbie BrowningV1124686Truheel ScottsmanBournsdale DawnMarch 28, 1990MaleUNSW_ID 491Normal/Clear
Amaranth Of Sky Dragon FarmClaire L JensenBCL 00487/97Windygyle Maori ChiefBorderfame Magical EchoSeptember 10, 1996MaleBRC 1572Normal/Clear
Ansovon Master GlossDanbeth Kennels922478Wooleston Glen GordonCamwyn Fair LadyMarch 27, 1987MaleUNSW_ID 0128Normal/Clear
Ardenwood FalcorT Luttrell1526287Sheermyst Hit And MissArdenwood GewnethNovember 5, 1995MaleUNSW_ID 1089Normal/Clear
Arktulu Trouble In MindLiana Thomas4100118963Bordercheck Mirk O TanWottapud Molasses LassJanuary 19, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 856Normal/Clear
Atchafalaya Bea RebelA T & T M Fairchild4100147714Atchafalaya SputnikBorderwerx El MalvadoMay 13, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3732Normal/Clear
Atchafalaya Ivanovas KaiA T & T M Fairchild4100095650Atchafalaya Ban JoAtchafalaya Miss IvanovaApril 3, 2003MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Atchafalaya Ivanovas XevA T & T M Fairchild4100095651Atchafalaya Ban JoAtchafalaya Miss IvanovaApril 3, 2003FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Atchafalaya ShitaniA T & T M Fairchild4100070793Royalindu Bracken HeathAtchafalaya Tristar DlytMay 25, 2001MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Atchafalaya SputnikA T & T M Fairchild4100100397Jakarra TrigonometryDarjoba Blue AbbyAugust 3, 2003MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Atchafalaya The RogueA T & T M Fairchild4100100393Jakarra TrigonometryDarjoba Blue AbbyAugust 3, 2003FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Auldbrig Couleur De RoseJ L & S A Smith & R A Tapp2100031577Winds O War From Clan-AbbyAuldbrig BelladonaMarch 10, 1998FemaleUNSW-ID 961Normal/Clear
Auldbrig Lillie LangtrySusan Morris2100029553Monochrome MaestroGlenloy Witches BrewApril 3, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3243Normal/Clear
Auldbrig Man O WarJ M MannellN1198865Winds O War From Clan AbbyAuldbrig Loch KatrineApril 28, 1991MaleUNSW_ID 2913Normal/Clear
Austinsdream Ichi BanSalena & Craig Jones7100018305Cheney/Jr Always XcitingSanpasho Krystal DancaJanuary 15, 2007FemaleBRC 5614Normal/Clear
Austinsdream Storm WizardSalena & Craig Jones7100015931Yeleek Wizard Of OzSanpasho Krystal Danca HitJune 15, 2005MaleBRC 3400Normal/Clear
Baldaccino Bella BambinoCarlos Pestana2100215946Gallda BuddhaWanderby Red River LadyOctober 3, 2004FemaleBRC 2115Normal/Clear
Ballyann Agent ScullyR L AttardN1581305Jesticma IncomparableBallyann Buckleys ChanceJanuary 25, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 636Normal/Clear
Ballyann Buckleys ChanceP G & T A BuckleyN1224344Bobanette TrademarkKennoway SantefeJuly 12, 1991FemaleUNSW_ID 280Normal/Clear
Ballyann Ravishing RedP G & T A Buckley & R Attard2100150181Kennoway Lochln MclochlnBallyann Agent ScullyOctober 1, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 639Normal/Clear
Beauglen One For TheroadBeauglen Kennels2100090824Minimbah Free To RuleBeauglen Patent LeatherMay 3, 2000MaleUQ 515Normal/Clear
Beladele Random HeartL Schneider3100087991Kanawalla Australya MadeKhayoz All About SoulOctober 19, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 881Normal/Clear
Benshiva Dot ComBrett Farrell & Melissa Dean2100093892Danbeth FullstopScaysbrook Rambling RoseJuly 26, 2000MaleBRC 1238Normal/Clear
Benshiva Heaven Can WaitBrett Farrell & Melissa Dean2100123137Nahrof Shadow Of MercyScaysbrook Rambling RoseSeptember 6, 2001FemaleBRC 1237Normal/Clear
Benshiva The OracleGail Hall2100146711Nahrof The CohortBomacay Gypsy RoseAugust 27, 2002FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Benshiva Wayward AngelBrett Farrell & Melissa Dean2100196041Wiralee Wild WorldScaysbrook Rambling RoseOctober 7, 2004FemaleBRC 1503Normal/Clear
Berringama Wandas CocoWanda Ramsdell3100137729Ardenwood HighlanderVonraypark Class ActFebruary 7, 2004FemaleBRC 3948Normal/Clear
Bordabemyn Dont Be DaffyMrs P Riley6100041672Bordabemyne JakeZandenor Kizmet B MineJune 20, 2005MaleBRC 3222Normal/Clear
Bordabemyn Ronabis FaithChristine Fernando6100031649Rhonabwy Total EclipseKorella Justa TrickMarch 14, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 1205Normal/Clear
Bordalace Aint Luv GrandAlison J Cowin2100120796Bordalace Made To MeasureBordalace Aint She SweetAugust 8, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 528Normal/Clear
Boralace Aint She A DollAlison J Cowin1238101Checkmate ChocoBordalace Be DazzledSeptember 4, 1991FemaleUNSW_ID 21Normal/Clear
Bordalace Aint She Got StylAlison J Cowin1556511Ansavon ScotsmanBordalace Aint She A DollOctober 3, 1995FemaleUNSW_ID 765Normal/Clear
Bordalace Aint She SweetAlison J Cowin1556509Ansavon ScotsmanBordalace Aint She A DollOctober 3, 1995FemaleUNSW_ID 389Normal/Clear
Bordalace Be DazzledAlison J Cowin1004850Ansavon Sono ThorBordalace Oui ChantillyJuly 4, 1988FemaleUNSW_ID 22Normal/Clear
Bordalace BellissimoKhayoz Kennels2100064302Bordalace Made To MeasureBordalace Aint She SweetMay 19, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 527Normal/Clear
Bordalace Best DressedAlison J Cowin1344324Moorakyne Mystery TourBordalace Cha Cha ChaMarch 1, 1993MaleUNSW_ID 19Normal/Clear
Bordalace FacinationAlison J Cowin2100044390Khayoz Eternal EchoBordalace Taylor MadeNovember 9, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 386Normal/Clear
Bordalace Hocus PocusAlison J Cowin2100076511Bordalace Custom MadeBordalace Witchez BritchezOctober 29, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 387Normal/Clear
Bordalace Miss MoneypennyAlison J Cowin2100008971Loch N Legacy To Clan-AbbyBordalace Be DazzledMay 20, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 766Normal/Clear
Bordalace Oui ChantillyAlison J Cowin893603Ebony HamishBordalace Ebony N IvorySeptember 20, 1986FemaleUNSW_ID 384Normal/Clear
Bordalace Ramblin RoseShiralee Fossey2100044388Khayoz Eternal EchoBordalace Taylor MadeJune 9, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 798Normal/Clear
Bordalace Rocky Mountain HighAlison J Cowin2100014678Bordalace The Witch DoctorBordalace Aint She A DollSeptember 14, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 388Normal/Clear
Bordalace The Witch DoctorAlison J Cowin1623460Joys Echo Of Clan-AbbyBordalace Dress T ImpressJuly 5, 1996MaleUNSW_ID 764Normal/Clear
Bordarita Are Ya WillingBordarita KennelsV1599037Windygyle Limited EditionLindenbrae Pila RhetashaApril 2, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 602Normal/Clear
Bordarita In Ya DreamsBordarita Kennels3100057867Millnjazz Orient ExpressBordarita Are Ya WillingMarch 24, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 663Normal/Clear
Bordarita True LoveBordarita KennelsV1421238Lindenbrae Kisha UniqueLindenbrae Pila RhetashaMarch 29, 1994FemaleUNSW_ID 599Normal/Clear
Bordatec Indigo PrincessW & A Baxter2100049291Ahvalook Kiwi RulerBelendaine Ashley LaceOctober 9, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 375Normal/Clear
Borderfame BravoBorderfame Kennels979042Minimbah ShowdownBorderfame PolyannaFebruary 9, 1988MaleUNSW_ID 1407Normal/Clear
Bordercheck SchuccoChris CavanaghN875557Wagaway HighlanderBordercheck The ChippaMay 20, 1986MaleUNSW_ID 015Normal/Clear
Bordercheck Tri FlyerC & A Baxter2100005747Bordercheck Try MiloShebashine TrioApril 16, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 376Normal/Clear
Borderfame Heart N SoulBorderfame Kennels6100004766Khayoz Soul DeepBorderfame Token O LoveSeptember 13, 1997MaleBRC 1212Normal/Clear
Borderfame King OHeartsKhayoz & Borderfame Kennels6100039044Tullacrest Thiefa HeartsBorderfame Mystic PowerOctober 10, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 1117Normal/Clear
Borderfame Mr MagicBorderfame Kennels6100008103Khayoz Soul DeepBorderfame Forever MagicMay 28, 1998MaleBRC 1213Normal/Clear
Borderfame Mystic CharmBorderfame Kennels61000300084Moorakyne Mystery TourBorderfame Mystic DreamJuly 10, 2002FemaleBRC 1214Normal/Clear
Borderfame Mystic PowerHelena Fitzgerald6100012230Borderfame Heart N SoulBorderfame Forever MagicFebruary 17, 1999FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Borderfame Toucho LightMary McCurdy6100022896Amaranth Of Sky Dragon FarmBorderfame Touch Of LuvAugust 9, 2003MaleBRC 2117Normal/Clear
Borderquest Coventry BluSarah Dodds1346897Kiwi Phantom Of Clan-AbbyLlanwnen BaronessMarch 14, 1993FemaleUNSW_ID 561Normal/Clear
Borderstrand Bronze KingMarina Rix4100079523Hollowbold Beaus PrideShacour Blue JeanJanuary 13, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 837Normal/Clear
Borderton PpowerOf ChoiceR J Evans6100043618Winpara WeponOf ChoiceStormin MissySeptember 19, 2005FemaleBRC 6143Normal/Clear
Borderwerx El MalvadoA T & T M Fairchild4100124833Milangimbi Luv Me TenderRunderkraal Turkish DlitJune 28, 2005FemaleBRC 2062Carrier
Borderwerx Elusive FlameMariska Herbert4100124837Milangimbi Luv Me TenderRunderkraal Turkish DlitJune 28, 2005FemaleBRC 2021Normal/Clear
Briamer Evening StarAndrew Hutchinson & Cathryn Hess3100010864Ardenwood O LochinvarCrystalledge Summer SkySeptember 27, 1997Female05-2600Normal/Clear
Burramine WhiskeyShayne DavisonN1283035Crestvale RicochetHumeden Krista StarJune 8, 1992MaleUNSW_ID 688Carrier
Calanais Cool As IceLuke Schneider5100033132Torobeam Freddy FudpuckaBeladele Random HeartJune 4, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 1264Normal/Clear
Camwyn Venus In VelvetDaniel Scott3100210521Trucharm Monsters IncCamwyn Midsummer MadnessSeptember 22, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID BC 5209Normal/Clear
Cannyben Bonnys CrusadeNadia & David Radcliffe4100014269Maghera Ghostin ThmachineBawntawn Bonnie BootsOctober 11, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 822Carrier
Caylith Gaelic LaceSue Gibson8010001516Bordercheck Try MiloShebashine JayneMarch 22, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 841Normal/Clear
Caylith Hearts DesireSue GibsonN1464075Tulukera CharioteerCaylith Classic JazzAugust 26, 1994MaleUNSW_ID 840Normal/Clear
Caylith Luvn SparkleRachelle Gleeson2100185068Bordercheck Mirk O TanCaylith Desert DawnFebruary 14, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1108Normal/Clear
Cedarlodge Bonnie LassMonlaird Kennels3100051697Cedarlodge The JokerArrawatta Swansea LassDecember 12, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 1109Normal/Clear
Chalfont Ben O LochKerry Cowled2100002570Bordalace Custon MadeKeirashay MysticFebruary 14, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 295Normal/Clear
Chalfont Forget Me NotDana Shelmerdine2100132076Kellagem Midnight CometChalfont MasqueradeJanuary 14, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 882Normal/Clear
Chalfont Jamie McDonaldShiralee Fossey2100002571Bordalace Custom MadeKeirashay MysticFebruary 14, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 297Normal/Clear
Chalfont Katie Did ItKerry Cowled2100173664Kellagem Midnight CometChalfont MasqueradeOctober 14, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 795Normal/Clear
Chalfont Rustic CharmKerry Cowled2100066473Wiralee Wizards SpellKeirashay MysticJuly 13, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 794Normal/Clear
Cheney/Jr Always XcitingLeila Gravell7100008088Fetchemin XcitingventureCheney/Jr Highland MagicJanuary 7, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 953Normal/Clear
Clanheath Finishing TouchNaomi E Langfield9100000932Dancinvale Take By StormDancinvale By DesignSeptember 3, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 667Normal/Clear
Classicyds ConstellationNadia & David Radcliffe4100088231Monochrome Currency CreekGremaric Indian PacificOctober 23, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 823Normal/Clear
Cloudhaven TobleroneWendy Lucht4100124168Bawntawn Patch Work KidFamewynn Ebony N IvoryJune 13, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 1832Normal/Clear
Colbella Hidden AgendaA T & T M Fairchild2100227984Woombye Golden SandsShebashine Mary LouApril 20, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 3733Normal/Clear
Crestborder MagicR W & B E Hayes1282483Crestvale ThunderboltCrestvale ThunderbirdMay 1, 1992MaleUNSW_ID 459Normal/Clear
Crestvale Bound For GloryCrestvale KennelsV1245819Maghera Hiland ChantCrestvale Waipori HopeDecember 9, 1991MaleBRC 1320Normal/Clear
Crestvale Cool N ClassyCrestvale Kennels3100027212Minimbah Polar ExpressOzway Miss TupenceAugust 2, 1998MaleBRC 1296Normal/Clear
Crestvale Faith N FantasyCrestvale KennelsV1157823Crestvale RicochetCrestvale Waipori HopeOctober 6, 1990FemaleBRC 1321Normal/Clear
Crestvale Perfect BlissCrestvale KennelsV1604687Crestvale ThunderboltCrestvale Perfect MatchApril 25, 1996FemaleBRC 1319Normal/Clear
Cucriche Bat Outa HellE & P Camp2100074266Bordalace Best DressedCyndee Azurre MaidJuly 10, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 779Normal/Clear
Cucriche Chances AreM & S Goulding?Bordalace Best DressedCydee Azurre MaidJuly 10, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 774Normal/Clear
Cucriche In The Fast LaneM & S Goulding?Bordalace Best DressedCydee Azurre MaidJuly 10, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 657Normal/Clear
Cymbrogi Tintagels KniteKaren Guest2100072330Dancinvale Take By StormGoldentone ChannelSeptember 12, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 763Normal/Clear
Cyndee Celines DestinyMs C Briggs2100211984Cyndee Simply RegalCyndee Royal ContreauJune 20, 2005FemaleBRC 2744Normal/Clear
Cyndee Shadow Oth MatsaMrs D Younger2100211980Cyndee Simply RegalCyndee Royal ContreauJune 20, 2005MaleBRC 2743Normal/Clear
Cyndee Strictly StirlingMrs D Younger1642721Korella Gaelic TartanWaminda Just MagicalSeptember 23, 1996MaleBRC 1616Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Aanuka StarC & A Baxter1614536Nahrof Foreign AffairCyrilann Aanuka SunriseJune 17, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 195Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Anuka SunriseC & A Baxter1434995Tuckonie Mr TrendyTrimel Coat Of ColoursMay 21, 1994FemaleUNSW_ID 189Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Baxta AffairC & A Baxter1614534Nahrof Foreign AffairCyrilann Aanuka SunriseJune 17, 1996MaleUNSW_ID 192Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Blazen PrincessC & A Baxter2100099198Trumagik Northern SpiritBordatec Indigo PrincessOctober 31, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 377Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Bluegum NilesW & A Baxter2100221617Glenloy MorganCyrilann Radar PrincessDecember 20, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 1150Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Bobette FlareC & A Baxter1614539Nahrof Foreign AffairCyrilann Aanuka SunriseJune 17, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 191Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Dark N DaringDaniel Scott2100305849Sarasota Dapper N DaringSarasota Tried For EweOctober 17, 2009MaleUNSW_ID 5372Carrier
Cyrilann Indigo ChippW & A Baxter2100138209Strathclyde Choc ChippBordatec Indigo PrincessMay 15, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 1149Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Jazz PrincessW & A Baxter2100182325Milangimbi RythmnbluesCyrilann Blazen PrincessMarch 11, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 777Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Keira GoldC & A Baxter1627544Yandhaven Col HurryTrimel Coat Of ColoursAugust 15, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 279Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Miss KylieC & A Baxter1614538Nahrof Foreign AffairCyrilann Aanuka SunriseJune 17, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 196Normal/Clear
Cyrilann NoyamajickC & A Baxter1530428Ulara Lignite LukeTrimel Coat Of ColoursJune 24, 1995MaleUNSW_ID 190Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Radar PrincessW & A Baxter2100165032Strathclyde Choc ChipCyrilann Blazen PrincessJune 23, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 778Normal/Clear
Cyrilann Tammikel BindiC & A Baxter1614537Nahrof Foreign AffairCyrilann Aanuka SunriseJune 17, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 194Normal/Clear
Daheim Lucky LassT Luttrell3100113915Daheim Ben MoreDaheim Magic ClancyApril 2, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 939Normal/Clear
Dalheath Dancing CloudSharon Hannigan21000075571Sheermyst Black MagicGymbaroo Next GenerationOctober 22, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 797Normal/Clear
Dalheath Highland RoseMargaret Rockey2100013581Sheermyst Direct HitNahrof Tailz To KeepSeptember 20, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 805Carrier
Dalheath Lad In TweedMargaret Rockey2100013578Sheermyst Direct HitNahrof Tailz To KeepSeptember 20, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 805Carrier
Dalheath Lady In LaceMargaret Rockey2100216923Dalheath Lad In TweedDalheath Morning StarSeptember 18, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 1096Normal/Clear
Dalheath Night Of SorentoMargaret Rockey & Alison J Cowin2100178424Bordalace BellisimoDalheath Time N TideDecember 19, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 533Normal/Clear
Dalheath Paint Th StarsMargaret Rockey2100203626Germaric ImageryDalheath Highland RoseJanuary 30, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 1039Normal/Clear
Dalheath Penny RoseMargaret Rockey2100159197Monochrome Currency CreekDalheath Highland RoseFebruary 15, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 1039Carrier
Dalheath SignatureMargaret Rockey2100203623Gremaric ImageryDalheath Highland RoseJanuary 30, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 1040Carrier
Dalheath Time N SorentoMargaret Rockey2100178427Bordalace BellisimoDalheath Time N TideJanuary 19, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 551Normal/Clear
Dalheath Time N TideMargaret Rockey2100105971Bordalace The Witch DoctorDalheath Highland RoseDecember 19, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 550Carrier
Danari Danceth WavesP & T Wheatley2100201348Monochrome MaestroDanari Dance AwayDecember 14, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 1259Normal/Clear
Danari Dramas BananasMiss R J Evans2100190250Monochrome MaestroMinimbah Lunar RoseJune 8, 2004FemaleBRC 1485Normal/Clear
Danbeth Black CrystalJ A Staplehurst946518Ansavon Sono ThorDanbeth DebonairSeptember 1, 1987FemaleUNSW_ID 39Normal/Clear
Danbeth Black LabelDanbeth Kennels1210178Candleriggs CadmusBorderheath Maggie MayMay 19, 1991MaleUNSW_ID 71Normal/Clear
Danbeth Dealers ChoiceD M Hall1289871Ansavon Master GlossDanbeth DebonairJuly 2, 1992MaleUNSW_ID 16Normal/Clear
Danbeth DebonairDanbeth Kennels755577Ansavon TikkiFarnreb Lady MushkaMarch 14, 1984FemaleUNSW_ID 69Normal/Clear
Danbeth DuchessMrs B Miller866567Sendaway MidnightDanbeth DebonairApril 16, 1986FemaleUNSW_ID 86Normal/Clear
Danbeth FullstopWendy Atkins1613124Nahrof Say No MoreDanbeth Private LabelMay 20, 1996MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Danbeth MyvanwyC A Cassells866566Sendaway MidnightDanbeth DebonairApril 16, 1986FemaleUNSW_ID 61Normal/Clear
Danbeth Stormy KnightDanbeth Kennels946512Ansavon Sono ThorDanbeth DebonairSeptember 1, 1987MaleUNSW_ID 72Normal/Clear
Danbeth Thunder BayDanbeth Kennels1132187Ansavon Sono ThorDanbeth DebonairMay 22, 1990MaleUNSW_ID 126Normal/Clear
Danbeth Time To RememberDanbeth Kennels2100209997Danbeth MontgomeryDanbeth Miss LucyMay 9, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 812Normal/Clear
Dancinvale Beary ClassyDeborah Atkinson2100097974Dancinvale JakarooGlenlion High ClassSeptember 6, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 416Normal/Clear
Dancinvale Dare To BdarkKaren Galbraith2100178001Claremist Braw LadDancinvale Dare To DreamDecember 14, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 786Normal/Clear
Dancinvale Dare To DreamKaren Galbraith2100097975Dancinvale JakarooGlenlion High ClassNovember 2, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 420Normal/Clear
Dancinvale DynamiteKaren Galbraith1245710Nedlands KrackerjakWagaway WildfireNovember 3, 1991FemaleUNSW_ID 50Normal/Clear
Dancinvale FirekrackerKaren Galbraith984071Nedlands KrackerjakWagaway WildfireMarch 20, 1988MaleUNSW_ID 49Normal/Clear
Dancinvale Olympic DreamDeborah Atkinson2100097976Dancinvale JakarooGlenlion High ClassSeptember 6, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 417Normal/Clear
Darjoba Blue AbbyA T & T M FairchildQ4100031172Janoby Lord RebelArawatta Mersey River?FemaleBRC 1670Normal/Clear
Dellhousie Martha MydearDellhousie Kennels3100092054Kanawalla Boy From OzCrestvale IncandescenceOctober 1, 2002FemaleBRC 1202Normal/Clear
Deitmahr CallmecustomadeR W & B E Hayes3100003201Ellagant N DebonaireDeitmahr Asti SpumanteApril 12, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 455Normal/Clear
Deitmahr HermonieDeitmahr Kennels3100137763Royalindu EchospridenjoyOzway Southern CrossSeptember 21, 2004FemaleBRC 2326Normal/Clear
Delucapark Black VelvetDeborah Atkinson2100179946Bordalace TheWitchDoctorDancinvale Olympic DreamJanuary 15, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 559Normal/Clear
Delucapark ChaseTheDreamDeborah Atkinson2100231987Etherial Chase The AceDancinvale Olympic DreamJune 16, 2006MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Delucapark Classic DreamDeborah Atkinson2100231989Etherial Chase The AceDancinvale Olympic DreamJune 16, 2006FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Delucapark Dream WeaverDeborah Atkinson2100231986Etherial Chase The AceDancinvale Olympic DreamJune 16, 2006MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Deraine Maddys MateD & L Powell1594306Craignbar Ben FergusSungwa Rivendel JediahMarch 17, 1996MaleUNSW_ID 704Normal/Clear
Deraine Rosebud LadyD & L Powell3100093728Echovale Great BearDeraine Maddys MissyFebruary 12, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 703Normal/Clear
Devondene Kiwi LegendM & A McClay1602673Minimbah Hot LyricDevondene Kiwi ContessaMarch 29, 1996MaleUNSW_ID 1046Normal/Clear
Devondene Shadows RunM & A McClay5100037803Kybota Shadow O The HawkDevondene Time DancerJuly 5, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 1045Normal/Clear
Devondene Time DancerM & A McClay5100003225Devondene Kiwi LegendDevondene Time PrincessOctober 22, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 1044Normal/Clear
Dogrose Hearts DesireK & N Davis6100033771Whiteterra Black As AceBorderjewel Coral StarApril 18, 2003FemaleBRC 3067Normal/Clear
Dunwurkn Jordy GirlWanda Ramsdell4100152192Borderstrand Milo N MilkWottapud Roki RoadOctober 12, 2007FemaleBRC 14771Normal/Clear
Dykebar Return To VozT LuttrellV0808601V01Clan-Abby Blue AberdooneAltricia Pandora At DykebarDecember 30, 1994MaleUNSW_ID 943Normal/Clear
Dyrilann Indigo ChippW & A Baxter2100138209Strathclyde Choc ChipBordatec Indigo PrincessMay 15, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 1149Normal/Clear
Echovale Great BearDanielle Inverno3100031872Ellagant N DebonaireBushechoes Dawn GoddessOctober 13, 1998MaleBRC 848Normal/Clear
Elkana Blue By YouMichelle Smith4100061372Borderoo ZacIlloura SheridanSeptember 25, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 1831Normal/Clear
Elkana Maggie LassL Mulder4100099261Elkana Phantom BlueSurfir Its AwonderJuly 31, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 1119Normal/Clear
Eumundi Abbey RoadLeanne Hayes2100160396Moorakyne Mystery TourBryon Highland ClairMarch 6, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 670Normal/Clear
Eumundi Lucy In The SkyT & C Wilcher2100160397Moorakyne Mystery TourBryon Highland ClairMarch 6, 2003FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Fairbank Kodak PhoebeK & P Riley01168-2005Lochburn Kodak MagicFairbank Magnums DelightNovember 18, 2005FemaleBRC 2797Normal/Clear
Famewynn SashaMarina Rix4100124607Famewynn In The DarkCrestock Rythemn LaceMay 11, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 1125Normal/Clear
Farnreb Lady MushkaDanbeth Kennels553871Gotrah Prince RebelAnnangrove Little KalaFebruary 10, 1980FemaleUNSW_ID 70Normal/Clear
Fayrelyn Boyne Blue BeutyMariska Herbert4100082595Surfir Wondering WombatMexicatl Merle OberonMay 6, 2002FemaleBRC 2022Normal/Clear
Fetchemin Atouch OstyleJ Clements1668813Moystonhill Midnite SoulFetchemin SabrinaDecember 29, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 933Normal/Clear
Fetchemin Calvin KleinSalena & Craig Jones7100009022Moystonhill Midnite SoulFetchemin Top CharmMay 12, 2001MaleBRC 1509Normal/Clear
Fetchemin Corupt JusticeLeila Gravell7100005241Jesticma IncorruptibleFetchemin Poetic JusticeJune 16, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 952Normal/Clear
Fetchemin On The MoveDellhousie Kennels1424636Tullagale Travel IntimeFetchemin SabrinaMarch 20, 1994MaleBRC 1203Normal/Clear
Fidelis MoonlightingTracey A Lamb4100086891Talquah Buster BuckhavanTrumagik Tartan TemptressJuly 21, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 859Normal/Clear
Finealta Time Will TellSandra Brennan2100085850Glentress Showno MercyCyndee Simply ElegantMarch 31, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 813Normal/Clear
Fishlor Forget Me NotG & S Stephenson3100106810Eumundi CandoonFishlor Sparkling GemNovember 11, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 738Normal/Clear
Funknrun Jazzys GalPatricia Bode2100231846Davondeb Murphys LawColbella Dark DelightJune 11, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 3845Normal/Clear
Gateacre Wicked ChoclatSue Gibson4100095656Caylith Hearts DesireCaylith Gaelic LaceApril 10, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 842Normal/Clear
Glenbala Lunar IllusionCathryn Hess2100029474Minimbah Nights IllusionBeauglen Lunar EclipseSeptember 1, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 851Normal/Clear
Glenbrae AbrakadabraSue Gibbs222164Clan Abby Phantom Of LoveGlenhuen Jaffas RumourDecember 7, 1992MaleUNSW_ID 3336Normal/Clear
Glenbrae Foreign AffairSue Gibbs217713Clan Abby Phantom Of LoveGlenbrae Sweet WhisperMay 11, 1991MaleUNSW_ID 1132Normal/Clear
Glencheviot Fantasy MystSue Birch (Jones)226774Glencheviot Thors LadGlencheviot Koffee KeiraNovember 22, 1993FemaleUNSW_ID 101Normal/Clear
Glencheviot Koffee KeiraSue Birch (Jones)214006Bordercheck JarrahGlencheviot Ebony JeanApril 30, 1991FemaleUNSW_ID 102Normal/Clear
Glencheviot Misty GraySue Birch (Jones)164005Tullacrest Tuff E-NuffGlencheviot Keira LassJanuary 31, 1984MaleUNSW_ID 104Normal/Clear
Glencheviot Thors GemSue Birch (Jones)162234Crestvale Sono ThunderCrestvale Keira MistOctober 27, 1983FemaleUNSW_ID 103Normal/Clear
Glencheviot Thors LassSue Birch (Jones)S 162236Crestvale Sono ThunderCrestvale Keira MistOctober 27, 1983FemaleUNSW_ID 106Normal/Clear
Glendale Brazen BoyJessica Schuler4100115254Royalindu Bracken HeathGlendale Ebony LaceOctober 18, 2004MaleBRC 14643Normal/Clear
Glenhuen QuintessenceLyn ProwseQ1308548Juleree Black MagicGlenhuen Freyas MythAugust 25, 1992FemaleUNSW_ID 524Normal/Clear
Glenlion High ClassDeborah Atkinson4100032694Monsalvat WhisperingJackGremaric Has ClassOctober 16, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 419Normal/Clear
Glenloy Danish DeluxeJ L & S A Smith2100062713Maghera Followthat RythmBordershock Danish DelightApril 29, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 959Normal/Clear
Glenloy MonterayR Tapp & K Wilkinson2100148422Monochrome WoodstockGlenloy Starry LakeOctober 4, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 2780Normal/Clear
Glenloy MorganSusan Morris2100126682Mexicatl CeedeeGlenloy Feelin FlirtyNovember 11, 2001Male05-6200Normal/Clear
Glenloy Nite MovesSalena & Craig Jones2100192496Glenloy MonterayAuldbrig Ringside RumorsJuly 24, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 6281Normal/Clear
Glenloy ReillyJ M Mannell2100192490Glenloy MonterayAuldbrig Ringside RumorsJuly 24, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 1009Normal/Clear
Glenloy Starry LakeR Tapp & K Wilkinson2100062709Maghera Star CollectorAuldbrig Lady Ofth LakeApril 26, 1999FemaleUNSW_IDNormal/Clear
Glenloy Witches BrewR Tapp2100143628Canowindra Ocean Of BlueGlenloy TabooJune 3, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 2487Normal/Clear
Glennrose Lord PeterGlennda Susan Marsh-Letts2100159257Monochrome CurrencycreekGadhar Glenndas BelleMarch 4, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 934Normal/Clear
Glentress Chain ReactionMisses D & K Adams1280181Checkmate ChocoCheckmate Queeno ScotsApril 20, 1992MaleBRC 864Normal/Clear
Glentress ChocindulgenceMisses D & K Adams3100110974Glentress Chain ReactionGlentress Sweet JusticeJanuary 18, 2003FemaleBRC 850Normal/Clear
Glentress Have No MercyMisses D & K Adams3100090214Glentress Show No MercyGlentress Place Ya BetDecember 6, 2001FemaleBRC 856Normal/Clear
Glentress Lavenda BlueMisses D & K Adams3100063544Glentress Chain ReactionGlentress Pompous WitchMay 24, 2000FemaleBRC 861Normal/Clear
Glentress Majestik LordMisses D & K Adams3100021779Glentress Chain ReactionGlentress Pompous WitchMarch 30, 1998MaleBRC 865Normal/Clear
Glentress Majestik MissMisses D & K Adams3100059589Glentress Majestik LordGlentress HayleyApril 8, 2000FemaleBRC 853Normal/Clear
Glentress OstentatiousMisses D & K Adams3100074273Maghera Star ColletorGlentress Pompous WitchJanuary 21, 2001MaleBRC 854Normal/Clear
Glentress Place Ya BetMisses D & K Adams3100051768Glentress Heart N SoulGlentress Poetry N MotionNovember 23, 1999FemaleBRC 851Normal/Clear
Glentress Poetry N MotionMisses D & K Adams1562561Maghera Crystal RythemGlentress Winter GossipOctober 11, 1995FemaleBRC 857Normal/Clear
Glentress ScandalousMisses D & K Adams1460375Shezilson Rebel RaiderGlentress Winter GossipOctober 7, 1994FemaleBRC 855Normal/Clear
Gotrah Jacquies PrideShannon Cross2100000216Gotrah Sea LegendGotrah Lady JacquelineMay 20, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 800Normal/Clear
Gremaric In Your DreamsSandra Brennan41000112188Gremaric Final ImpactBorderheath DaydreamerSeptember 18, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 814Normal/Clear
Gremaric Toucho ClassGraham & Lorraine Pearce4100060012Echovale Great BearGremaric All ClassAugust 3, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 744Normal/Clear
Guyally Justcalme KateeT Luttrell7100005629Dykebar Return To VozTullaview Always AleeshaAugust 20, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 1025Normal/Clear
Gwaerfeyn Mc DuffBarrie & Marion Tyson1440555Borderfame Pal O MineLlanwnen Elegant MissMay 22, 1994MaleUNSW_ID 1201Normal/Clear
Hotnote Asgoodas ItgetsKaren Phillips6100037000Minimbah LustrousLuvstock AndromedaApril 14, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 1101Normal/Clear
Hobbsview On Good CloverLouise Rowlands7100033217Macroga Robert JamesSarasota Spice Of LifeDecember 25, 2014FemaleUSyd_ID BC1455Normal/Clear
Hotnote Dreams Are FreeA N Hutchinson & C T A Hess6100032252Korella Mystic LegendLucratif Onmoonlit SkysMarch 24, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 946Normal/Clear
Hotnote Electri-CuteT Luttrell6100034552Minimbah Secret AgentLucratif OnMoonlit SkysOctober 27, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 948Normal/Clear
Iloskye Piping HotKellie Lighton3100078189Kanawalla Boy From OzIloskye Wait And SeeApril 28, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 753Normal/Clear
Ingenue Chicago GirlGail Ingersoll2100197450Ingenue DigitIngenue IllusionNovember 17, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1209Normal/Clear
Jakarra TrigonometryA T & T M Fairchild1497895Arynlea EnterpriseMylawn Carmel KandyDecember 22, 1994MaleBRC 2162Normal/Clear
Japin Blue DenumCarlos Pestana4100101421Glendale Hot ChocolateRunderkraal Blue MistSeptember 4, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 1181Normal/Clear
Japin RileyWendy Lucht4100093013Glendale Hot ChocolateRunderkraal Blue MistJanuary 28, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 687Normal/Clear
Jemtiana JewelsTina Grasser3100141284Jemtiana SpheneMistygem Ruby RoseSeptember 22, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1131Normal/Clear
Jemtiana SpheneTina Grasser3100041252Monsalvat Lord OthedanceJemtiana Blue SapphireApril 18, 1999MaleBRC 2195Normal/Clear
Jessomine DevlinaredressLani Mercer4100103618Trucharm Royal TartanKentish ShirazNovember 24, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 735Normal/Clear
Jesticma IncomparableM & E LitchfieldN1260078Clan-Abby Phantom Of LoveTullaview Xmas MagicFebruary 11, 1992MaleUNSW_ID 635Normal/Clear
Jordyalan Cocos ChanceDeitmahr Kennels3100173675Braeloch Wedgewood BlueBerringama Wandas CocoSeptember 23, 2006MaleBRC 8345Normal/Clear
Joy’s Echo Of Clan-AbbyPeter & Cheryl Bauers04229-1987Maghera CasanovaRullion JoyFebruary 17, 1987MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Juleree Black MagicLyn Prowse & Syd MuntonQ1132705Aldyson King BillyGlenhuen Picketty WitchMay 10, 1990MaleUNSW_ID 513Normal/Clear
Kalzamm Secret VentureKellie Lighton3100150452Khayoz Soul VentureKelmith Rileys GirlApril 4, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 755Normal/Clear
Kanawalla Australya FairKennoway KennelsV1668639Kennoway Wotsup Yor KiltMistygem Hyland TessJanuary 26, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 640Normal/Clear
Keanefield Dykevos KateT Luttrell710008580Dykebar Return To VozKeanefield SueApril 14, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 947Normal/Clear
Keanefield Foxheim MacT Luttrell7100014500Foxhill GlenDaheim Blue BessAugust 8, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 1128Normal/Clear
Keirashay MysticKerry CowledN1385881Nahrof Mystical ChiefMacsin Sindily ImpishSeptember 18, 1993FemaleUNSW_ID 294Normal/Clear
Kellagem KeepsakeMargaret Morgan2100039425Minimbah Free To RuleKellagem Hot SizzlerJuly 8, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 731Normal/Clear
Kellagem Kept A SecretW & M Morgan2100189995Moorakyne Mystery TourKellagem KeepsakeJune 3, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 730Normal/Clear
Kelmith A Kind Of MagicKellie Lighton3100091104Monsalvat Whispering JackMonsalvat Riverdance?MaleUNSW_ID 601Normal/Clear
Kelmith Rockabilly RebelKellie Lighton3100043496Jarrebor TenaciousMonsalvat RiverdanceJune 21, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 755Normal/Clear
Kelmith Steppin OutHelen Hassing3100114641Kelmith Rockabilly RebelMonselvat Copper RoseApril 28, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 752Normal/Clear
Kennoway Colour Me TartnKennoway Kennels3100089967Kennoway Wotsup Yor KiltKennoway Paint Me A PictureNovember 20, 2001FemaleBRC 1469Normal/Clear
Kennoway Lochln MclochlnP G & T A Buckley3100019385Kennoway Wotsup Yor KiltKennoway Kicking KiltsFebruary 26, 1998MaleUNSW_ID 638Normal/Clear
Kennoway LotsahankypankyMrs D Younger3100094085Kennoway Wotsup Yor KiltKennoway Nookinnooki NoraAugust 29, 2002MaleBCR 1615Normal/Clear
Kennoway Paint Me A PictureKennoway Kennels3100045959Danbeth FullstopIloskye Melody MakerJuly 25, 1999FemaleBRC 1471Normal/Clear
Kennoway Wotsup Yor KiltKennoway Kennels1434808Kennoway Kiwi ConnectionKennoway Tartin AroundApril 4, 1994MaleBRC 1470Normal/Clear
Kentish Copper TonicBarrie & Marion Tyson1440914Amberjaye Tri The TartanNinghan Bellevue LadyApril 3, 1994MaleUNSW_ID 1202Normal/Clear
Kentish Monty PythonMarion Tyson1667913Borderfame Pal O MineNinghan Bellevue LadyDecember 1, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 1067Normal/Clear
Kentish ShirazLani Mercer6100027283Borderfame EvereadyKentish HiddndeliteFebruary 22, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 734Normal/Clear
Kentish Touch OfantasyMarion Tyson6100032316Kentish Copper TonicKentish Heaven SentFebruary 13, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 1068Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Arctic StormR W & B E Hayes03126-2005Kerrybrent Arctic FreezeKerrybrent Crystal FaithJanuary 4, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 726Normal/Clear
Khayoz Against All OddsKhayoz Kennels1466090Korella Pure RhythemLindenbrae Tarfin LouisaSeptember 20, 1994FemaleUNSW_ID 699Normal/Clear
Khayoz As Time Goes ByKhayoz Kennels3100143250Borderfame Heart N SoulCamwyn Spice GirlNovmeber 24, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 614Normal/Clear
Khayoz Calamity JaneKhayoz Kennels3100188867Khayoz Inthe MidnitehourKhayoz Illicit AffairJune 29, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 4147Normal/Clear
Khayoz Forbidden LoveKhayoz Kennels3100137439Bordalace BellissimoBawntawn Soul AffairJuly 2, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 613Normal/Clear
Khayoz Got To Have SoulNoeline McIlroy3100059724Khayoz Soul DeepKhayoz Against All OddsApril 9, 2000MaleBRC 1151Normal/Clear
Khayoz Heaven Forbid AlKhayoz Kennels3100194469Tullacrest Soul MateKhayoz Forbidden LoveOctober 2, 2007FemaleBRC 19722Normal/Clear
Khayoz Highly BlessedKhayoz Kennels3100189759Khayoz Midnite GamblerKyntaf Count YorblessingsJuly 5, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 4148Normal/Clear
Khayoz Illicit AffairKhayoz Kennels3100137440Bordalace BellissimoBawntawn Soul AffairJuly 2, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 617Normal/Clear
Khayoz In The MidnitehourMeg Ryan3100050245Lock N Legacy To Clan-AbbyKerrybrent Midnite RoseOctober 4, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 992Normal/Clear
Khayoz Man On A MissionKhayoz Kennels3100111046Bordalace BellissimoTullacrest Tempt My SoulFebruary 9, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 529Normal/Clear
Khayoz Master MagicianDavid Bowker3100125998Bordalace Hocus PocusKhayoz Riccochet RaptureNovember 7, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 4173Normal/Clear
Khayoz Perfect TimingI A & B P O’Connor Tivertongaye Kennels3100143251Borderfame Heart N SoulCamwyn Spice GirlNovember 24, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1110Normal/Clear
Khayoz Shooting StarKhayoz Kennels3100139768Tookurra Catch A StarTullacrest Tempt My SoulSeptember 5, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 612Normal/Clear
Khayoz Soul InspirationKay Dawson3100120779Khayoz Soul VentureBorderlace Aint Luv GrandAugust 13, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 885Normal/Clear
Khayoz Soul On My MindKhayoz Kennels3100022456Khayoz Soul DeepKhayoz Against All OddsApril 4, 1998MaleUNSW_ID 889Normal/Clear
Khayoz Soul VentureKay Dawson3100042594Korella Blue VentureKhayoz All About SoulMay 24, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 702Normal/Clear
Khayoz SpellbinderKhayoz Kenels3100088116Bordalace BellissimoKhayoz Bluribbon EditionOctober 31, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 618Normal/Clear
Kirbyholme Deja VuCora Ann Hawthorn4100064545Perrioak Ghost ShadowBonabridge Watchmy StyleDecember 22, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 732Normal/Clear
Kirbyholme Ice SupriseCora Ann Hawthorn4100042282Shallstar Easy RiderBonabridge Watchmy StyleJune 16, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 733Normal/Clear
Kirbyholme Jemas InstyleTracie Thompson4100083899Maghera Rhythm Of AvalonBonabridge Watchmy StyleJune 4, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 844Normal/Clear
Kirbyholme Skyes DalimitTracie Thompson4100097234Kirbyholme Deja VuKirbyholme Ice SurpriseMay 31, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 843Normal/Clear
Konavan NominameR Attard2100096527Konavan Sky MagicBallyann Agent ScullyAugust 27, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 637Normal/Clear
Korella Double De LightRoss R Mathew2100148242Korella Strike A LightGreyside HarlequinSeptember 19, 2002FemaleBRC 1288Normal/Clear
Korella Fire N IceRoss R Mathew1614923Korella All That JazzKorella Krystal BlueJune 14, 1996MaleBRC 1283Normal/Clear
Korella Hiland EchoRoss R Mathew1507035Crestvale Silver RansomYarrack Misty HeatherMarch 10, 1995FemaleBRC 1282Normal/Clear
Korella HilanderRoss R Mathew2100128625Korella Lone PiperKorella Hiland EchoDecember 5, 2001MaleBRC 1294Normal/Clear
Korella Justan IllusionRoss R Mathew2100041126Devondene Kiwi LegendKorella Weave A DreamJuly 29, 1998FemaleBRC 1284Normal/Clear
Korella Krystal BlueRoss R Mathew1095438Wyndygyle Maori ChiefRullion CapriceDecember 19, 1989FemaleBRC 1280Normal/Clear
Korella Krystal EclipseRoss R Mathew2100172047Nahrof MoonlightingKorella Krystal FireJuly 11, 2003FemaleBRC 1293Normal/Clear
Korella Krystal FireRoss R Mathew2100084727Korella All That JazzKorella Silver FernFebruary 18, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 850Normal/Clear
Korella Lone PiperRoss R Mathew1600350Korella All That JazzKorella Crown JewelApril 4, 1996MaleBRC 1292Normal/Clear
Korella Maid O DiamondsRoss R Mathew2100146688Korella Gaelic TartanKorella Silver FernAugust 17, 2002FemaleBRC 1287Normal/Clear
Korella Mystic LegendAndrew Hutchinson & Cathryn Hess2100041129Devondene Kiwi LegendKorella Weave A DreamJuly 29, 1998MaleUNSW_ID 849Normal/Clear
Korella Pipes N DrumsRoss R Mathew2100146687Korella Gaelic TartanKorella Silver FernAugust 17, 2002MaleBRC 1286Normal/Clear
Korella Rapt In MagicRoss R Mathew2100153961Maghera Presents MeKorella Justan IllusionNovember 10, 2002FemaleBRC 1289Normal/Clear
Korella SilhouetteRoss R Mathew2100186153Korella Mystic WarriorMoppity Fleeting ShadowFebruary 26, 2004FemaleBRC 1290Normal/Clear
Korella Silver FernRoss R Mathew1353249Tullagale Travel IntimeKorella Krystal BlueApril 26, 1993FemaleBRC 1281Normal/Clear
Korella Strike A LightRoss R Mathew2100101804Korella Fire N IceKorella Justan IllusionOctober 24, 2000MaleBRC 1285Normal/Clear
Kybota Kings HighE Bevk2100074285Clanheath Take A ChanceKybota Sound Of SilenceOctober 9, 1999MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Kybota Royal ScandalK G & E T O’Brien2100190459Kybota Shadow O Th HawkKybota Royal SecretAugust 23, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 574Normal/Clear
Kybota Royal SecretK G & E T O’Brien1661044Tullagale Toby The TramKybota Best Kept SecretFebruary 12, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 572Normal/Clear
Kybota Secret AffairK G & E T O’Brien2100190460Kybota Shadow O Th HawkKybota Royal SecretAugust 23, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 575Normal/Clear
Kybota Shadow O Th HawkK G & E T O’Brien2100158449Nahrof Shadow Of MercyKybota Royal SecretJanuary 29, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 573Normal/Clear
Kybota Silent SpiritK G & E T O’Brien2100022229Crestvale RicochetKybota MoonshadowNovember 27, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 662Normal/Clear
Kybota Wild FireK G & E T O’Brien2100140177Devondene Kiwi LegendKybota City RhythmApril 30, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 661Normal/Clear
Kyntaf Count YorblessingsKhayoz Kennels3100087642Bordalace BellissimoKhayoz Ricochet RaptureOctober 19, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 531Normal/Clear
Langtry Prof DumbledoreD Scott2100331401Korella Krystal RewardAuldbrig Lillie LangtryDecember 10, 2010MaleDOG 32986Normal/Clear
Lindenbrae Pila RhetashaBordarita KennelsV1216783Fyneglen PintoLindenbrae Brigitta BrieJuly 9, 1991FemaleUNSW_ID 598Normal/Clear
Lindenbrae Tarfin AuroraLindenbrae Kennels3100055507Tingwall Jolly WildJarrebor Taras RadianceJanuary 21, 2000MaleBRC 1539Normal/Clear
Lindenbrae Tarfin CazalyLindenbrae Kennels3100110431Bordalace Best DressedJarrebor Taras RadianceNovember 12, 2002FemaleBRC 1538Normal/Clear
Lochardin Dresd N DimonzPaula Wachtel3100138298Kyntaf BlessingndisguiseTookurra Diamonz RForevaJuly 24, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 592Normal/Clear
Lombrum Thread BearNaomi E Langfield2100174417Lombrum Myall BensonClanheath Bearly AbreezeOctober 23, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 668Normal/Clear
Luvstock AndromedaLeanne Irvine6100025434Minimbah Free To RuleLucratif Onmoonlit SkysSeptember 18, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 2824Normal/Clear
Macenmist QuinntesentialR J & B A Hill2100221470Clanheath Kings TouchMacenmist Dolphins SongNovember 15, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 1208Normal/Clear
Maghera Come As You AreLeanne Hayes3100108327Moorakyne HereComesThSunMaghera JeopardyNovember 27, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 669Normal/Clear
Maghera Fan The FireWesturn Kennels3100111846Maghera Presents MeMaghera Rythem On FireFebruary 6, 2003FemaleBRC 1468Normal/Clear
Maghera FooleduthistimeO’Halloran3100132459Maghera Fool On The HillMaghera Time To Move UpApril 3, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 691Normal/Clear
Maghera Morse CodeO’Halloran3100092855Maghera Star CollectorMaghera Time To Move OnJanuary 19, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 692Normal/Clear
Merrinda After MidniteMrs L Allshorn3100138652Jemtiana SpheneMonsalvat Shadow Othe NiteAugust 7, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 596Normal/Clear
Merrinda HavalitleFaithMrs L Allshorn3100125982Kelmith Rockabilly RebelMonsalvat MysteriusgirlNovember 16, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 759Normal/Clear
Merrinda Karrie The StarMrs L Allshorn3100097264Maghera Star CollectorMonsalvat Shadow Othe NiteMarch 19, 2002FemaleUNSW-ID 594Normal/Clear
Merrinda More To ExploreMrs L Allshorn3100137572Millnjazz Orient ExpressMerrinda MishanaJuly 6, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 760Normal/Clear
Merrinda Skys The LimitMrs L Allshorn3100138650Jemtiana SpheneMonsalvat Shadow Othe NiteAugust 7, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 758Normal/Clear
Mexicatl Merle MarauderJ L & S A Smith2100095637Glenloy Danish DeluxeMexicatl SassieJune 5, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 960Normal/Clear
Milangimbi Whisperin GumCathryn Hess3100077428Monsalvat Whispering JackMilangimbi Power Of LoveMarch 17, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 852Normal/Clear
Mistygem Ruby RoseTina Grasser3100101666Kardella Erik The RedMistygem Heather MistApril 18, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 1130Normal/Clear
Mittinga Maisie MayR W & B E Hayes3100081495Delhousie Magestic LadMonsalvat Zana MystiqueJuly 20, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 469Normal/Clear
Moddeeolley Risyn ShineLaura Mulder4100114822Jayfan Kurigans KiltBorderland Just JesseyOctober 12, 2004FemaleBRC 3947Normal/Clear
Monifieth Liath SeonaidMrs D Younger2100000358Korella Gaelic TartanNahrof Brinbrook AffairJanuary 26, 1997MaleBRC 1617Carrier
Monifieth Zabeels AffairMrs D Younger5100025179Cyndee Strictly StirlingNahrof Brinbrook AffairAugust 29, 2002FemaleBRC 1613Carrier
Monifieth Zestial AffairMrs D Younger5100025179Cyndee Strictly StirlingNahrof Brinbrook AffairAugust 29, 2002FemaleBRC 1614Carrier
Monochrome Currency CreekN & L Butler2100056644Tullacrest Thiefa HeartsMinimbah LibertyMarch 16, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 781Normal/Clear
Monochrome MaestroWayne & Tricia Nicholls2100137956Torobeam Freddy FudpuckaMonochrome MajellaApril 22, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 905Normal/Clear
Monochrome Prima DonnaN & L Butler & W & P Nicholls2100137953Torobeam Freddy FudpuckaMonochrome MajellaApril 22, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 780Normal/Clear
Monsalvat Circle O MagicTina Grasser3100086081Monsalvat Lightning JackMonsalvat Burn For YouSeptember 21, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 2194Normal/Clear
Monsalvat Shadow Othe NiteMrs L Allshorn3100021098Moystonhill Midnite SunMonsalvat RumoursMarch 13, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 595Normal/Clear
Monsalvat Top SpiritShayne Davison3100116324Kelmith Rockabilly RebelMonsalvat SambuccaMarch 25, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 689Normal/Clear
Monsalvat WhisperingjackMrs L Allshorn1524341Monsalvat MistarMonsalvat RumoursMay 27, 1995MaleUNSW_ID 593Normal/Clear
Moonstar Seafield RaiderAngela Findlay01840/2001Dajarra Jumpin Jak FlashDornbrae Cherie RoseFebruary 2, 2001MaleBRC 6188Normal/Clear
Moppity Edge Of ReasonKhayoz Kennels3100153603Etherial Chase The AceMoppity Angel Of MercyJune 8, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 3462Normal/Clear
Moppity Fleeting ShadowRoss R Mathew2100126539Nahrof Shadow Of MercyMoppity Southern SkySeptember 27, 2001FemaleBRC 1291Normal/Clear
Moppity New SensationMiss V Bourke & Mrs M West3100153605Etherial Chase The Ace Moppity Angel O MercyJune 8, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 6718Normal/Clear
Moppity Sword Of OrionMiss V Bourke & Mrs M West2100049148Moorakyne HerecomesthsunMoppity Southern SkyNovember 13, 1998MaleUNSW_ID 743Normal/Clear
Moystonhill Midnite SunAllison GloverV1515621Khayoz Soul DeepLindenbrae Miar CadenzaApril 17, 1995MaleUNSW_ID 597Normal/Clear
Mureybet Stormy CaitlinC M & J C Cavanagh3100169640Mureybet Silver LyricMureybet Lightning MegMay 12, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 1196Normal/Clear
Nahrof BreveteL E Somers & E J Badior1680204Sheermyst Direct HitKantalpa Tuxn Tailzn/aFemaleUNSW_ID 396Normal/Clear
Nahrof Brinbrook AffairMrs D Younger1392079Nahrof First EditionKantalpa Tuxn TailsOctober 25, 1993FemaleBRC 1618Carrier
Nahrof Collectors ItemBrett Farrell, Melissa Dean, L E Somers & E J Badior2100144288Maghera Star CollectorNahrof BreveteJune 29, 2002FemaleBRC 1504Normal/Clear
Nahrof Darkside OthemoonG & S Stephenson2100062802Glentress Showno MercyWiralee Moon ShadowApril 28, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 737Normal/Clear
Nahrof Don’t Mean A ThingL E Somers & E J Badior2100040272Bonny Earl Of CarlanrigNahrof Echoes Of An EraJuly 14, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 398Normal/Clear
Nahrof Finders KeepersL E Somers & E J Badior2100164326Nahrof MoonlightingGlentora Secret No MoreMay 16, 2003FemaleBRC 1056Carrier
Nahrof First EditionL E Somers & E J Badior1038486Beechwood Boots N’ AllGotrah Celtic BrieMarch 23, 1989MaleUNSW_ID 38Carrier
Nahrof Formal AffairL E Somers & E J BadiorN1190349Windygyle Maori ChiefKantalpa Tuxn TailzMarch 1, 1991FemaleUNSW_ID 39Normal/Clear
Nahrof Formal AttireT & C Wilcher2100030089Sheermyst Direct HitNahrof Formal AffairMarch 8, 1998FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Nahrof Ghost Of A ChanceAldous, Somers & Badior2100074010Sheermyst Direct HitNahrof Formal AffairMarch 8, 1998FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Nahrof Huon CryL E Somers & E J Badior1511831Nahrof No CommentKantalpa Tuxn TailzMarch 6, 1995MaleUNSW_ID 400Normal/Clear
Nahrof MoonlightingL E Somers & E J Badior2100062804Glentress Showno MercyWiralee Moon ShadowApril 28, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 397Normal/Clear
Nahrof Northern ExposureWilcher, Somers & BadiorN1576506Beechwood Boots N’ AllNahrof Formal AffairDecember 11, 1995MaleN/ACarrier
Nahrof Quick ChangeSimone Tolhurst2100197052Maghera Ghost InThMachineNahrof Change Of PaceOctober 6, 2004MaleBRC 1475Normal/Clear
Nahrof SavanahL E Somers & E J Badior2100116798Nahrof Say No MoreGlentora TripitakkaJune 15, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 402Normal/Clear
Nahrof Say No MoreL E Somers & E J Badior1511833Nahrof No CommentKantalpa Tuxn TailzMarch 6, 1995MaleBRC 1059Carrier
Nahrof Shadow Of MercyL E Somers & E J Badior2100062801Glentress Show No MercyWiralee Moon ShadowApril 28, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 395Normal/Clear
Nahrof Tailz To KeepMargaret Rockey1550480Nahrof No CommentNahrof Stormy TailzOctober 8, 1995FemaleN/ACarrier
Nahrof The ShamanGraham & Lorraine Pearce2100103197Nahrof The TalismanWiralee Moon ShadowNovember 18, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 437Normal/Clear
Nahrof The WhispererShannon Cross2100103200Nahrof The TalismanWiralee Moon ShadowNovember 18, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 801Normal/Clear
Nahrof Touch Of BrieL E Somers & E J Badior2100161732Nahrof The CohortWiralee Moon ShadowDecember 29, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 3157Normal/Clear
Nahrof Turning PointL E Somers & E J Badior2100030091Sheermyst Direct HitNahrof Formal AffairMarch 8, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 399Normal/Clear
Nakiva Charlottes WebB & S Granzin2100237254Tambovale Supa NovaTimia DakotaSeptember 28, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 3565Normal/Clear
Nakiva Jaspers DreamSally & Brad Granzin2100157938Caylith Hearts DesireTimia DakotaFebruary 5, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 769Normal/Clear
Nedlands KrackerjakKaren Galbraith013512Crestvale Celtic KiltCrestvale Bold TaraJuly 14, 1983MaleUNSW_ID 48Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta AbbieR W & B E Hayes6100012397Oodnadatta Eric OkinrossCrestvale Perfect LoveJanuary 19, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 471Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta CapriceR W & B E Hayes6100013619Oodnadatta JesterOodnadatta Shes A ScampApril 17, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 457Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Classy GemR W & B E Hayes1586513Borderfame Magic VisionOodnadatta Sophies A GemFebruary 21, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 467Normal/Clear
Oodnadata CrystalgemR W & B E Hayes6100037353Oodnadatta Mr BeaugartOodnadatta Classy GemMay 2, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 724Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Dark BeautyR W & B E Hayes6100009704Crestvale RicochetOodnadatta Shes A ScampSeptember 10, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 468Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Golden SashR W & B E Hayes61000112407Crestborder MagicOodnadatta Love AffairJanuary 9, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 461Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Hes A ChampR W & B E Hayes6100013622Oodnadatta JesterOodnadatta Shes A ScampApril 17, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 470Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Lilys FollyR W & B E Hayes6100017598Deitmahr CallmecustomadeOodnadatta Gem Ov A LilyDecember 28, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 462Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Loves EchoR W & B E Hayes6100012395Oodnadatta Eric OkinrossCrestvale Perfect LoveJanuary 19, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 453Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Miss MagpieR W & B E Hayes6100026245Oodnadatta True SteelOodnadatta Gem Ov A LilyNovember 20, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 463Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta OnyxR W & B E Hayes1124622Quickstar Rough NtoughDyak YadarreMarch 12, 1990FemaleUNSW_ID 460Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Sand PipareR W & B E Hayes6100034843Oodnadatta Eric OkinrossOodnadatta Lilys FollySeptember 2, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 728Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Shes A DreamR W & B E Hayes6100009702Crestvale RicochetOodnadatta Shes A ScampSeptember 10, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 454Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Shes A HoneyR W & B E Hayes6100023664Oodnadatta PKDanu DreamweaverApril 16, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 464Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Shes A ScampR W & B E Hayes1412125Devondene The WizardOodnadatta StarJanuary 1, 1994FemaleUNSW_ID 458Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Southern RoseR W & B E Hayes6100013619Torobeam Freddy FudpuckaOodnadatta CapriceJanuary 13, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 723Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta Supa StarR W & B E Hayes6100036975Tambovale Supa NovaOodnadatta CapriceApril 13, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 729Normal/Clear
Oodnadatta True SteelR W & B E Hayes6100018686Deitmahr CallmecustomadeFernylass Bonny KatrinaMarch 27, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 465Normal/Clear
Ozway Southern CrossDeitmahr Kennels3100086898Crestvale Im A StarBawntawn Secret AffairJanuary 21, 2006FemaleBRC 2327Normal/Clear
Pawtails Buttons N BowsChris & Jo Cavanagh2100154477Bordalace Made TomeasurePawtails Sparkln CrystalOctober 22, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 1061Normal/Clear
Pawtails Crystal MoonChris & Jo Cavanagh2100119154Pawtails The Moon WizardPawtails Sparkln CrystalJuly 7, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 1060Normal/Clear
Pawtails Flyin In TimeChris Cavanagh2100213407 DN122439/01Tukonie Ycan If YwantoPawtails Moonlite XpressApril 5, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 890Normal/Clear
Pawtails Forever CrystalChristine Fernando2100186815Bordalace Rocky Mtn HighPawtails Buttons N BowsMarch 26, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1204Normal/Clear
Pawtails In The MoonliteC M & J C Cavanagh2100213405Tukonie Ycan If YwantoPawtails Moonlite XpressApril 5, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 907Normal/Clear
Pawtails Moonlite XpressC M & J C Cavanagh2100131991Pawtails The Moon WizardPawtails Star OcaithnessDecember 29, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 1280Normal/Clear
Pawtails Sweet MelodyT & M Barwick1088894Minimbah Hot LyricPawtails Sweet SecretNovember 19, 1989FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Pawtails The Moon WizardC M & J C CavanaghN1625188Bordercheck SchuccoPawtails Gemini StarMay 23, 1996MaleBRC 3457Normal/Clear
Pawtails Xpress EditionC M & J C Cavanagh2100213404Tuckonie Ycan If YwantoPawtails Moonlite XpressMay 4, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 1114Normal/Clear
Pawtails Xpress YourselfLaura Overmyer & Julie Bosier2100213403 DN122439/02Tukonie Ycan If YwantoPawtails Moonlite XpressApril 5, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 891Normal/Clear
Pikkupaimenen Now And ForeverLauren Somers & Errol BadiorFIN 13066105Pikkupaimenen Purple RainPikkupaimenen Millie VanilliJanuary 17, 2005FemaleBRC 3980Normal/Clear
Pippinjibbi MaggieNina Olesen6100033455Pippinjibbi Bens ProgressMonifieth Inca SunJune 30, 2003FemaleBRC 2658Carrier
Pukawidgee Pipers FlyKimberley Wyatt2100154432Pukawidgee Lone PiperTrumagik Bush BalladNovember 19, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 892Normal/Clear
Quinora Logans RunLinda S Quinto2100174345Quinora Midas TouchQuinora Gift Of SpiritOctober 20, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 684Normal/Clear
Rhonabwy Awsome WishChristine Fernando6100027366Borderfame Awsome ForceRhonabwy Red Hot MaggieMarch 5, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 439Normal/Clear
Rhonabwy Magic GemmaRoslyn Atyeo6100015050Winpara Walkin On ThSunRhonabwy Whispering KateAugust 10, 1999FemaleBRC 917Normal/Clear
Rhonabwy Rhets PassionG G & L J Pearce6100008695Llanwnen Sono CliveBreekama Pats CharityJuly 10, 1998MaleUNSW_ID 440Normal/Clear
Rhonabwy Turn Upth HeatChristine Fernando6100022248Winpara Walkin On ThSunRhonabwy Whispering KateJanuary 31, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 1206Normal/Clear
Royalindu Eloquent LadyDeitmahr Kennels4100060464Borbern Broncos BestWhitefoot Storm LassAugust 28, 2000FemaleBRC 2328Normal/Clear
Ryans SeanKaren EdwardsV4073Princes DooleyAllandale GypsyMarch 19, 2008MaleUNSW_ID 5887Normal/Clear
Sanpasho Krystal Danca HitSalena & Craig Jones7100005525Crystalledge Sir SaphireSanpasho Raise A RumourOctober 17, 1999FemaleBRC 3949Normal/Clear
Sanpasho MaclachlanR W & B E Hayes7100012153Sanpasho Kirkton LadPawtails Sum Like It HotApril 26, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 727Normal/Clear
Sanpasho Stellar EclipseSalena & Craig Jones7100012157Sanpasho Kirkton LadPawtails Sum Like It HotApril 26, 2003FemaleBRC 3401Normal/Clear
Sarasota EdwardT Luttrell1187857Bringebak Black N TanShelomith Puss In BootsMarch 3, 1991MaleUNSW_ID 938Normal/Clear
Sarasota Future FocusT Luttrell7100016105Sarasota Southern CrossWylie Reign Of FireJune 18, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 1090Normal/Clear
Sarasota Raw CinnamonT Luttrell7100017190Sarasota StratusMilangimbi Whispering GumApril 3, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 1142Normal/Clear
Sarasota Raw N RapidT Luttrell7100017190Sarasota StratusMilangimbi Whispering GumApril 3, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 1140Carrier
Sarasota Raw N RaunchyT Luttrell7100017190Sarasota StratusMilangimbi Whispering GumApril 3, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 1141Normal/Clear
Sarasota Raw ReportT Luttrell7100017190Sarasota StratusMilangimbi Whispering GumApril 3, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 1138Carrier
Sarasota Raw SpeedT Luttrell7100017190Sarasota StratusMilangimbi Whispering GumApril 3, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 1139Normal/Clear
Sarasota SeamusT LuttrellT 1317609Sarasota ShiloMoorama Margies ChoiceNovember 17, 1992MaleUNSW_ID 936Normal/Clear
Sarasota SonoraT Luttrell08/13/6327/ 161754Aldyson Mr ChristianSarasota ShivaJuly 9, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 944Normal/Clear
Sarasota SoceryT Luttrell7100010435Tullacrest Faithful SolSarasota SonoraJune 25, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 1088Normal/Clear
Sarasota Southern CrossT Luttrell7100009356Ardenwood FalcorMilangimbi Try Loving MeApril 10, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 949Carrier
Sarasota StratusT Luttrell7100011992Sarasota Southern CrossSekal Ashowkan FarewellFebruary 23, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 1115Carrier
Sarasota Sunny SideW & A Baxter17000014828Milangimbi Moon RiverDaheim Lucky LassNovember 6, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 968Normal/Clear
Sarasota SydestonT Luttrell7100012996Sarasota Southern CrossKeanefield Dykevos KateSeptember 28, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 1075Carrier
Sarasota The Real ThingRachelle Gleeson7100018669Sarasota Southern CrossSarasota Ride Sally RideMarch 13, 2007MaleBRC 25751Carrier
Sarasota Tried And TrueT Luttrell7100014128Milangimbi Moon RiverMilangimbi Try Loving MeApril 23, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 945Carrier
Sarasota Try To Love EweT Luttrell7100017722Sarasota GlenluskSarasota Tried And TrueJuly 30, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 1212Normal/Clear
Sashdan Grin And Bear ItSalena & Craig Jones3100137382Echovale Great BearTambovale Cover GirlAugust 6, 2004MaleBRC 3290Normal/Clear
Sashdan Rising SpiritDanielle Inverno3100118633Shezilson Spirit TravlerGremaric Bear AllJune 27, 2003FemaleBRC 1279Normal/Clear
Scaysbrook Rambling RoseBrett Farrell & Melissa Dean2100016885Korella Gaelic TartanScaysbrook Ebonee RoseOctober 30, 1997FemaleBRC 1501Normal/Clear
Sekal Bohemian RhapsodyT Luttrell & A Roach6100018398Borderquest Knife EdgeAshmeadow Red HarmonyFebruary 15, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 941Normal/Clear
Shallstar Traced InlaceTracey Lamb042570858Trumagik Tartan TrekkerDells Love From Clan-AbbySeptember 18, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 857Normal/Clear
Shamefulchoc Ferrero RocherDeitmahr Kennels4100163858Runderkraal FerreroCharlstud Heavenely MissAugust 18, 2008MaleBCR 23239 NCLNormal
Shanoss My Secret WishShannon Cross2100165532Pukawidgee Lone PiperNahrof The WhispererMay 23, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 799Normal/Clear
Shanoss Prince CharmingDana Shelmerdine2100083175Chalfont Ben O LochGotrah Jacquies PrideFebruary 10, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 883Normal/Clear
Shebashine Mary LouCarlos Pestana2100093694Shebashine JaraShebashine CindyJuly 3, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 1182Normal/Clear
Sherayle Mateus RoseC L Mostyn4100116132Tolbec Royal BaileyNeloby Miss MarnieDecember 1, 2004FemaleBRC 3838Normal/Clear
Showioz Makin MagikKellie M Ashdowne4100112169Etherial Ticket To RideTrumagik Simply AdollAugust 5, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 2346Normal/Clear
Showioz Makin WavesKelle M Ashdowne4100091874Auldbrig Man O WarTrumagik Simply AdollJanuary 20, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 1120Normal/Clear
Silvergem Secret MomentJanette Donohue3100060736Silvergem Black TorianWesturn Shadow DancerApril 2, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 707Carrier
Sportingfield Call Forth BorderfameBorderfame KennelsDN138833/02Borderfame SignatureShoreland All That JazzJanuary 22, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 2668Normal/Clear
Starkad BallynuisanceJ L & S Causer2100003123Windygyle LimitededitionStarkad Morgan Le FayMarch 17, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 962Normal/Clear
Starkad Stevie Nix GgdJ L & S Causer210008869Pawtails Hot ButteredStarkad ShearnaApril 19, 2000Female05-6193Normal/Clear
Stockhaven BobbieSamantha Field4100126380Cloudhaven Coco BearCharlstud Toffee DeliteAugust 15, 2005MaleBRC 3807Normal/Clear
Stormin MissyBorderton Kennels4100077559Maghera Ghost InTh MachineHajediva Lady AnnabellaDecember 2, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 1095Normal/Clear
Strathclyde Choc ChipW & A Baxter2100113312Bordercheck Mirk O TanStrathclyde Ms RobinsonMay 1, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 374Normal/Clear
Taerlin BohemianrhapsodyT & C Wilcher2100196583Goodwill Toucan TangoTaerlin Hide And SeekOctober 3, 2004MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Taerlin Center StageT & C Wilcher2100196587Goodwill Toucan TangoTaerlin Hide And SeekOctober 3, 2004FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Taerlin Inth Line O DutyT & C Wilcher2100127628Nahrof Vintage BrinbrookNahrof Formal AttireOctober 25, 2001MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Taerlin Spirit Ofthe LawGraham & Lorraine Pearce2100170239Maghera GhostinthmachineNahrof Formal AttireJuly 22, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 745Normal/Clear
Taerlin The OracleKay Dawson2100170238Maghera Ghost Inth MachineNahrof Formal AttireJuly 22, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 884Normal/Clear
Taerlin The Power O OneMargaret Rockey21001127629Nahrof Vintage BrinbrookNahrof Formal AttireOctober 25, 2001MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Taerlin Toil And TroubleT & C Wilcher2100170233Maghera GhostinthmachineNahrof Formal AttireJuly 22, 2003MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Talquah Buster BuckhavanTracey Lamb1365127Aussiemate Peter BrockPerrioak TiffanyMay 16, 1993MaleUNSW_ID 858Normal/Clear
Tambovale Calender GirlMrs D Browning3100071242Tambovale TornadoAlgalon Silver ThornDecember 27, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 494Normal/Clear
Tambovale GwenadereR W & B E Hayes31000137481Crestvale King Of HeartsTambovale Othe Mana BornJuly 25, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 725Normal/Clear
Tambovale King Oth RoadDebbie Browning3100137476Crestvale King Of HeartsTambovale Othe Mana BornJuly 25, 2004MaleBRC 1535Normal/Clear
Tambovale Lion HeartMrs V Bourke3100109432Yeleek Wizard Of OzTambovale Othe Mana BornJanuary 4, 2003MaleBRC 1508Normal/Clear
Tambovale Othe Mana BornDebbie Browning3100081207Echovale Great BearTambovale Kiwi EchoJune 27, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 492Normal/Clear
Tambovale Supa NovaDeborah Browning3100046650Glentress Chain ReactionTambovale Ebonie VelvetAugust 26, 1999MaleBRC 3232Normal/Clear
Tambovale Tornado TooKay Dawson3100098741Echovale Great BearTambovale Kiwi AffairJune 4, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 493Normal/Clear
Tastown Hard Act TfollowLyn Prowse & Alex MollisonQ4100057947Tastown Hard To ResistAldyson Leading LadyJuly 7, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 522Normal/Clear
Tastown Hard Deal T MakeLyn Prowse4100057951Tastown Hard To ResistAldyson Leading LadyJuly 7, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 521Normal/Clear
Tastown Hard To ResistLyn Prowse4100002218Aldyson King BillyGlenhuen QuintessenceFebruary 27, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 523Normal/Clear
Tehya Royal CharmSally Granzin9100005511Trucharm Royal TartanLlandenny Bush MaidNovember 19, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 771Normal/Clear
Texenpark Dark AssassinNadia & David Radcliffe2100195024Dalheath Wind DancerGlennrose Lady ElanorAugust 30, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 824Normal/Clear
Texenpark Dark DivaGlennda Susan Marsh-Letts2100195027Dalheath Wind DancerGlennrose Lady ElanorAugust 30, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 935Normal/Clear
Timia DakotaSally & Brad Granzin2100101936Saltram Mataro HarleyTimia Top DeckJune 6, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 770Normal/Clear
Tingwall Venus JemmimaJanette Donohue1107519Maghera MonsiegneurTingwall Lady KateFebruary 10, 1990FemaleUNSW_ID 1034Carrier
Tivertongaye Time SpiritB & A O’Connor3100202632Sashdan Spirit Of OzKhayoz Perfet TimingMay 14, 2008FemaleBRC 17003Normal/Clear
Tojess Poppy KingG & S Stephenson2100100521Ahvalook Kiwi RulerTojess Andado MajicOctober 15, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 739Normal/Clear
Tolbec Royal BaileySheree Aylett4100073875Clan-Abby NZ ThundersmagikTolbec Sheena PrincessAugust 28, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 1124Normal/Clear
Tolbec Tartn BraeSheree Aylett4100139312Tolbec TobiusTrumagik Little AngelSeptember 27, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 3713Normal/Clear
Tookurra Believe N MagicPaula Wachtel5100016589Lindenbrae HadrianTullacrest Lady Oth NiteJuly 12, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 588Normal/Clear
Tookurra Catch A StarPaula Wachtel5100025584Tullacrest Thiefa HearstTookurra Believe N MagicAugust 2, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 582Normal/Clear
Tookurra Fantom Oth NitePaula Wachtel5100028047Tookurra Spirit Oth NiteTookurra Lucky In LoveMarch 15, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 586Normal/Clear
Tookurra Last ChanceMiss RJ Evans5100032906Tookurra Soul ChanceTookurra Lucky In LoveMay 29, 2004FemaleBRC 1484Normal/Clear
Tookurra Lucky In LovePaula Wachtel5100021063Bordarita Thats LifeTookurra Diamonz NPearlsAugust 7, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 587Normal/Clear
Tookurra Magic In MotionPaula Wachtel5100016594Lindenbrae HadrianTullacrest Lady Oth NiteJuly 12, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 581Normal/Clear
Tookurra Shes Got SpiritPaula Wachtel5100028048Tookurra Spirit Oth NiteTookurra Lucky In LoveMarch 15, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 591Normal/Clear
Tookurra Soul ChancePaula Wachtel5100011820Khayoz Soul DeepTullacrest Lady Oth NiteJuly 2, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 693Normal/Clear
Tookurra Spirit Oth NitePaula Wachtel5100003458Khayoz Soul DeepTullacrest Lady Oth NiteNovember 9, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 584Normal/Clear
Tookurra The Jokers WildPaula Wachtel5100035656Etherial Chase The AceTookurra Believe N MagicJanuary 16, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 583Normal/Clear
Tookurra The Wild CardPaula Wachtel5100035657Etherial Chase The AceTookurra Believe N MagicJanuary 16, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 585Normal/Clear
Traquair Hot Footn ItGraham & Lorraine Pearce6100018851Winpara Walkinn On ThesunTraquair Under The RadarApril 23, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 442Normal/Clear
Traquair Nudge Nudge Wink WinkGraham & Lorraine Pearce6100056115Nahrof Bad Moon RisingTaerlin Spirit Ofthe LawMarch 18, 2008MaleBRC 13903Carrier
Traquair Woman In UniformGraham & Lorraine Pearce6100056120Nahrof Bad Moon RisingTaerlin Spirit Ofthe LawMarch 18, 2008FemaleBRC 13904Carrier
Trimel Coat Of ColoursC & A Baxter1220490Nedlands KrackerjakBonnejon Southern FlareJuly 7, 1991FemaleUNSW_ID 10Normal/Clear
Trucharm Maori SpiritMrs B Stanbridge2100072016Rosshire BrigadooneTrucharm Royal SpiritOctober 10, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 1098Normal/Clear
Trucharm Royal SpiritKylie Leslie2100017458Trumagik Northern SpiritQuinora Southern SpiritJune 6, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 825Normal/Clear
Trumagik Classic CharmS & K Leslie & D & N Radcliffe4100104471Trucharm Royal TartanTrumagik Toucho KarlaDecember 8, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 826Normal/Clear
Trumagik Redbonnet O WarJ M Mannell4100104474Trucharm Royal TartanTrumagik Toucho KarlaDecember 8, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 2912Normal/Clear
Trumagik Secret WhisperHutchinson & Hess4100112513Trumagik Tartan TerrificTrumagik Toucho HighlandMarch 8, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 3154Normal/Clear
Trumagik Star GazingJacqui Cant4100052379Trumagik Tartan ScottTrumagik Simply TemptingFebruary 25, 2000FemaleBRC 1590Normal/Clear
Trumagik Tartan TasminC Higham4100112511Trumagik Tartan TerrificTrumagik Toucho TartanAugust 3, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 784Normal/Clear
Tullacrest Devil InPradaPatrice & Courtney Smith5100042550Tookurra Catch A StarTullacrest PlayMisty FMeSeptember 6, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 3242Normal/Clear
Tullacrest InsatiableW A & L J Harrison5100022262Torobeam Freddy FudpuckaTullacrest On-The-ProwlOctober 28, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 876Normal/Clear
Tullacrest Lady Oth NitePaula Wachtel224255Clan-Abby Phantom-Of-LoveTullacrest Femme FataleApril 30, 1993FemaleUNSW_ID 589Normal/Clear
Tullacrest Lick SipN SukBill & Lynn Harrison5100026853Torobeam Freddy FudpuckaTullacrest On-The-ProwlNovember 14, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 1024Normal/Clear
Tullacrest Moulen RougeW A & L J Harrison5100024425Devondene Kiwi LegendTullacrest Turn-To-IceApril 13, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 873Normal/Clear
Tullacrest On-The-ProwlW A & L J Harrison5100016076Khayoz Soul DeepTullacrest Lovem-n-LevemJune 9, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 877Normal/Clear
Tullacrest Shooting StarW A & L J Harrison5100042553Tookurra Catch A StarTullacrest Play Misty For MeSeptember 6, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 2562Normal/Clear
Tullacrest Soul MateW A & L J Harrison1665869Khayoz Soul DeepTullacrest Lovem-n-LevemDecember 29, 1996MaleUNSW_ID 875Normal/Clear
Tullacrest Tempt My SoulKhayoz Kennels5100016075Khayoz Soul DeepTullacrest Lovem-n-LevemJune 9, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 532Normal/Clear
Tullacrest Thiefa HeartsW A & L J Harrison1536890Loch-n-Legacy To Clan-AbbyTullacrest Lovem-n-LevemJune 26, 1995MaleUNSW_ID 874Normal/Clear
Wagaway WildfireKaren Galbraith861267Tullaview ShaneWagaway MeganFebruary 19, 1986FemaleUNSW_ID 47Normal/Clear
Waveney Midnite NuanceM & S Goulding5100001287Moystonhill Midnite SunKennoway Dressed F TartanMarch 27, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 775Normal/Clear
Westurn Rivers RunWesturn Kennels6100035513Maghera Star CollectorMaghera Fame In A FameDecember 4, 2003MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Westurn Shadow DancerJanette Donohue1578191Borderfame Alusive LoverMaghera Dark And SecretDecember 29, 1995FemaleUNSW_ID 706Normal/Clear
Westurn Sonrise In TimeWesturn Kennels6100035512Maghera Star CollectorMaghera Fame In A FameDecember 4, 2003FemaleBRC 1467Normal/Clear
Windygyle Hill OgraceT & C WilcherN1630194Windygyle Limited EditionMoystonhill Midnite SkyeAugust 11, 1996MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Winpara Clan LochinvarD P Rose6100030301Clan-Abby Hiland TrekkerWinpara Icee RedOctober 2, 2002MaleBRC 29207Normal/Clear
Winpara Fast N ThFuriousRoslyn Atyeo6100030300Clan-Abby Hiland TrekkerWinpara Icee RedOctober 2, 2002MaleBRC 919Normal/Clear
Winpara Hope N DreamsChristine Fernando6100032517Rhonabwy Turn Upth HeatWinpara Secret AffairApril 27, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 1203Normal/Clear
Winpara Secret ObsessionMiss RJ Evans6100018688Borderfame Alusive LoverWinpara Icee RedApril 8, 2000MaleBRC 1483Normal/Clear
Winpara Soul DesireMiss RJ Evans6100018627Khayoz Soul DeepRhonabwy Secret WhispersApril 30, 2000FemaleBRC 1482Normal/Clear
Winpara Soul SymphonyChristine Fernando6100018628Khayoz Soul DeepRhonabwy Secret WhispersApril 24, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 438Normal/Clear
Winpara The AlchemistR J Evens6100042716Nahrof The SHamanWinpara Secret AffairJune 25, 2005MaleBRC 5476Normal/Clear
Winpara The AmuletR J Evans6100042717Nahrof The ShamanWinpara Secret AffairJune 25, 2005FemaleBRC 5478Normal/Clear
Wiralee Hard Headed WomanM Ralph2100146107Danbeth Black LabelWiralee Moon ShadowAugust 4, 2002FemaelBRC 1338Normal/Clear
Wiralee Moon ShadowL E Somers & E J Badior1613568Bordalace Custom MadeWiralee TataniaMay 16, 1996FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Woombye Golden SandsCarlos Pestana2100156310Woombye SamsonWoombye Secret GoldNovember 26, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 1183Normal/Clear
Woombye SunkistChris & Jo Cavanagh2100136240Woombye SamsonWoombye Secret GoldMarch 21, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 1059Normal/Clear
Wottapud Chocolate ChipSamantha Field4100116688Gateacre Rocky RoadWottapud Wotta Pyk NykNovember 22, 2004FemaleBRC 4582Normal/Clear
Wottapud Molasses LassLiana Thomas4100087287Kelindaholm FootrotfudgeMetaris Wotta Koko PopAugust 23, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 855Normal/Clear
Wylie Symphonic LegendT & S Myles4100089977Korella Mystic LegendBriamer Evening StarApril 7, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 827Normal/Clear
Yambalin Madieson AvenueCatherine Bull4100129621Runderkraal Flam BowYambalin Bubble GumDecember 26, 2005FemaleBRC 7233Normal/Clear
Yarrancoly Bring It OnT & J Baldwin2100158224Nahrof MoonlightingYarrancoly SurrealFebruary 7, 2003MaleBRC 4581Normal/Clear
Yarrancoly Incite A RiotT & J Baldwin2100109743Nahrof MoonlightingYarrancoly SurrealMarch 4, 2001FemaleBRC 1669Normal/Clear
Yarrancoly InsatiableT & J Baldwin2100139594Nahrof MoonlightingYarrancoly Seize The DayMay 8, 2002FemaleBRC 1667Normal/Clear
Yarrancoly Keepn It RealT & J Baldwin2100208729Yarrancoly Real SmoothYarrancoly InsatiableApril 24, 2005FemaleBRC 3306Normal/Clear
Yarrancoly Make My DayT & J Baldwin2100048878Ansavon SandorYarrancoly Gotem TalkinNovember 19, 1998MaleBRC 1666Normal/Clear
Yarrancoly The Real DealT & J Baldwin2100208730Yarrancoly Real SmoothYarrancoly InsatiableApril 24, 2005MaleBRC 3305Normal/Clear
Yarrancoly Whodares WinsT & J Baldwin2100012642Ansavon SandorYarrancoly All AblazeAugust 14, 1997MaleBRC 1668Normal/Clear
Yeleek Wizard Of OzDanielle Inverno3100097151Kanawalla Boy From OzCrestvale Arctic WhisperApril 18, 2002MaleBRC 849Normal/Clear
Yeoville Epic JourneyMisses D & K Adams3100129359Glentress Epic ReactionRhonabwy Magic GemmaJanuary 23, 2004MaleBRC 866Normal/Clear
Yeoville Magic ReactionRoslyn Atyeo3100129358Glentress Epic ReactionRhonabwy Magic GemmaJanuary 23, 2004FemaleBRC 918Normal/Clear
Zambuana Borda ShadowDeborah Atkinson2100004179Dancinvale DeclarationBustermikee DelilahMarhc 2, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 252Normal/Clear
Zanadek Saphire PrincessMarina Rix2100171143Atabell Mr ImportancePukawidgee Bush GemJuly 12, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 838Normal/Clear
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Austria CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Borderline Country JustinbootsHeidi Poschacher & Julia KernOHZB BrdC 2175Waveney Caught In TimeBorderline Country ExtacyNovember 12, 2008MaleUNSW_ID 5485Normal/Clear
Borderline Country TiffanyGabi BruckbergerOHZB BrdC 700Borderfame Heart N SoulLionheart Anya At BorderlineMarch 17, 2001FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Borderline Country TornadoHeidi Poschacher & Michaela SorreOHZB BrdC 698Borderfame Heart N SoulLionheart Anya At BorderlineMarch 17, 2001MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Canyonland A Beautiful MindIngrid KoenigOEHZB BrdC 905Cinlock CatchwordBorderline Country SkyJuly 16, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 1540Normal/Clear
Hotnote Good NewsHeidi PoschacherOHZB BrdC 1290Minimbah LustrousLuvstock AndromedaApril 14, 2004MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Kuhaylan’s Oz-CrazyLittleThingLove-KTemmel TamaraOHZB BrdC 1330Noteworthy Fly Me To The MoonKuhaylan’s Australia Smokyblue DiamondMay 24, 2005Female06-7144Normal/Clear
Lightspeed Fire FlyteSynve LundgrenBrdC 2201 ISDS 299739Lightspeed AragornLady JulieDecember 2, 2008Male10-7414Normal/Clear
Lionheart Anya At BorderlineHeidi PoschacherOHZB BrdC 441Dykebar Reach For GloryFrom Borders Home A Magic HeartMay 24, 1998FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Liza’s Border Pearl BlackHeide BrandlBrdC 1039Akersborg SidLiza’s Border Imogen BlackMay 27, 2003Female08-5284Normal/Clear
Wylie Golden RewardHeidi PoschacherOHZB BrdC 2356Korella Krystal RewardTrumagik Secret WhisperJanuary 26, 2009MaleUNSW_ID 5486Normal/Clear
Zealour Kayleigh Of Pinewood CountryClaudia SchnablBORC 2928Alderaan Sgian DubhUnique Lady Of Pinewood CountrySeptember 15, 2011Female1308A29092Normal/Clear
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Belgium CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Andtanya HadesSandrine MartinLOSH 1037507Karrider Kind of MagicBryning Lovers LeapJuly 5, 2008Male11-448Normal/Clear
Andtanya HeykoAlain Van CauwwenbergheLOSH 1037509Karrider Kind Of MagicBryning Lovers LeapMay 7, 2007Male09-7044Normal/Clear
Beagold StanalonePaul SchevenelsKCR X 2423103 X03Clan-Abby Silver Kiwi At BeagoldJephanil My Czech MateMay 10, 1997Male05-266Normal/Clear
Bonita From Imkes FriendsNadine VerhoevenLOSH 0909771Ginnylands Red ArrowHalladown Lucy In The SkyJune 10, 2002Female05-7551Normal/Clear
Bonnie Blue Gentle IceBonnie Van Garsse & Chris LybeertLOSH 1007828Touchango Midnight ArrowLiza’s Border Qenya RedJanuary 3, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3193Normal/Clear
BorisGeerts IlsALSH 0060483VhipXennahJuly 6, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 3334Normal/Clear
BrittGaelle Danse945000000822413Jim ISDS 277807Elian Nel ISDS 277590May 10, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 4807Normal/Clear
Brittany At Mystic PearlKatia ThienpondtHUN 1369/07Bayshore Count ChoculaJustice At Real PearlJuly 13, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3477Normal/Clear
Bryning Leap In The DarkAnn EisermanAE01503504Canen Robin At BryningBryning Niamh The Red RocketFebruary 29, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 2139Normal/Clear
Bryning SupersonicAnn EisermanAJ0900396Bryning QuillanSheltysham Special Spode To BryningDecember 4, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3734Normal/Clear
Canen Little Miss GigglesSandra TournayeAH0902768Canen Baz ISDS 251245Canen RikaJune 20, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3854Normal/Clear
Charcamm EasyM.en Mevr.Tombal-BuschgensLOSH 0970734Eyes Of The World AlistairBelleroseJanuary 18, 2005Female09-757Normal/Clear
CMirzaM.en Mevr.Tombal-BuschgensRISH F/037/CN/AN/AJuly 8, 2003Female09-756Normal/Clear
Crazy From Doggone BordersAnn EisermanLOSH 0938622Xantho van’t Hof ter BeukenRustling Hurricane YessijazzOctober 16, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 2138Normal/Clear
Cyou From Doggone BordersAnn EisermanLOSH 0924382VhipRustling Hurricane YessijazzMarch 7, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 2134Normal/Clear
Dark Coral Van ‘t VlassenhoutMertens, Francine, & Tania DeCreackerLOSH 0950495Beagold StanaloneYhllen Van ‘t VlassenhoutApril 24, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 4392Normal/Clear
Discovery From Silque Freehillvanden Berghe FriedaLOSH 0965526Silque ZensationSheltysham SocialiteDecember 11, 2004Female08-5695Normal/Clear
Djoulai Du Fil Du TempsGillart NathalieLOSH 0961815Xenta Van’t KetskenZouria Du Fil Du TmepsAugust 13, 2004Female09-1708Normal/Clear
Dot Of Albion’s MarchThirion-Teuwen FlorenceLOSH 0959581From Borders Home Imagine JunoYoko Of Albion’s MarchAugust 16, 2004Female09-8899Normal/Clear
Early From Doggone BordersAnn EisermanLOSH 0972780Liza’s Border Ouzo RedRustling Hurricane YessijazzMarch 23, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 2137Normal/Clear
Easy From Dopggone BordersViviane NixLOSH 0972769Xantho van’t Hof ter BeukenCyou From Doggone BordersMarch 23, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 2132Normal/Clear
Eyes Of The World Arizona KidRudi Van Looy & Patricia HoffmannLOSH 0887184Hidden Farms MexicanoEyes Of The World Yellow RoseJune 14, 2001Male08-10732Normal/Clear
Eyes Of The World Bony Be GoodPaul SchevenelsLOSH 0906066Beagold Red BaronEyes Of The World Yellow RoseJune 27, 2002Female05-272Normal/Clear
Eyes Of The World CheyennePaul SchevenelsLOSH 0932253Mobella The FellaEyes Of The World Yellow RoseAugust 19, 2003Male05-268Normal/Clear
Eyes Of TheWorld CooperDekegel AnjaLOSH 0932254Mobella The FellaEyes Of The World Yellow RoseAugust 19, 2003Male07-605Normal/Clear
Fair Joy From Doggone BordersAnn EisermanLOSH 1010550Bryning Leap In The DarkCyou From Doggone BordersNovember 4, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 2136Normal/Clear
Fairstorm From Doggone BordersAnn EisermanLOSH 1010548Bryning Leap In The DarkCyou From Doggone BordersNovember 4, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 5968Normal/Clear
Faolin of Dreams ForeverDelcour Tamara981100000045793DukeBlossoms of Dreams ForeverMay 27, 2006MaleUNSW_ID BC 3996Normal/Clear
Fban Du Val Du Vent DoreGaelle Danse56098100399824Maeglin BoomerAce Made Of SunbeamsSeptember 29, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 4808Normal/Clear
Fly With Me Precious Little AngelBaeten MarcellaLOSH 0996447Grimhillcottage YogiItt’s All Mine ArwenJune 13, 2006Female08-3130Normal/Clear
Follyfoot From Doggone BordersAnn EisermanLOSH 0989823Bryning Leap In The DarkCrazy From Doggone BordersJanuary 20, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 2135Normal/Clear
Frann AethelstanSigrid KellnerLOSH 1007330True Blue From Carolyns HomeQuellyane CaitlynnDecember 18, 2006Female08-5595Normal/Clear
From Bordershome Black MaggyPaul SchevenelsNHSB 2065605Beagold JustificationRosehurst KiriMay 20, 1996Female05-7067Normal/Clear
Funny Face From Doggone BordersAnn EisermanLOSH 0999433Liza’s Border Ouzo RedRustling Hurricane YessijazzJuly 13, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 2133Normal/Clear
GaĂ a du fond des prĂ’sSandrine MartinLOSH 1023931Dedicated van’t VlassenhoutDjoulai du fil du tempsJuly 31, 2007Female11-157Normal/Clear
GaldeshGillart NathalieLOSH 1029997Amos MaeglinChinaAugust 16, 2007Male09-6369Normal/Clear
Ganim Of Sunloch ValleyVan Eeckeren NielsLOSH 1013952Winpara Walkin On ThsunWinpara Aurora AustralisFebruary 14, 2007Male08-5678Normal/Clear
Genesis Du Fond Des PresGillart NathalieLOSH 1023928Dedicated Van’t VlassenhoutDjoulai Du Fils Du TempsJuly 31, 2007Female09-1684Normal/Clear
Gintao Du Fond Des PresGillart NathalieLOSH 1023940Falco Of HypnopowerChatka Van’t VlassenhoutJuly 26, 2007Female09-1681Carrier
Hangoon Du Fond Des PresGillart NathalieLOSH 1051215Dedicated Van’t VlassenoutChatka Van’t VlassenhoutSeptember 27, 2008Female09-1703Normal/Clear
I Am Kiwi From Doggone BordersAnn EisermanLOSH 1059019Best Caine Of Clover CornerFairstorm From Doggone BordersJanuary 12, 2009FemaleUNSW_ID 5967Normal/Clear
I Like Tia From Doggone BordersAnn EisermanLOSH 1069385Easy From Doggone BordersBryning SupersonicNovember 19, 2009FemaleUNSW_ID 5969Normal/Clear
Ice v.d. WeimeniershoeveAnn EisermanLOSH 1058195Bryning Leap In The DarkDylle Of Maranns HomeApril 8, 2009MaleUNSW_ID 5971Normal/Clear
IoumySandrine MartinLOSH 1059643Falco Of HypnopowerAzoe des hauts de MalforetMay 9, 2009Female11-156Normal/Clear
Karrider Kind Of MagicMertens, Francine, & Tania DeCreackerAD03672106Arnpriors Saphire And SteelArnpriors High Tide At KarriderAugust 21, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 4386Normal/Clear
Kitacan’s KyeskoBotte CatherineADN135285Expresso des Hauts de MalforetComebyanaway Not So SweetAugust 29, 2011MaleGenindexeNormal/Clear
KwincyNathalie KiefferLOSH 1096115Fangio of Albion’s MarchDjinneApril 02, 2011MaleVHP_ID H453278Normal/Clear
Luna Tale CuteTania HeiversALSH 0060976VhipXennahFebruary 24, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 2193Normal/Clear
 Luna Tale EjayTania HeiversALSH 0062809Thor The Big SarenXennahFebruary 2, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 2192Normal/Clear
Mazures Miracle GirlJasica, Diana & Stephan De Kock & Sara AndriesLOSH 1133994A Red Revenge v Benvenidas JoyMazures Ebony JoyJuly 11, 2013FemaleEVG 2015_06679Normal/Clear
My Mandragora HestiaNiels Van EeckerenLOSH 1044131Golden Shadow From Borders ParadiseAlderaan Sweet TabooMay 19, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 1671Normal/Clear
Nice Of You To Come Bye Smell Of HoneyAnn EisermanLOSH BE/RSH 9130553Nice Of You To Come Bye SambucaQualified To Come Bye Of Pinewood CountryMarch 29, 2010FemaleUNSW_ID 5970Normal/Clear
Proud To Be EnjoyChrista DeconinckLOSH 0981822Beagold StanaloneEyes Of The World CinamonSeptember 23, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 2838Normal/Clear
Quellyane AngelEyesKatia ThienpondtLOSH 0895359Sheltysham SherpaQuellyane YrradianceSeptember 14, 2001Female05-275Normal/Clear
Quellyane YrradianceKatia ThienpondtLOSH 0856719Sheltysham SpendloveSilque VelvetSeptember 27, 1999FemaleBRC 2821Normal/Clear
Rannaleroch StrathwillanIlse De BorreAG05332504Locheil Time Moves OnKarrider Kassie At RannalerochOctober 20, 2006Male38546-1Normal/Clear
Round Robin GipsyGeerts IlsLOSH 1018894KaneColinJune 13, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3333Normal/Clear
Rustling Hurricane YessijazzAnn EisermanLOSH 0856916UdinedaleyDetania Hurricane FlyNovember 9, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 2140Normal/Clear
Samarabriva FrayaVan Eeckeren NielsLOSH 0988308Edwin Collins At Real PearlMazures Bun TzuJanuary 20, 2006Female08-5679Normal/Clear
Tequila Sunrise Di Beren E TinuvielNicoletta BettiniLOI 02/155542Hidden Farms MexicanoEyes Of The World ZantanaJune 23, 2002Male05-7069Normal/Clear
Willow Tree AspicegirlG Delvaux & L Crauwels985120005759685Bawntawn Dressed In BlackTullacrest Midnyt MagicSeptember 29, 2001Female06-2005Normal/Clear
Willow Tree DewdropDe Craecker – MertensLOSH 961427Torobeam Bush RangerWillow Tree AspicegirlSeptember 14, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 4391Normal/Clear
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Brazil CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
April Coast Borders RanchJuliana SpezzacatenaRG/SPX/09/06025Black Hand PaintedCassy Hand PaintedNovember 20, 2009Female12-7394Normal/Clear
Best In Border Sweet SemillonEduardo MachadoRG/SPX/05/07695Clan-Abby NZ Blue Snow BearBrisa Trip Animal FriendNovember 1, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 5396Normal/Clear
Best In Border West End GirlJuliana SpezzacatenaRG/SPX/06/04846Bayshore’s Believe In MagicSt Thoth Best In Border Lady MacbethJuly 17, 2006Female12-7396Normal/Clear
Border Aller Make Cookie In DallasEduardo MachadoRG/SCB/09/00029Bayshore Avatar DallasBr St Thoth Best In Border La BohemeFebruary 21, 2009MaleUNSW_ID 5394Normal/Clear
Border Aller One Man BandDaniela Paulucci Santos de MoraesRG/SCB/08/00457Grey 223 Dos PardaisBest In Border Sweet SemillonAugust 12, 2008Male12-10037Normal/Clear
Border Aller One Up FashionEduardo MachadoRG/SCB/08/00464Grey 223 Dos PardaisBest In Border Sweet SemillonAugust 12, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 5398Normal/Clear
Br St Thoth Best In Border La BohemeEduardo MachadoRG/SPX/05/01526Bayshore Avatar TothBrisa Trip Animal FriendApril 21, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 5397Normal/Clear
Dik Magic HundeweltMarcela de Andrade Checchia & Jose Luiz FilhoSPX/03/08003Sun Du Mas De La RabeyrineJulie Astra dos PardaisDecember 2, 2003Male11-5946Normal/Clear
Good Captain da Cabanha da ConquistaJuliana Spezzacatena MartinsRS/SPW/10/36128Brusky BellintaniChess BR BorderlandFebruary 18, 2010Male12-5641Normal/Clear
Hanna do KanoveAna Paula AmbroziniRG/SPX/04/06317Border do KanoveFila de PretonNovember 11, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 5902Normal/Clear
Kate J. C. C.Juliana SpezzacatenaRG/SPG/08/01183Trick TreuwachterDeedee 164 Encruzilhada Do SulAugust 14, 2008Female12-7395Normal/Clear
Lord Manske GirlMarcela de Andrade Checchia & Jose Luiz FilhoSPX/09/04945Wolf CitlaltepetlRouje D’lord ManskeJanuary 24, 2007Female11-5944Normal/Clear
Lord Manske J MaryJoão Carlos CarvalhoRG/SPZ/11/00454Shoreland’s Mocha LatteLord Manske LynnAugust 6, 2011Female12-10043Normal/Clear
Lucky Charm IracemaEduardo MachadoKCC 337126Clan-Abby NZ Kiwi RobbieGypsy Queen De Mafalada’sSeptember 14, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 5395Normal/Clear
MC Maia HundeweltMarcela de Andrade Checchia & Jose Luiz FilhoSPX/09/04944Best In Border West Side StoryGiulia do Força e EquilibrioSeptember 18, 2009Affected11-5945Normal/Clear
Perfect Border Come Back To AllerEduardo MachadoRB/ALA/10/00153Border Aller One Mile UpBorder Aller My Texas DreamJuly 18, 2010Female10-9643Normal/Clear
R’Petra 367 Dos PardaisAndré L. C. da SilvaRG/SPX/09/01623Best In Border Man Of La ManchaAngra Dos PardaisApril 13, 2009Female10-304Normal/Clear
Shut Up Pb do Emporium dos CaesAna Paula AmbroziniRG/SPB/10/00980Zico do Sol do SulHanna do KanoveOctober 18, 2010Female10-9697Normal/Clear
Sukita Baby Encrenquinha’sAna Paula AmbroziniRG/SPAI/10/00739Best In Border Sharm-El-SheykhBest In Border Si Mi Chiamano MimiJanuary 8, 2010Female10-3549Normal/Clear
Urso dos PardaisMarcela de Andrade Checchia & Jose Luiz FilhoSPX/04/07371Sun Du Mas De La RabeyrineAmazing Dina Brown V. D. WilbanDecember 31, 2004Male11-5947Normal/Clear
Vanny 253 dos PardaisCamila SakaviciusRG/SPX/07/00394Red-Dawn EricCam Do KanoveFebruary 19, 2007Female10-3547Normal/Clear
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Canada CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Bellaclan Midnight MagicLinda D Jackson & Laura K S ShawDN23975902Avatar’s Boomer Of BayshoreFollyhill Felicity BellaclanJanuary 1, 2009Female11-7393Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby NZ’s-Kiwi-AngelVicki JonesDL678569/01Clan-Abby Phantom-Of-LoveSecret-Affair O Clan-AbbyJuly 19, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 1627Normal/Clear
Creekside GemFiona RobertsonCBCA 7058Mirk ISDS 272009Creekside Tap CBCA 3182November 14, 2008Female14-815Normal/Clear
Jaya’s Legendary Blue AuraKara HewittDN059983/04Quantum Leaps Mirror ImageBosier’s Work Of Art V JayaJanuary 5, 2004Female09-3843Normal/Clear
Outburst Essies Little ZingerSharon HobbsDL807336/04Trumagik Tartan ScottClan-Abby NZs-Kiwi-AngelAubust 6, 1999Female06-5290Normal/Clear
Outburst Livin A Crazy LifeVicki JonesDL807336/01Trumagik Tartan ScottClan-Abby NZ’s-Kiwi-AngelAugust 6, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 1628Normal/Clear
Outburst Watch Me Stalk EweVicki JonesDL799634/01Trumagik Tartan ScottClan-Abby NZ’s-Kiwi-AngelDecember 12, 1998MaleUNSW_ID 1629Normal/Clear
Shur’can B KeenGisele SavardDL857035/02 ABC 175177 AIBC 148556ChuckTrimine’s Indy AnnaFebruary 7, 2000Female08-10319Normal/Clear
Shur’can See Me ShineGisele SavardN/ATosari IntoxicationShur’can B KeenOctober 28, 2005Female08-10321Normal/Clear
Think’n Do Four Shur (Rally)Gisele SavardDL852490/02 ABC 104134ChuckTrimine’s MoxieApril 4, 1997Male08-10320Normal/Clear
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Denmark CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Beesting Yum YumAnne Nyquist -HansenDKK 11067/2004Ginnylands Red DragonBeesting CherryJanuary 16, 2004FemaleBRC 1765Normal/Clear
Blue Borders WickieIene SimonsenDKK 12604/2006Copperbeau Richard BucketEyes Of The World AdorableJune 15, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 2885Normal/Clear
Border Treasure All Jiggy Wit ItJane Elene ChristensenDKK 10348/2008Akersborg SidAsasara Attractive ThunderbirdMarch 15, 2008Female09-6402Normal/Clear
Cyndee HiregardAnne Nyquist-HansenDKK 21883/2004Cyndee Simply AmazingGotrah Leading LdyFebruary 10, 1998MaleBRC 1764Normal/Clear
Duder Of Xilver HighlandLone SommerDKK 22524/2004Silque VolcanicCabaroo Highland FlingJune 1, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 2041Normal/Clear
Gawain’s Mr Sun DancerPia Varkil & John T PedersenDKK 13883/2000Head Over Heels IndyGawain’s Wild Windy LadyJuly 30, 2000MaleBRC 1875Normal/Clear
Gawain’s Queen Of HeartsDina Stenklopp & Morten MatthesDKK 13077/99Bawntawn Dressed InBlackGawain’s Wild Windy LadyJuly 3, 1999FemaleBRC 1866Normal/Clear
Gawain’s Rum & CokeDina Stenklopp & Morten MatthesDKK 01430/2004Wizaland Soul StarGawain’s Wild Windy LadyJanuary 18, 2004FemaleBRC 1867Normal/Clear
Gawain’s Wild Windy LadyDina Stenklopp & Morten MatthesDKK 05120/1997Thunder Too At Clan-AbbySecret Affair O’ Clan-AbbyFebruary 26, 1997FemaleBRC 1871Normal/Clear
Gawain’s Wildest DreamDina Stenklopp & Morten MatthesDKK 14048/2005Kerrybrent Sams The ManGawain’s Wild Windy LadyJune 29, 2005FemaleBRC 1868Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Sams The ManDina Stenklopp & Morten MatthesDKK 01250/2005Clanohan The IcemanKerrybrent Crystal MistNovember 24, 2000MaleBRC 1870Normal/Clear
Laetare WynonoLone Sommer & Tine JensenDKK 15601/2005Bekkis VirtousoLaetare Ju BilantApril 20, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 2085Normal/Clear
Maliway Heart N SoulLis Landberg NielsenDKK 05231/2002Korella Heart BreakerMaliway Black Ghost Of SpookyMarch 22, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 2266Normal/Clear
Maliway The JokerKirsten HärtelDKK 20450/2003Auldbrig Tocatch AghostMaliway Magic In ThairNovember 8, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 3545Normal/Clear
Nice Of You To Come Bye PanikLone SommerDKK 10272/2002Iontac Blue Vom WeidelandSpontaneous SpottieNovember 10, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 2040Normal/Clear
PhoebeLone JoergensenDKK 01974/2004Clan-Abby NZ-Kiwi-PhantomGadehave’s Promising JillieJanuary 13, 2002FemaleBRC 1873Normal/Clear
Staunsbjerg BettyLone JoergensenDKK 12209/2004Wizaland Soul StarGadehave’s Promising JillieMay 30, 2004FemaleBRC 1872Normal/Clear
Westurn To Lis With LoveLis Landberg NielsenDKK 09915/2004Maghera Star CollectorMaghera Fame In A FrameDecember 4, 2003Female06-3597Normal/Clear
Wildblue Eternal FlameLis Landberg NielsenDKK 07803/2005Wildblue EternityWildblue In A DreamDecember 5, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 3851Normal/Clear
Wildblue LegacyLis Landberg NielsenDKK 03562/2004Danbeth FullstopRhonabwy Secret WhispersJanuary 17, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 2267Normal/Clear
Wildblue Sun DancerLis Landberg NielsenDKK 03588/2000Jemhaven Blue LaddieKorella Wind DancerOctober 30, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 3850Normal/Clear
Willow-Tree Action ManDina Stenklopp & Morten MatthesDKK 07769/2005Bawntawn Dressed InBlackTullacrest Midnyt MagicSeptember 29, 2001MaleBRC 1869Normal/Clear
WilmaJanne H LitgovDKK 13547/2004 ISDS 271510Moss Of Clwyd ISDS 246157Spunky ISDS 248305June 16, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 2717Normal/Clear
Wizaland Soul StarVarkil, Pedersen, Matthes, & StenkloppDKK 19782/2002Borderfame Heart N SoulWizaland Livin It UpMay 20, 2002MaleBRC 1874Normal/Clear
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Finland CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Afromines Last DanceHanna JokiperäFIN 38741/02Pikkupaimenen CopyrightAfromines Last ChanceAugust 3, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 2622Normal/Clear
Afromines Queen Of MercyJukka PirttimakiFIN 14363/05Nahrof Shadow Of MercyPikkupaimenen After EightJanuary 22, 2005Female09-1838Normal/Clear
Akiila Blue Heaven From Thircan’s DreamRiitta-Liisa KuittinenER36146/07Laetare Be JustCheeky In Blue From The Narrow LaneSeptember 21, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 6027Normal/Clear
Borderiinan BosseJohanna Siitonen & Sirpa LaineFIN 18431/00Clan-Abby NZ-Kiwi-TrekkerSamantha’s JoyMarch 14, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 2536Normal/Clear
Borderlove StrongbowJaana Hietala & Pasi PerkioFIN 34643/99Borderfame Perths GloryPikkupaimenen CarambolaAugust 26, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 4719Normal/Clear
Borderness JippiiMaria KallioFIN 39151/08 REGV 1515/2008AntonBorderness Miloo IIMay 17, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 4324Normal/Clear
Briskness Jack Daniel’sSabina LähteenmäkiFIN 12693/10Covateco ThunderballBriskness GertrudeDecember 16, 2009Male12-7584Normal/Clear
Cabaroo Glacier GaleKatja TamminenFIN 25536/05Cabaroo The Arctic FireBreeze Of Xilver HighlandMay 17, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 3508Normal/Clear
Cabaroo Plaza PokerMerja SirpiöFIN 58746/07Eyewitness CSICabaroo Glacier GaleNovember 10, 2007MaleUNSW_ID 5943Normal/Clear
Carpathian Forest Coming SoonJukka PirttimakiFIN 27419/02Tronic BrandionBasaMay 23, 2002Male09-1841Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby NZ Kiwi StardustEija Hernandez & VäisänenFIN 23483/03Clan-Abby Love-In-The-MistHazie-Star At Clan-AbbyOctober 28, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 1717Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby NZ Thunders PrinceEija Hernandez & VäisänenFIN 10386/05Clan-Abby NZ Grand ThunderTrumagik To ClanscottNovember 3, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 1720Normal/Clear
Covateco Casino RoyaleTiia KatajamakiFIN 26780/06Decathlete’s I Did It My WayPikkupaimenen Dixie DewApril 12, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 4323Normal/Clear
Covateco GoldenEyeNina LaineFIN 26776/06Decathlete’s I Did It My WayPikkupaimenen Dixie DewApril 12, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 2624Normal/Clear
Covateco ThunderballMarianne K TamilaFIN 26777/06Decathlete’s I Did It My WayPikkupaimenen Dixie DewApril 12, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 4327Normal/Clear
Demssin Midnight CallYesica HernandezFIN 19424/06Clan-Abby NZ Thunders PrinceDemssin FantasyMarch 12, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 1719Normal/Clear
Demssin Question SpinEija HernandezFIN 22390/08Demssin Midnight CallTonalee’s Love SpellMarch 18, 2008Female13-960Normal/Clear
Demssin RaidanceEija HernandezFIN 24557/08Demssin Incredible DreamAvatar’s Pandamonium BayshoreApril 19, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID BC 4183Normal/Clear
Despina GungnirSaila SavolainenER 16524/11Hold Em Harry-PepperTending BlueyJanuary 27, 2011Male12-7913Normal/Clear
Dumf And Galwy Gungellan For TronicPirjo Peltoniemi-HuuhkoFIN 37765/09Charouska Ego TripperDumf And Galwy EwephoriaApril 15, 2009MaleUNSW_ID 5413Normal/Clear
Emenems ExceKaisa HonkonenER 30224/05Moel AxelOld Sheeptorps CurMarch 12, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 2618Normal/Clear
Eyewitness Eat My DustEeva-Riitta AlanenFIN 10534/10Rising Sun Spot At Narrow LaneEyewitness Cosmic GirlNovember 22, 2009Female14-10493Normal/Clear
Festivo AngsnavaMarja-Leena LonnholtzFIN 10118/07Xanadu Spirit Vom SkuddenhofFestivo UnameaNovember 20, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 2933Normal/Clear
Festivo UnameaMarja-Leena LonnholtzFIN 30253/00Festivo SambaFestivo LulumecumJune 12, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 2936Normal/Clear
Festivo VeetiJuha HaimalaFIN 24568/01Pikkupaimenen Cuba LibreFestivo SanikaApril 28, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 2937Normal/Clear
Fidelis Faith In YouMarja-Liisa Lonnholtz & Sari SolantiFIN 41860/01Sheermyst Black MagicTrumagik Tartan TemptresJune 9, 2001Female06-44Normal/Clear
Fidelis Youve Got MailSari SolantiFIN 41859/01Sheermyst Black MagicTrumagik Tartan TemptresJune 9, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 2932Normal/Clear
Frosty Field’s Floating PointTarja Ivakko & Vesa ParkkonenFIN 41552/09Decathlete’s I Did It My WayPikkupaimenen Ready Steady GoJuly 4, 2009Male12-7897Normal/Clear
Guallatiri Of Xilver HighlandKatja TamminenER 60077/08Silque VolcanicCannyspot Of Xilver HighlandDecember 28, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 5522Normal/Clear
Hopeaketun Wenja ValkosipuliMarka KlossnerER 43964/10Killiebrae BenSturesdotters HeraJune 15, 2010Female12-8737Normal/Clear
Krislyn McKawleyMinna LindstromFIN21672/95Beagold LouisBorderbreeze Snow Crystal At KrislynDecember 10, 1994MaleUNSW_ID 2625Normal/Clear
Maccabee A Busy MissyAnna DumellFIN 18853/04Nahrof Shadow OfmercyMaccabee Busy Miss MeFebruary 22, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 2162Normal/Clear
Maccabee Bilberry CreamHanna HelminenFIN 12193/98ATrumagik Tartan ScottPikkupaimenen Coconut CreamDecember 15, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 2623Normal/Clear
Mäntysillan CaracolPirjo MiettunenFIN 28752/00Starlet DonJuanMäntysillan BangoranJune 29, 2000Female08-5475Normal/Clear
Moonlight Mania’s ChavezJohanna SiitonenFIN 25599/05Elbereth River Of MagicBorderiinan BrendaMarch 30, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 2537Normal/Clear
Myytin Pelasta MaailmaTiia KatajamakiFIN 50637/09Mustan Magian PiskiRajahiilen HantuukiAugust 17, 2009MaleUNSW_ID 6515Normal/Clear
Nice Of You To Come Bye Fearless FoxRaisa VähätaloFIN 16087/10Nice Of You To Come Bye Mystic FantomArnpriors Come And Be NiceOctober 7, 2009FemaleUNSW_ID 6518Normal/Clear
No Doubt AconcaguaElina HannikainenFIN 39622/06Pikkupaimenen Man In BlackNo Doubt Certified CopyJuly 11, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 3505Normal/Clear
Peuhuliinan TähtitaikaMirva JukkaraFIN 17376/04Afromines Black PhantomPeuhuliinan TaikatyttoFebruary 16, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 2939Normal/Clear
Pikkupaimenen Ace VenturaHeli PiirainenFIN 23969/00Borderfame Perths GloryPikkupaimenen Dainty SweetApril 29, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 3461Normal/Clear
Pikkupaimenen Divine ComedyTuire Tamminen & Sari SolantiFIN 42207/02Sequoyahpark Eye Of The StormPikkupaimenen Mette DavisSeptember 13, 2002FemaleBRC 2380Normal/Clear
Pikkupaimenen Front Page NewsSari SolantiFIN 38900/01Maccabee Blue PeterBorderfame Talk Oth TownSeptember 11, 2001FemaleBRC 2383Normal/Clear
Pikkupaimenen Mr MisterPertti M HimanenFIN 41869/00Borderfame Perths GloryPikkupaimenen Creme VanillaNovember 7, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 3504Normal/Clear
Pikkupaimenen Revised EditionRiikka Saikkonen & Sari SolantiFIN 46106/04Nahrof The CohortBorderfame Talk Oth TownSeptember 9, 2004FemaleVHL_ID H36257Normal/Clear
Pikkupaimenen Spy CatcherSari SolantiFIN 20007/99Borderfame BravoPikkupaimenen Cascade KidApril 5, 1999MaleBRC 2381Normal/Clear
Pythagoraan Kangaroo DreamSalme RasanenFIN 35847/99Draisha ReeceBordercheck ChoclatdreamAugust 21, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 2614Normal/Clear
Rosmarinus Gin DashPirjo Peltoniemi-HuuhkoER 10220/07Forbyfor TurbodieselRosmarinus PimmsMay 10, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 5411Normal/Clear
Serica’s BamirTiia HämäläinenFIN 23258/08Pikkupaimenen Ace VenturaYazina’s MercedesMarch 2, 2008Male08-8990Normal Clear
Serica’s BonnieWilja Westerlund & Sanna SavolaFIN 23263/08Pikkupaimenen Ace VentureYazina’s MercedesMarch 2, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 4329Normal/Clear
Starsky Dream Of FunMari Hahtala-PirskanenFIN 11758/05Pikkupaimenen Mr MisterStarsky YolandaDecember 23, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 3812Normal/Clear
Starsky Dream Of StickElina Hannikainen & Pertti HimanenFIN 11756/05Pikkupaimenen Mr MisterStarsky YolandaDecember 23, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 2931Normal/Clear
Story Goes CappuccinoMiia LuukkanenFIN 11382/02Peuhuliinan KasperPikkupaimenen CappuccinaDecember 12, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 3629Normal/Clear
Story Goes Queen Of ShadowMarjo HalmialaFIN 42016/03Nahrof Shadow Of MercyPikkupaimenen CappuccinaSeptember 3,2003Female08-10226Normal/Clear
Sykerön OrchideaVoutilainen EijaFIN 44721/07Tronic BrandionSkyerön IbizaJuly 25, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 5628Normal/Clear
TiikeriMarika KlossnerFIN 17260/11Tammikallion ZagalTea Bartolovi DvoriJanuary 31, 2011Female13-8273Normal/Clear
TinyMarika KlossnerER 11569/11Spot ISDS 213415Fly ISDS 258096March 3, 2007Female12-8738Normal/Clear
Tronic BrandionVoutilainen EijaFIN 36458/99Draisha ReeceFestivo QuincinaSeptember 14, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 5627Normal/Clear
Tronic IbizorrNina PulliFIN 15186/01Decathlete’s I Did It My WayFestivo QuincinaFebruary 13, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 5312Normal/Clear
Tronic Stella PolarisPirjo PeltoniemiER 23379/03Apache van de VrundenhoeveFestivo QuincinaApril 20, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 5412Normal/Clear
Tronic TarragonMartti MatilainenFIN 50832/04Elbereth River Of MagicTronic BrincinaNovember 20, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 5350Normal/Clear
Wildblue What’s Your SecretSari Solanti & Sari PaavilainenFIN 46818/02Danbeth FullstopRhonabwy Secret WhispersJanuary 17, 2002FemaleBRC 2382Normal/Clear
Wizaland Cool CustomerEija Hernandez & VäisänenAE01179203Wizaland Livin SoulMiraje Sleepless In SeattleJanuary 2, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 1718Normal/Clear
Woollandian UkkoSabina LähteenmäkiER 16416/12Trentino’s Great MeetSolvallarens AstraJanuary 22, 2012Male12-7582Normal/Clear
Yazina’s Velvet RosePäivi KorhonenFIN 33071/06Oodnadatta True DealYazina’s MercedesMay 20, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 4330Normal/Clear
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France CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Borderton Bird Of FireJean & Patrice Choux3100048337Rhonabwy Turn Upth HeatStormnin MissyAugust 29, 2006Male08-5744Normal/Clear
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Hong Kong CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
CoolbyCat MokB-12776KenAppleDecember 8, 2003FemaleBRC 5077Normal/Clear
Coolbyfans AggressorCat MokB-13068Coolbyfans PandaGreat LadyApril 28, 2005MaleBRC 7804Normal/Clear
Coolbyfans BlackCat MokB-13074J.J.Great LadyJanuary 30, 2007FemaleBRC 7805Normal/Clear
Coolbyfans FatboyCat MokB-13069J.J.Great LadyJanuary 30, 2007MaleBRC 7806Normal/Clear
Coolbyfans PandaCat MokB-12831JackyCoolbyNovember 30, 2005MaleBRC 5075Normal/Clear
Great LadyCat MokB-12775BenRoseSeptember 15, 2003FemaleBRC 5076Normal/Clear
J.J.Cat MokB-12711BenCoolbyApril 28, 2005MaleBRC 5074Normal/Clear
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Hungary CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Cannabis Sativa At Wendigo’s WindVera Takacs-KissMET Border Coll 1016/06Big Boss Of Forestry FarmJapanese Girl At Real PearlJanuary 27, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 2748Normal/Clear
Greenpire AlexaGabriella JózsefMET Border Coll 730/04Tonkory Valley Of The StormAngie Florina de la GrantOctober 21, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 2736Normal/Clear
Greenpire AscoEdit VasMET Border Coll 729/04Tonkory Valley Of The StormAngie Florina de la GrantOctober 21, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 2741Normal/Clear
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Ireland CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Beesting WiccaJennifer HickeyIKC U38475Beesting The Little WigginerGillesta Cindy Blue EyesSeptember 20, 1999Female07-3530Normal/Clear
Highyews Jaro At Tagnrye (ISDS JD)Miss Julie HolmesAE0901654 ISDS 271467 W86942Brackenholme AmosJan Of HighyewsMay 24, 2004Male05-9017Normal/Clear
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Italy CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Allymoon CrocodileFrancesca Balducci981100000609709Sequoyahpark Mystical WarriorJaya From Carolyn’s HomeNovember 1, 2007Male08-2531Normal/Clear
Allymoon RaggiodilunaPinto GiorgioLOI 01/192325Silque ZensationDueluneAugust 13, 2001Female08-1567Normal/Clear
Allymoon UpMiriam FenuLOI 10117608Allymoon CrocodileAllymoon OperaFebruary 12, 2010Female12-1562Normal/Clear
Believe In LoveMicaela Borsoi380260040188984Allymoon Xfortunakec’s RiccardoBest In ShowOctober 23, 2009FemaleUNSW_ID 6110Normal/Clear
Bella Betty BluFaggionato Valentina981100002050444Liza’s Border Q RedAnnabelle SofiaSeptember 15, 2008Female08-11435Normal/Clear
Best In ShowMicaela Borsoi641000002108352Allymoon Xfortunakece RiccardoOdetta Dei FieschiFebruary 21, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 6111Normal/Clear
BillyGiorgio PintoISDS 293846Beechwood Bob ISDS 230975Lilly ISDS 264162October 24, 2007Male09-3155Normal/Clear
Borderbay Moonlight NightDaniele MasiniLOI 0/149372Nahrof MoonlightingBorderbay Scent Of A WomanJuly 21, 2003Male06-3207Normal/Clear
Borderbay MoonshineDaniele MasiniLOI 03/149374Nahrof MoonlightingBorderbay Scent Of A WomanJuly 21, 2003Female05-9472Normal/Clear
Brooke ShieldsOrietta TanciniLOI 05/50216Q’Gael New ShonnyDana Scully Del Passo Del TurchinoOctober 15, 2004Female07-1226Normal/Clear
Cindora Don Jose At BeagoldGiovanni AreLOI 98/15364Beagold Mr LennoxCindora Silver CascadeJanuary 9, 1997Male05-6376Normal/Clear
ConnieSerghei GarauLOI 06/9678FoofighterAmberJuly 13, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 4167Normal/Clear
Cora BordercollieranchPinto GiorgioLOI 07/102179Moss ISDS 259639Lassie ISDS 264465January 9, 2005Female08-1569Normal/Clear
Dream’s ZorMarcello Salvaggio380260070067096Lucky For You Fame MonsterOmegamtn Red Paprika At SutriJuly 9, 2011Male13-2441Normal/Clear
Eyes Of The World ZantanaNicoletta BettiniLOI 01/45353Clan-Abby Silver Kiwi At BeagoldFrom Bordershome Black MaggyMay 5, 2000Female05-6374Normal/Clear
FarfallaValentina Faggionato981100000590182Allymoon Run The RiskBella EmilyJanuary 21, 2004Female08-3136Normal/Clear
Glafes GlenGiorgio PintoLOI 10203182 ISDS 00/302642Roy ISDS 264248Groesfaen Bet ISDS 286443June 14, 2009Male11-1529Normal/Clear
Maghera The Italian JobMarcello SciortinoLOI 05/101016Famewynn Fortune HunterMaghera Time To Move OnOctober 22, 2004Male05-9259Normal/Clear
Maori di Beren e TinuvielNicoletta BettiniLOI 02/155546Hidden Farms MexicanoEyes Of The World ZantanaJune 23, 2002Female05-6375Normal/Clear
MidnightstarDaniele MasiniLOI 99/75806Cindora Don Jose At BeagoldBluesummersunriseMarch 15, 1998Female05-9469Normal/Clear
Mister CapPinto GiorgioLOI 06/123673Sweep ISDS 242333Gail ISDS 230169November 2, 2003Male08-1577Normal/Clear
Nahrof Mi PiaceDaniele MasiniLOI 99/145133Nahrof Final EditionDanbeth Bella MarieFebruary 18, 1998Male05-9471Normal/Clear
Perfect NellGiorgio PintoLOI 10143444 ISDS 293777Jim ISDS 262924Hetti ISDS 277866September 3, 2007Female11-1518Normal/Clear
Q’Gael NewshonnyGiorgio PintoLOI 01/74325Q’Gael NehaiQ’Gael FedelmOctober 9, 2000Male08-1571Normal/Clear
Q’Gael VeronikavossCroce Colla FerruccioLOI 03/64432Sequoyahpark The LegendDreamalittledream Dei FieschiApril 27, 2003Female08-1579Normal/Clear
SamGiorgio PintoISDS 286515Rap ISDS 247914Coed Lyn ISDS 241613September 16, 2006Male09-3153Normal/Clear
Scoobydoo ShadowIngrid RoggerLOI 03/108074Allymoon RyanHollyMay 23, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 4166Normal/Clear
Silver And Gold Beneath Her FeetBenelli PaoloLOI 10185911Sequoyahpark The LegendBrookeshieldsAugust 17, 2010Female13-987Normal/Clear
Smudge On The RanchGiorgio PintoLOI 0147433 ISDS 00/293847Beechwood Bob ISDS 230975Lilly ISDS 264162October 24, 2007Female11-1517Normal/Clear
Sue At The RanchPinto GiorgioLOI 08-144945 ISDS 285975Joe ISDS 280197Astra Pride ISDS 255649November 27, 2006Female09-1284Normal/Clear
Taff Of The RanchPinto GiorgioLOI 08/143820 ISDS 275906Moel Taff ISDS 246483Jan ISDS 237153January 1, 2005Male09-1287Normal/Clear
Witch WayMarina Modiano & Francesca ScottiLIR 08/142991Mirk at CambianoLeeloo SweetheartFebruary 14, 2008Female12-825Normal/Clear
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Japan CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
A Meredith Grey Of Muda Gangster JPAkira SatoBCL-00300/08Borderfame Mr MagicBorderfame De Ja VouJuly 3, 2007FemaleBRC 23936Normal/Clear
Aquila Of White Canvas 1.1 JPMayuko YamashitaBCL-02495/03Western Of Takaharu Sakamoto JPSapodilla Of Riverside M JPMay 11, 2003FemaleBRC 2057Carrier
Arce Of Dog Stadium JPAkira SatoBCL-00194/95Rosshire BrigadooneKelsey Night FlightFebruary 18, 1995FemaleBRC 2769Normal/Clear
Astra CatherineYumiko TsujiAM0901459Astra HawkTibOctober 21, 2010FemaleR12012005Normal/Clear
Astra ChiaraYumiko TsujiAK 0901612Llangwm BobAstra ButeSeptember 30, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID BC 5204Normal
Astra JoeYumiko TsujiN/AAstra MarsAstra KitMay 17, 2005Male06-2193Normal/Clear
Astra LonoYumiko TsujiAM0901467BenCheteDecember 19, 2009FemaleR12012002Normal/Clear
Astra MukaYumiko TsujiAM0900867BrockBetDecember 19, 2009FemaleR12012008Normal/Clear
Ben Of Dancing TailNoriko MizutaniBCL 000358/04-0GwynTegwenApril 29, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 2993Normal/Clear
Border Flight JP Andy GarciaAkira SatoBCL-01148/02Tom Jp MaroArce Of Dog Stadium JpFebruary 1. 2002MaleBRC 2796Normal/Clear
Border Flight JP Red BaggioAkira SatoBCL-00442/97Tullacrest Wanted ManArce Of Dog Stadium JpMarch 29, 1997MaleBRC 2770Normal/Clear
Borderfame Dream WeaverShigeru YanoBCL-03456/05-0Maghera Star CollectorBorderfame Eternal FlameOctober 24, 2003MaleBRC 1573Normal/Clear
BorderLane JP Buck-A-RooNorikazu IguchiBCL-00789/02Nahrof The TalismanAbbydel Unique KateDecember 26, 2001MaleBRC 2746Normal/Clear
BorderLane JP Don’t Tell Me TruthTatsuki & Yuriko OneyamaBCL-04138/03FairBank Don’t Trust MeBorderLane JP RefinementAugust 13, 2003FemaleBRC 1945Normal/Clear
BorderLane JP FascinationTatsuki & Yuriko OneyamaBCL-02142/01Nahrof The TalismanXebec Of South Country StarJune 2, 2001FemaleBRC 2269Normal/Clear
BorderLane JP FrstExpressionYukari IkedaBCL-00702/01Windygyle Limited editionSky High JP AngelFebruary 26, 2001FemaleBRC 1948Normal/Clear
BorderLane JP Supreme CopainHidetsugu MuraseBCL-02141/01Nahrof The TalismanXebec Of South Country StarJune 2, 2001MaleBRC 4139Normal/Clear
BorderLane JP Talisman ForeverYuriko OneyamaBCL 1467/02Nahrof The TalismanBorderland JP First GenerationMarch 4, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 810Normal/Clear
Brugge JP Hot SpiritNoriko MizutaniBCL-00948/07Minimbah NightshineKellagem Regal SparkAugust 11, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 2992Normal/Clear
Elegant Of Kurume Azalea JPMayuko YamashitaBCL-02571/02Meinburg JP’s ArrianosAndy Of Aqua Pet JPMay 29, 2002FemaleBRC 2056Normal/Clear
Fain Of Rin JPMasashi IbataBCL-000893/97Maghera Rythm In BlackWallanguma JessMay 16, 1997Male05-7440Normal/Clear
Kinloch TimYumiko Tsuji00/299478Cheviot JamieMegNovember 6, 2008MaleUNSW_ID BC 5206Normal
Korella Royal EnvoyYuko Ojima & Yuriko OneyamaBCL 00777/02-0Danbeth Black LabelKorella Crown JewelOctober 13, 1997MaleBRC 2268Normal/Clear
Manamonor Of White Canvas 1.1 JPMayuko YamashitaBCL-03476/06Fripon Of Meinburg JPAquila Of White Canvas 1.1 JPJune 3, 2006FemaleBRC 4439Normal/Clear
Mawlch GypNoriko MizutaniBCL-04130/02-0Ultimate RobMawlch CassMay 25, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 2994Normal/Clear
Minimbah Red BeretNobuko HidakaBCL-01703/98-0Minimbah Red TherulesMinimbah LacrosseSeptember 18, 1997MaleBRC 1051Normal/Clear
Nahrof MoonlightingYuriko Oneyama2100062804 BCL 00167/04-0Glentress Showno MercyWiralee Moon ShadowApril 28, 2000MaleBRC 2271Normal/Clear
Padina Of Green Grass Paradise JPAkira SatoBCL-01485/00Joy’s-Casanova O Clan-AbbyAglaia Of Muda GangsterApril 24, 2000FemaleBRC 2771Normal/Clear
Rising Sun’s Highland HeathNoriko MizutaniBCL-01457/01-0Spot VIIIHanna HiNovember 17, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 2995Normal/Clear
Ris’n Sun WhizYumiko TsujiDN 04180307Blazin’ Kane Hsbs HxadsRising Sun’s Lucky PennyJuly 14, 2003MaleUNSW_ID BC 5207Normal
RoyNoriko MizutaniISDS 293083JoeTessDecember 20, 2007MaleUNSW_ID 4469Normal/Clear
Sapodilla Of Riverside M JPMayuko YamashitaBCL-02884/02Almin Of Dog Suzutani JPAzalea Of Firefly Nakashima JPJune 3, 2002FemaleBRC 2054Normal/Clear
Sky High JP AngelTatuki & Yuriko OneyamaBCL-00799/98Minimbah IlluminationMadam Of Blessing TaniMarch 10, 1998FemaleBRC 1944Normal/Clear
Sky High JP Attractive LadyTakuji KawamichiBCL-00955Minimbah IlluminationMadam Of Blessing Tani JPApril 9, 1999Female05-5107Normal/Clear
Sky High JP She’ll ImpactTakuji KawamichiBCL-00964Minimbah IlluminationAspasia Of Sky Dragon Farm JPMarch 20, 1999Female05-5105Normal/Clear
Sky High JP Shipton On StourTatuki & Yuriko OneyamaBCL-00963/99Minimbah IlluminationAspasia Of Sky Dragon Farm JPMarch 20, 1999FemaleBRC 1943Normal/Clear
Torobeam CognacHitoshi AriizumiBCL-02525/02-0Bordarita Thats LifeTorobeam GintwistJune 2, 1999Male05-9672Normal/Clear
TsunamiYumiko Tsuji00/295769MacGwennoFebruary 26, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID BC 5208Normal
Western Of Takaharu Sakamoto JPMayuko YamashitaBCL-00196/97Wirrillawind La SainteKyles Kaldora AdenaDecember 26, 1996MaleBRC 2055Carrier
Windygyle Limited EditionYuriko OneyamaBCL-00890/97-0Nahrof First EditionWindygyle FantasiaJanuary 7, 1993MaleBRC 2267Carrier
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Luxembourg CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Grappa’s Blue Magic At Wendigo’s WindPaulus MoniqueLOL 22746Merlins Blue Magic From Carolyn’s HomeChilled Out At Wendigo’s WindOctober 6, 2008Female12-990Normal/Clear
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Netherlands CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
AceS van der Sluijs-LodderNHSB G1-2641045TimJetJanuary 20, 2007MaleUNSW_ID 2554Normal/Clear
Armati’s Funky Freestyler JadeM VogelaarNHSB 2728121DybaArmati’s European EllesNovember 15, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 5075Normal/Clear
ArrigoW de Jong2701775DanoLowland’s Blacksmith JoyApril 24, 2008Male09-2828Normal/Clear
Ayla At Forever CleverGerard van HeugtenNHSB G2-2-2278619Deejay Shepherd’s DreamMaeglin XjaneNovember 27, 1999Female07-5118Normal/Clear
Beautiful Day’s All I Want Is YouE LegersteeNHSB G-2-2642375Apache Red Cloud Of Goblin’s FountainSkyeFebruary 3, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 4568Normal/Clear
Beautiful Day’s Apple Of My EyeG J DesaunoisNHSB G-2-2642373Apache Red Cloud Of Goblin’s FountainSkyeFebruary 3, 2007MaleUNSW_ID 4567Normal/Clear
Best Thomas Of Clover CornerG M R van Zutphen-StanbelNHSB 2389225Wendevick XplorerKarisma Kid Of Shamrock FieldMarch 28, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 2833Normal/Clear
Borders For Joy Black Thunder StormLeontine SangsterNHSB 2546884Eyes Of The World ArizonakidTrishkaFebruary 22, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 4115Normal/Clear
Borders For Joy Cira Rising Sun LoveL P MotzNHSB 2673703Winpara Walkin On ThSunNikitaMarch 10, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 4111Normal/Clear
Borders For Joy Circl Of Life DisneyMonique Stigter van DeurzenNHSB G2-2548724Winpara Walkin On ThSunNikitaMarch 10, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 4114Normal/Clear
Borders For Joy Daughter Of FanikJ T BuggemanNHSB G2-2622049Tonkory Esprit De CorpsNikitaAugust 23, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 4616Normal/Clear
Borders For Joy Free World Of NarniaMonique Stigter van DeurzenNHSB 2673703Alderaan Sea BiscuitBorders For Joy Circl Of Life DisneySeptember 30, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 4113Normal/Clear
BowmoreJ.A. BoumansNHSB G2-2635630Lowland’s Blacksmith The DukeUherdit Get a GripSeptember 12, 2008Male10-4470Normal/Clear
Bwytakuh Can’t Fight The MoonlightPamela BerbersNHSB 2496103Caristan Spirit Of The FallJaydeeMarch 1, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 2677Normal/Clear
Chocolate-Chip Of Clover CornerE JacobsNHSB 2591998Best Thomas Of Clover CornerSarah Shepherds DreamJanuary 12, 2006Male07-9797Normal/Clear
DanoWendy de JongNHSB 2535759Altricia Blue LegacyPhoebeNovember 30, 2004Male09-3786Normal/Clear
DopeyD C PolNHSB 2690663Maverick Montana Of Clover CornerJillFebruary 2, 2008MaleUNSW_ID 6481Normal/Clear
Dream Catcher From Border ParadisePia GutjensNHSB 2482783 VDH ZBRH 8374Rhonabwy Total EclipseSequoyahpark Hold That DreamAugust 18, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 7318Normal/Clear
Dutchfields Nugget Gold WinnerSharon van den HamG-2-2755677Dutchfields Kean Keagan In SableChocolate Cleo PheathraJune 28, 2009Male0911-S-54010Normal/Clear
FellowSjaan van OostenNHSB G-1 2288318PeroBrigantia van de Kashmir HofDecember 6, 1999Male07-10423Normal/Clear
FlameGeertje RuitenburgNHSB 2654736Apache Red Cloud Of Goblin’s FountainRythm From Stone GardensMay 7, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3908Normal/Clear
From Borders Home Call Her Lucky OneJ M C P SmitNHSB 2150022Corinlea RoryRosehurst KiriOctober 3, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 4525Normal/Clear
From Borders Home KoernikovaJ M C P SmitNHSB 2671808Vigour Of Blackmountain AgassiFrom Borders Home You Are UniqueSeptember 17, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 4522Normal/Clear
Highland Rose Of Emma’s PrideJ M C P SmitNHSB 2170757Corinlea RoryMiraje Miss StakeFebruary 1, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 4526Normal/Clear
Jill-Leigh Can’t Fight The MoonlightU R de BruineNHSB 2752342Karrider Cresta RunNever Never Land Eirian D’Arcey Loves MoonlightMay 27, 2009FemaleUNSW_ID 5629Normal/Clear
Joyfully Yours Forever GwendellThamara TaxNHSB 2494107Random Riddle v.d. SchapenhoeveWendavick ElisabethFebruary 18, 2004Female157191Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent NZ Midnite SoloI J NeveNHSBnr 2619076Kerrybrent Midnite SoulDornbrae Havn A Blond MomentApril 3, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 2291Normal/Clear
Laureen Lead The Lambs von der Kleinen ArcheAnne Legerstee-SnelNHSB 2635657Dumf And Galwy Balvenie DoublewoodAmber Dreams Be True von der Kleinen ArcheJuly 3, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 4057Normal/Clear
LucaJ HammingaN/ALuckyVally Van Onze EigendroomSeptember 2, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 2870Normal/Clear
Markanti I’m MagicJ M C P SmitNHSB 2482922Clan-Abby NZ Dougs Storm At BorderbreezeJanbell Silver SpiritJune 12, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 4521Normal/Clear
Miraje Pride N JoyB B J M SmitsNHSB 2811611Bayshore Hershey Kiss At AvatarMiraje Hot PursuitFebruary 28, 2010FemaleVHL H35876Normal/Clear
Never Never Land D’Shah JahanPML SeltenNHSB 2808208Carradyls Diamond RedOodnadatta Supa ShakeFebruary 8, 2010MaleUNSW_ID 6006Normal/Clear
Nice Of You To Come Bye Number OneDanielle C BoshouwersNHSB 2712579Karrider Cresta RunNice Of You To Come Bye Whispery WindJuly 11, 2008MaleUNSW_ID 5966Normal/Clear
NickThamara TaxNHSB G-1-2654480RoyCayenneSeptember 5, 2007Male15721 1Normal/Clear
Pentwyncoch EaganW de JongNHSB 2790898Barnaby Of PentwyncochCass Of PentwynocochDecember 8, 2009Male10-7991Normal/Clear
Raysz Of Light EllingtonTamara OomenNHSB 2592760Edwin Collins At Real PearlGrimhillcottage’s CharmyJune 24, 2005Male08-5704Normal/Clear
Rocking Leilani From Let’s BorderU R de BruineNHSB 2687231Karrider Cresta RunMiss Ginger Eyes From Let’s BorderJanuary 10, 2008Female09-2823Normal/Clear
Rory’s Rob Roy Of Emma’s PrideJ M C P SmitNHSB 2342249Corinlea RoryMiraje Miss StakeApril 28, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 4524Normal/Clear
RoyEstrella BakelaarG-1-2717130SkipperNoahAugust 18, 2008Male09-2850Normal/Clear
Shanowl Quinceys BoyIvonne van der MeerNHSB 2509037Woodsorrel Red WineShanowl Rambling RoseJanuary 1, 2004Male05-7275Normal/Clear
Sundance Kid Of Shamrock FieldH WentzelNHSB 2642641DukeAngel Eyes Of Shamrock FieldFebruary 11, 2007MaleVHL_ID H16658Normal/Clear
TessU R de BruineNHSB 2467211Corinlea RoryLynnAugust 5, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 2836 Normal/Clear
Tim The Big SarenP C L van der LaanNHSB 2707497JimJayMay 31, 2008MaleVHL-ID H28723Normal/Clear
Tonkory ArmaniG M R van Zutphen-StanbelNHSB 2413379Borderfame Heart N SoulWendevick XquisitSeptember 22, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 2835Normal/Clear
Tonkory Dennis Shepherd’s DreamL C M DenissenNHSB 2456133Borderfame Heart N SoulTonkory PoriruaMay 19, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 2696Normal/Clear
Walkin Upon A Star Of Shamrock FieldPia GutjensNHSB 2542149Winpara Walkin On The SunTerverley MaceygrayJanuary 18, 2005FemaleVHL_ID H17961Normal/Clear
Wendevick ArtdecoH C C van ZutphenNHSB 2350072Borderfame Heart N SoulMobella Team Spirit At TonkoryMarch 1, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 2834Normal/Clear
Wendevick X’plorerL C M DenissenNHSB 2225349Beagold Mr LennoxMobella Team Spirit At TonkoryJuly 17, 1998MaleUNSW_ID 2695Normal/Clear
White Tipped Tails Bonita NonnaThamara TaxNHSB 2709903Borders Of Sweetwood FloytRaysz Of Light EowynJune 25, 2008FemaleVHL_ID H18793Normal/Clear
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New Zealand CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Abbydel Kosmic EdgeLinda Mortimer & Sharon Banks03154-2007Lochburn Ruff Tuf Cream PuffAbbydel Blue MagicFebruary 28, 2007Male12-21497Normal/Clear
Abbydel Stop N LookCheryl Dodds00442-2001Lochburn Ruff Tuf Cream PuffAbbydel Echo’s In The MistOctober 13, 2000MaleBRC 2982Normal/Clear
Abbydel X-Quisit Shelby At FairbankA Findlay04954/2004Abbydel Masters VoiceFairbank X-Quisit N RedFebruary 27, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1020Normal/Clear
Amboseli Aisha-MazuriRobyn Clackson05059-2006Flair Hidden Destiny At KerrybrentAmboseli ArubaApril 27, 2006FemaleBRC 20370Normal/Clear
Bauers ReesonDyson Beasley & Paula EdwardsISDS 317223Beacons ReesBellaOctober 22, 2011MaleBRC 37547Normal/Clear
Blackburn Dynamic Imprint To KelnicNicola Wallace07814-2005Bordercheck Burne O TanBlackburn Sapphire N SteelAugust 4, 2005MaleBRC 2173Normal/Clear
Bordercheck Brandy TwistSharon Banks2100112496Bordercheck Mirk O TanShebashine MistyMarch 28, 2001FemaleBRC 2734Normal/Clear
Bordercheck Dazzling TriMaxine Young2100126591Bordercheck Try MiloBordercheck Rusgya RoseSeptember 24, 2001MaleBRC 2317Normal/Clear
Bridiebrook An Image Of SoulE M Garlick00643-2003Kerrybrent Midnite SoulCarlanrig Call Me StreamOctober 6, 2002MaleBRC 2709Normal/Clear
Bridiebrook Smart In TartanMr David R & Mrs ANG Ross05178-00Kerrybrent Midnite SoulDornbrae Ty’s CountessApril 14, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 1004Normal/Clear
Cairnbrae Midnite In Memphis At LochmoahE M Garlick07346-2005Cairnbrae MoonlightingKerrybrent Lisa MarieJuly 19, 2005FemaleBRC 2708Normal/Clear
Caylith Luvn KissesLinda Mortimer2100185064Bordercheck Mirk O TanCaylith Desert DawnFebruary 14, 2004FemaleBRC 2424Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby Hiland TrekkerJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-Butler06117-1997Trumagik Tartan TrekkerHiland Haze Of Clan-AbbyMarch 12, 1997MaleBRC 1311Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby Love-In-The -MistJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-Butler06112-1997Clan-Abby Phantom-Of -LoveWhenway Blue MistFebruary 20, 1997MaleBRC 1312Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby NZ Grand ThunderJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-Butler04700-2000Thunder Too At Clan-AbbyClan-Abby Tartan TempestMarch 3, 2000MaleBRC 1310Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby NZ Hiland Ruby StarJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-Butler00149-2002Clan-Abby Hiland TrekkerHazie-Star At Clan-AbbyOctober 15, 2001FemaleBRC 1313Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby NZ-Love-In-TartanJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-Butler08031-2003Clan-Abby Love-In-The -MistClan-Abby Im N Tartan-TooAugust 8, 2003FemaleBRC 1318Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby NZ-Tartan-Too-N-BlueJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-Butler08033-2003Clan-Abby Love-In-The -MistClan-Abby Im N Tartan-TooAugust 8, 2003FemaleBRC 1317Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby NZ Thunders OjoJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-Butler00143-2002Thunder Too At Clan-AbbyClan-Abby I’m N Tartan TooOctober 14, 2001FemaleBRC 1316Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby Sing The BluesP & J C Vos14396-1986Aberdeenboy Of Clan-AbbyClan-Abby Lorna-DoonOctober 24, 1986MaleUNSW_ID 1389Normal/Clear
Clanohan Stole Y’Heart At RousaboutJ L Walden-Evans03622-1999Korella HeartbreakerKerrybrent D’Ble DeliteFebruary 19, 1999MaleBRC 2064Normal/Clear
Conundrum Of OrmondvalleyJohn Young07047-2005Arowhana Cruger BoyDajarra Serena-StarMarch 29, 2005MaleBRC 2314Normal/Clear
Creating Havoc At MordorDyson Beasley & Paula Edwards018006-2011On Ya Bike TykeEarendil’s Star Of MordorJanuary 26, 2011FemaleBRC 37545Carrier
Dajarra Holden-RulesSue Chaytor00107-2000Dajarra Troubles DoubleDajarra Limited EditionSeptember 12, 1999MaleBRC 2066Normal/Clear
Dajarra Prime-MiraSue Chaytor00104-2000Dajarra Troubles DoubleDajarra Limited EditionSeptember 12, 1999FemaleBRC 2065Normal/Clear
Darnaya Poetry In MotionDavid R & A N G Ross05950-2005Abbydel Bug-r Me Red AgainKewmarnic Gift From AboveDecember 17, 2004FemaelBRC 5560Normal/Clear
Darnaya Revlon GirlD Hanson04179/2003Kewmarnic Secret WeaponFairbank X-Quisit HannahOctober 1, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 1018Normal/Clear
Dornbrae Havn A Blond MomentT Baker-Smillie03969-2004Dornbrae Hazes SpikeDornbrae Tys CountessFebruary 7, 2004FemaleBRC 1576Normal/Clear
Earendil’s Star Of MordorDyson Beasley01864-2007Wayfarer Cameron KiltWasn’t Me Of HeidesaNovember 19, 2006FemaleBRC 24675Carrier
Fairbank Magic DelightA Findlay01167-2005Lochburn Kodak MagicFairbank Magnum’s DelightNovember 18, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1021Normal/Clear
Flair Begining The BluesDavid R & A N G Ross03879-2005Borderstar Blue QuinWaipori Up To Speed At FlairFebruary 22, 2005FemaleBRC 7185Normal/Clear
Flair Cat-Amongst-Th-PigeonsA Findlay03881-2005Borderstar Blue QuinWaipori Up To Speed At FlairFebruary 28, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 1022Normal/Clear
Flair Hidden Destiny At KerrybrentT Baker-Smillie01590-2005Glen Riley Of CliffwoodKerrybrent Crystal MidniteDecember 9, 2004MaleBRC 1579Normal/Clear
Flair Kirstyz Smart N TartanDavid R & A N G Ross03738-2006Lochburn Kodak MagicBridiebrook Smart In TartanFebruary 20, 2006FemaleBRC 3581Normal/Clear
Flair Marble EffectMr David R & Mrs ANG Ross03878-2005Borderstar Blue QuinWaipori Up To Speed At FlairFebruary 28, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 1005Normal/Clear
Flair U Who BlueDavid R & A N G Ross00401-2006Borderstar Blue QuinWaipori Up To Speed At FlairOctober 22, 2006MaleBRC 3580Normal/Clear
Glen-Clova It’s My FantasySandra C Carr02194-1997Glen Clova Duke Of ArgyleGlen Clova FantasyriderNovember 30, 1996Female06-1235Normal/Clear
Haulton Benny BoyK Needham & A Baker06226-2006Lyinka Trojan HorseRimrock Lady LuckMay 16, 2006MaleBRC 8099Normal/Clear
Jalain On A ConQuestRachel Butler09754-2003Wayfarer Cameron KiltJalain Deal Me InOctober 9, 2003MaleBRC 3011Carrier
Jalain Queen Of HeartsJune Rippon09756-2003Wayfarer Cameron KiltJalain Deal Me InOctober 9, 2003FemaleBRC 8272Normal/Clear
Jalain Spin For GoldMaxine Young02155-1999Jalain Solo SonKarmera Magic LottoNovember 28, 1998MaleBRC 2318Normal/Clear
Jobs-A-Gud-Un From Carolyn’s Home At Clan-AbbyJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-ButlerVDH/ZBrH 7877Clan-Abby NZ Carolyns DylanBeesting The Reason To DreamMarch 11, 2003MaleBRC 1309Normal/Clear
Kaeanda Bracken In SepiaSharon Banks06976-2004Choc O Holic At Glen ClovaBordercheck Brandy TwistJune 23, 2004MaleBRC 5753Normal/Clear
Kaeanda Brandys Dream GirlPaul Needham06972-2004Choc O Holic At Glen ClovaBordercheck Brandy TwistJune 23, 2004FemaleBRC 2670Normal/Clear
Kaeanda Choco LatteMr David R & Mrs ANG Ross06974-2004Choc O Holic At Glen ClovaBordercheck Brandy TwistJune 23, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1002Carrier
Kaeanda Chocolat By ChoiceNicola Wallace04691-2005Gateacre Oz ChoclatBordercheck Brandy TwistMarch 11, 2005MaleBRC 2169Normal/Clear
Kaeanda Kosmic ReactionPaul Needham03972-2008Abbydel Kosmic EdgeBordercheck Brandy TwistApril 13, 2008FemaleBRC 13813Normal/Clear
Kelljass Heavenly SkyS A Kelly05338-1999Glen Nevis A Bit O’GossipRimrock Glama GirlApril 27, 1999FemaleBRC 2718Normal/Clear
Kelljass Tru’s Red CharmerSharon Kelly01816-2010Rustik Redbear Of TylerwildKelljass Tru To My HeartJanuary 24, 2010MaleUNSW_ID 5646Normal/Clear
Kelnic An Ego Has LandedNicola Wallace01447-2001Bordercheck Burne O TanChevez Roses N DreamsDecember 28, 2002FemaleBRC 2171Normal/Clear
Kelnic Fairmaiden NickNicola Wallace05006-2004Choc O Holic At Glen ClovaKelnic An Ego Has LandedJanuary 6, 2005FemaleBRC 2172Carrier
Kelnic Hi-Blue GenesNicola Wallace00532-2005Ashmoor Rhythm ‘N’ BlueKelnic An Ego Has LandedSeptember 21, 2004FemaleBRC 2170Normal/Clear
Kelnic I Twained MyselfNicola Wallace03488-2005Kerrybrent Sams The ManChavez Roses N DreamsJanuary 1, 2005FemaleBRC 2168Normal/Clear
Kennoway Midnite MonsterMrs L Greer1632716Moystonhill Midnite SunIloskye Melody MakerJuly 28, 1996MaleBRC 1595Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Arctic CrystalT Baker-Smillie03124-2005Kerrybrent Arctic FreezeKerrybrent Crystal FaithJanuary 4, 2005FemaleBRC 1580Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Catch A DreamJanine Johnson00675-2001Clanohan The Iceman At FragglerockKerrybrent Crystal MistNovember 24, 2000MaleBRC 3001Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Crystal BlueT Baker-Smillie05925-2004Topgun At KerrybrentKerrybrent Friend To MeApril 29, 2004FemaleBRC 1585Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Crystal Cilver At FlairMr David R & Mrs ANG Ross00440-2005Topgun At KerrybrentDornbrae Skye-Of-GlenNovmeber 21, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1006Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Crystal FaithT Baker-Smillie03689-1999Kerrybrent Midnite SoulKerrybrent Crystal HopeJanuary 21, 1999FemaleBRC 1583Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Crystal GloryT Baker-Smillie07486-2004Khayoz Missionary ManKerrybrent Crystal FaithMay 26, 2004FemaleBRC 1581Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Crystal HeavonT Baker-Smillie04646-2005Kerrybrent Fire On The WaterKerrybrent Crystal RainApril 6, 2005FemaleBRC 1589Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Crystal MidniteMr David R & Mrs ANG Ross08756-2002Broxa Machrie Of ArranKerrybrent Midnite RoseSeptember 5, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 1000Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Dressed To ImpressT Baker-Smillie07921-2005Carnbrae MoonlightingKerrybrent Lisa MarieJuly 19, 2005MaleBRC 2459Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Fire And IceT D Baker/Smillie04397-2008Kerrybrent Heart With SoulShareit KeishaApril 11, 2008FemaleBRC 24880Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Fire On The WaterT Baker-Smillie02573-2003Kerrybrent Talk O The TownKerrybrent Crystal HazeDecember 22, 2002MaleBRC 1586Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Hells BellsT Baker-Smillie00382-2004Topgun At KerrybrentBlassis Just For LoveSeptember 17, 2003FemaleBRC 1582Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Hope And Glory At RousaboutMrs T Baker-Smillie & Ms J Waldon01995-2003Clanohan The Iceman At FragglerockKerrybrent Crystal HopeDecember 26, 2003MaleBRC 1575Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Kiwi BeatPaula Holmes07353-2003Lika Bull Of LapineekKerrybrent Crystal RainJune 18, 2003FemaleBRC 10220Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Man On A MissionT Baker-Smillie07484-2004Khayoz Missionary ManKerrybrent Crystal FaithMay 26, 2004MaleBRC 1587Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Midnite RoseMrs T Baker-Smillie & Mr R Van Den Heuvel07364-1997Moystonhill Midnite SunKerrybrent Crystal MistMay 25, 1997FemaleBRC 1578Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Midnite Roses JoyMrs T Baker-Smillie07701-2005Kerrybrent Mr BlueKerrybrent Midnite RoseJuly 19, 2005FemaleBRC 4288Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Midnite SoulMrs T Baker-Smillie07359-1997Moystonhill Midnite SunKerrybrent Crystal MistMay 25, 1997MaleBRC 2460Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Mr BlueT Baker-Smillie05927-2004Topgun At KerrybrentKerrybrent Friend To MeApril 29, 2004MaleBRC 1574Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Ring Of HopeToni & Ian Smillie09914-2001Kerrybrent Lord Of The RingsKerrybrent Crystal HopeAugust 31, 2001FemaleBRC 2700Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Southern LitesToni & Ian Smillie05926-2004Top Gun At KerrybrentKerrybrent Friend To MeApril 29, 2004FemaleBRC 2701Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Taking Of The RingMrs T Baker-Smillie & Ms S Knight01085-2002Kerrybrent Lord Of The RingsDornbrae Missy Of SoulJanuary 9, 2002FemaleBRC 1577Normal/Clear
Kerrybrent Thru T Lookn GlassT Baker-Smillie01898-2004Kerrybrent ExpectationDornbrae Joy Of SwagmanDecember 13, 2003FemaleBRC 1584Normal/Clear
Kiwi Murphy Of Clan-AbbyJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-Butler07210-2003Clan-Abby NZ Kiwi RobbieHazie-Star At Clan-AbbyJune 6, 2003MaleBRC 2427Normal/Clear
Krystalmoon KiranuiR Clackson09493-2002Borderglen Bold EditionKrystalmoon Star TrekkaJune 20, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 1066Normal/Clear
Lochburn Kodak MagicA Findlay06773-1997Lochburn Rhythm N RedAbbydel Stunning LookApril 22, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 1019Normal/Clear
Lochburn X-Quisit HopeA Findlay11050-1999Dajarra Jumpin Jak FlashLochburn Simply X-QuisitNovember 17, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 1023Normal/Clear
Locheil Call The ShotsM J C ErbéAF02841801Pikkupaimenen Spy CatcherLocheil Look At GingerbellJuly 5, 2005MaleBRC 3855Normal/Clear
Locheil Team PlayerM J C ErbéW86042Pikkupaimenen Fair PlayLocheil Gearasdan Pretty WomanApril 9, 2004FemaleBRC 3856Normal/Clear
Lochinvar Ruby MaeAlison Edwards00371-2002Karmera Magic ImagePointon’s Clean SweepDecember 8, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 1071Normal/Clear
Lochmoah The Power Of OneCarol Moffitt03534-2003Kerrybrent Show No MercyLochmoah Tis A Wee LassMarch 26, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 1058Normal/Clear
Mackim Aussie ArtJune Rippon2100298664Nahrof Turn The PageMackim Waltzing MatildaJune 13, 2009MaleBRC 25801Normal/Clear
Maghera Won For The RoadMrs T Baker-Smillie3100132451Glentress King Of The RoadMaghera Stars In Her EyesMarch 26, 2004MaleBRC 2458Normal/Clear
Milangimbi Flaming EmberCheryl Dodds3100170664Yangvews Power O LuvMilangimbi Burning LoveMay 10, 2006FemaleBRC 3833Normal/Clear
Milangimbi Tainted LoveCheryl Dodds3100135088Milangimbi Muddy PuddlesMilangimbi Power Of LoveJanuary 30, 2004FemaleBRC 2981Normal/Clear
Moncrieff SolofocusPat Kirkbride01552-2005Jalain Solo SonLady Taylah Of LochinvarNovember 12, 2004MaleBRC 2614Normal/Clear
Nahrof Northern LitesPaula Edwards2100249194Nahrof Northern ExposureNahrof Touch Of BrieFebruary 28, 2007FemaleBRC 6089Normal/Clear
Night Porter At Glen-ClovaSandra C Carr10362-1999Live T Ride At Glen ClovaGlen Clova It’s My FantasyAugust 19, 1999Male06-1230Normal/Clear
NZ Kiwi Murphy Of Clan-AbbyJ L Vos-Butler07210-2003Clan-Abby NZ Kiwi RobbieHazie-Star At Clan-AbbyJune 6, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 1390Normal/Clear
NZ Princess From Clan-AbbyJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-Butler04703-2000Xmas-Cracker At Clan-AbbyClan-Abby Hiland VerityMarch 8, 2000FemaleBRC 1315Normal/Clear
Orsum Odie Of HeidesaMaxine & John Young04325-2000Jalain Spin For GoldMenta Of HeidesaMarch 18, 2000FemaleBRC 2315Normal/Clear
Relko Let It RainKeri Neilson1056-2005Lika Bull Of LapineekRelko ChiracDecember 1, 2004FemaleBRC 3970Normal/Clear
Relko TearcJanes Barrett01057-2005Lika Bull Of LapineekRelko ChiracDecember 1, 2004FemaleBRC 9336Normal/Clear
Rimrock Lady LuckPaul Needham06965-2000Dornbrae Tui’s BuddyBendra AcreditMay 21, 2000FemaleBRC 2671Normal/Clear
Rousabout Liquid SilkJ L Walden-Evans02998-1997Kerrybrent New EditionKerrybrent Dark VelvetMarch 16, 1997FemaleBRC 2063Normal/Clear
Rustik Redbear Of TylerwildS A Kelly08948-2004Winter Bear Of TylerwildU R A Cutie Of HeidesaSeptember 13, 2004MaleBRC 2719Normal/Clear
Sarasota SoundtrackMr David R & Mrs ANG Ross7100015441Milangimbi Moon RiverSkeal Ashkowan FarewellJanuary 18, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 1003Normal/Clear
Shady Lady Of KaeandaSharon Banks06307-2003Beavertown Broken ArrowBordercheck Brandy TwistApril 3, 2003FemaleBRC 5140Normal/Clear
Simply Swizz Of HeidesaMaxine Young07162-2002Choc O Holic At Glen ClovaMenta Of HeidesaApril 6, 2002FemaleBRC 2313Carrier
Southridge Splash O ColorR L Clackson18004-2011Elderberry MaxAbbydel Te-Anau LassDecember 14, 2008MaleGT DOG3253Normal/Clear
Sun ‘O’ Menta Of HeidesaShelley LeBas71572002Choc O Holic At Glen ClovaMenta Of HeidesaApril 6, 2002MaleBRC 2751Normal/Clear
Thunder-Too At Clan-AbbyJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-Butler07732-1994Dajarra JazmanLochiel-Love At Clan-AbbyMay 2, 1994MaleBRC 1308Normal/Clear
Topgun At KerrybrentT Baker-Smillie00420-2003Kerrybrent Sams The ManKerrybrent Crystal HopeOctober 26, 2002MaleBRC 1588Normal/Clear
Trumagik To Clan ScottJudy & Pieter Vos & Johanna Vos-Butler4100052381Trumagik Tartan ScottTrumagik Simply TemptingFebruary 25, 2000FemaleBRC 1314Normal/Clear
Turning It On At MordorDyson Beasley018009-2011On Ya Bike TykeEarendil’s Star Of MordorJanuary 26, 2011MaleBRC 37546Normal/Clear
U-R-A-CutieCatherine Tyler031523003Jalain Spin For GoldMenta Of HeidessaFebruary 2, 2003FemaleBRC 8547Normal/Clear
Vivacious Of HeidesaMaxine & John Young01638-2004Bordercheck Dazzling TriCaylith CaressMay 12, 2003FemaleBRC 2316Normal/Clear
Waipori Red TemptressDavid R & A N G Ross08333-2003Tobermory Sir LachlanLochburn Bug’r Me I’m RedMay 30, 2003FemaleBRC 3582Carrier
Wasn’t Me Of HeidsaDyson Beasley04160-2004Jalain Spin For GoldMenta Of HeidsaMarch 16, 2004FemaleBRC 2977Normal/Clear
Waipori Up To Speed At FlairMr David R & Mrs ANG Ross07444-2003Tobermory Sir LachlanLochburn Bug’r Me I’m RedMay 30, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 1001Normal/Clear
Whitecliff Just Hollys CometAlpert Pearl07887-2003Alphia Just-N-TimeJalain Holly Our JoyJune 15, 2003MaleBRC 12077Normal/Clear
Whitecliff Just NasaPaula Edwards07888-2003Alphai Just-N-TimeJalain Holly Our JoyJune 15, 2003FemaleBRC 8271Normal/Clear
Young One Tia Maria Of HeidesaMaxine Young02248-2005Sun ‘O’ Menta Of HeidesaCaylith CaressDecember 27, 2004FemaleBRC 2312Normal/Clear
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Poland CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Ballada Song DajaveraMariola KosciuczykPKR I-59987Vigour Of Blackmountain AgassieI’m Special For Gasko PrimMay 19, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3745Normal/Clear
Borderguard Love StorySara OlechowskaPKR I-60764Avatar One Nite Stand BayshoreBorderguard GinaDecember 24, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 6186Normal/Clear
Briskness Bonnie TylerSara OlechowskaFIN 15393/00Pikkupaimenen Salainen AceNahrof On ReflectionFebruary 28, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 4291Normal/Clear
Celtic IQ Blackburn FireLojko2158/XLIV/09Borderguard IQCeltic Dolce VitaApril 25, 2009MaleUNSW_ID 6188Normal/Clear
DIKI RogoniaMirosaw RadomskiPKR I-59788Kamarda SchumacherKeli RogoniaFebruary 19, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 4456Normal/Clear
From Borders Home Unicorn IrisEwa M LukasikI-53177Tonkory Valley Of The StormHighland Rose Of Emma’s PrideAugust 17, 2003Female06-3590Normal/Clear
Heartland BajkaEwa LukasikPKR I-51721Jephanil Johnny Scrapper At BeagoldVickiMay 12, 2002Female06-3589Normal/Clear
Heartland BonafidePrzeworska IwonaPKr I-51015Wendevick AdonizCindora Miss Andora At BeagoldNovember 14, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 3270Normal/Clear
Kiara Rubinove SrdceMariola KosciuczykPKR I-61481Arien Aglar Wonderful DreamCharollais Rubinove SrdceFebruary 11, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 4606Normal/Clear
Kyril Rubinove SrdceMariola KosciuczykPKR I-61482Arien Aglar Wonderful DreamCharollais Rubinove SrdceFebruary 11, 2008MaleUNSW_ID 4605Normal/Clear
Shoreland’s Keep On RunningMartyna MiechowiczPKR I-53736Borderfame Solid RockShoreland’s Twist And ShoutOctober 22, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 4653Normal/Clear
Triple Trouble Crazy Pirate LoveEwa WesołowskaPKR I-59055Yazina’s Upside DownShoreland’s Keep On RunningDecember 12, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 4301Normal/Clear
Yazina’s OpiumEwa M Lukasik8554/XXIV/01Yazina’s FilibusterYazina’s Indi-AnnaApril 21, 2001Female06-3575Normal/Clear
Yazina’s Upside DownEwa LukasikPKR I-55954Oodnadatta True DealYazina’s JaakukkaMarch 28, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 3686Normal/Clear
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Slovakia CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
A Little Casey Shadow FlameIng. Laura Blublová?Lightspeed AragornHeavenly Casey Black CheversApril 9, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 4417Normal/Clear
Baby z Jablonovho DvoraSlavka VecerovaSPKP 92/08Ghent Bohemia AlkeBaby Te Pito O Te HenuaJune 15, 2004Female09-9662Normal/Clear
Blacksheep TaffIng. Laura Blublová?Killiebrae LaddieSusieOctober 20, 2007Male11-8428Normal/Clear
Heavenly Casey Black CheversIng. Laura Blublová?Brains´n Beauty Monty Python On My OwnDay by Day Black CheversOctober 16, 2005Female07-2846Normal/Clear
Windy Bohemia AlkeLucia OlahovaSPKP 173Wendevick Zephyrforth Bohemia AlkeMay 11, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 4415Normal/Clear
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South Africa CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Bawntawn Walzing Matilda Of SerenecrestRonald D & Venessa G JuckesCR013363Khayoz Soul DeepBawntawn Love AffairDecember 10, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 1158Normal/Clear
Cinlock Country Boy Of VenronRonald D & Venessa G JuckesBM011485Fragglerock Tartan Ross Of CinlockWizaland Sewing Susan At CinlockMay 4, 1996MaleUNSW_ID 1153Normal/Clear
Highleigh Country Gal Of VenronRonald D & Venessa G JuckesBS000075Cinlock Country Boy Of VenronHighleigh Tiara GemJune 19, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 1160Normal/Clear
Highleigh Requiem Piejesu Of VenronRonald D & Venessa G JuckesBT003143Venron Karo Freespirit Of TochobaHighleigh Gypsy RhythmOctober 3, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 1156Normal/Clear
Jentrovin Joy’s Echo Of VenronRonald D & Venessa G JuckesBS000623Borderton All Over Town For StavrosVenron Jump For Joy’s Echo Of VenronApril 10, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 1161Normal/Clear
Khayoz Spirit Of Oz At VenronRonald D & Venessa G JuckesCP017189Lindenbrae HadrianKhayoz Full ObeansNovember 16, 1997FemaleUNSW_ID 1157Normal/Clear
Millnjazz Modern Mystery Of VenronRonald D & Venessa G JuckesCP014932Minimbah Polar ExpressMonsalvat Modern MillieOctober 27, 1997MaleUNSW_ID 1154Normal/Clear
Strathaven She’s All That Of VenronRonald D & Venessa G JuckesBR020076Millnjazz Modern Mystery Of VenronLucratif Edgeofdarkness At StrathavenMarch 28, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 1162Normal/Clear
Venron Silver DreamRonald D & Venessa G JuckesBT001182Cinlock Current Newz Of VenronHighleigh Silver Shadow Of VenronJune 24, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 1159Normal/Clear
Venron Wrecking HavocRonald D & Venessa G JuckesBR014589Millnjazz Modern Mystery Of VenronHighleigh Silver Shadow Of VenronMarch 9, 2000MaleUNSW_ID 1155Normal/Clear
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Spain CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
AstonMiguel Díaz DavidISDS 280312Cap  ISDS 267419Skye  ISDS 224590June 8, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 3697Normal/Clear
AstraMiguel Díaz DavidISDS 280313Cap  ISDS 267419Skye  ISDS 224590June 8, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 3700Normal/Clear
BenMiguel Díaz DavidLOE 1452472GlenMaidMay 12, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 3696Normal/Clear
Blue Ray de Mafalada’sGerardo Garcia BarrioLOE 1610360Black Chocolate de Mafalada’sBlue Hollyberry de Mafalada’sFebruary 12, 2006Male07-11434Normal/Clear
Dina del PuntaróVeronica Paredes & Juan FerrandisLOE 1572219Balin de YeleenSugar de MafaldasSeptember 26, 2005Female08-5233Normal/Clear
El Hechizo JumboMiguel Díaz DavidLOE 1321049PW du Chene de MontelsBeaucoup de El HechizoJune 11, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 3695Normal/Clear
El Hechizo MamboEduard Giralt CanadellLOE 1392048Moment Du Chene De MontelsBombe De El HechizoApril 27, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 3692Normal/Clear
Lady Angie de Txakur KanGerardo Garcia BarrioLOE 1673115Argi del Gran KahnnTonkoru BaboushkaOctober 17, 2006Female07-11436Normal/Clear
Lady Jolie de Malfalda’sJose SaenzLOE 1709947Sly-Loving de Mafalda’sSpring-Time de Mafalda’sJuly 3, 2007Female08-2481Normal/Clear
Zeabo KissnrunMaitane Alzola & Oscar SantinLOE 1669274Wendevick ZuberiVan-Glenalan McMelanyOctober 14, 2003Female07-4745Normal/Clear
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Sweden CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Beesting Dream MachineChristina GroenvallREGV 1679/2006Meleswood Rather SpecialBeesting StarlightJune 6, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 3857Normal/Clear
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Tasmania CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Fetchemin Calvin KleinS & C Jones7100009022Moystonhill Midnite SoulFetchemin Top CharmDecember 5, 2001MaleBRC 1509Normal/Clear
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Turkey CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List

KizimHaldun MergenTBCA/CO-0003NemoMolyFebruary 15, 2007Female08-8810Normal/Clear

Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
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United Kingdom CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List


Registered NameOwners NameRegistration NumberSireDamDate of BirthGenderLab NumberAssessment
Aculsia Enchanted TillyR & D LucasAC02117206Lydeardlea Sultan Of SwingLydeardlea Blue AngelMay 2, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 3069Normal/Clear
Aculsia HeartbreakerR, D & H LucasN/ACaleykiz Mystical DragonAculsia Boom Boom PowJune 5, 2012Male13-10088Normal/Clear
Aculsia Winter JasmineDella A Watterfall-Lucas & Richard G LucasAE00071701Claygar Bootsy ‘N’ SnudgeMiraje Storm Force At AculsiaNovember 11, 2003FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
All About Evie ISDS EvieCarol BathAQ0903408Braehillor Tweed ISDS 257601Sandi ISDS 269215January 16, 2013Female14-1537Normal/Clear
Altricia Double Dare To ArrodareJ RatcliffeAM02743002Altricia Mister ConsistantAltricia Lady MadgeJune 7, 2011Male13-5653Normal/Clear
Altricia Just A TouchP A WilkinsonAD00133504Altricia MorrimintAltricia Blue DawnDecember 5, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 3269Normal/Clear
Altricia Lady Grace By ArrodareJ Ratcliffe0511CWAltricia Mister ConsistantAltricia Lady MadgeApril 29, 2010Female1091-783-1840Normal/Clear
Altricia Red ReturnMrs P A WilkinsonAD00839901Caristan Coming StormAltricia Wish For GaelFebruary 10, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 3958Normal/Clear
Anastase Black PearlDr Alan AustinAR02719803Chazak Flowing RiverStillmoor Russet Embers Of AnastaseJuly 8, 2014Female1264-1299-2168Normal/Clear
Anastase Maid Of HonorDr Alan AustinAR02719802Chazak Flowing RiverStillmoor Russet Embers Of AnastaseJuly 8, 2014Female1264-1299-2165Normal/Clear
Anastase Shady LadyDr Alan AustinAR01944601Starside Fellindra at ArnpriorsStillmoor Russet Embers Of AnastaseJune 9, 2014Female1104-1299-1786Normal/Clear
Anastase Soltan BlueDr Alan AustinAK02075301Bryning Bright SparkStillmoor Russet Embers of AnastaseMay 9, 2009Female1264-1299-2169Normal/Clear
Andraste Of RobateR BateAH0900829 ISDS 286479Detania Da CapoTilly ISDS 261231August 6, 2006FemaleUNSW_IDNormal/Clear
Another Utter NutterA GreavesK409833Jogos Son Of AmyAnna’s Blue Eyed GirlApril 17, 2002Female06-8113Normal/Clear
Anscot CameronAnnette ThompsonZ5823901Z04Merrybrook MoriatyWizaland Frosted Image At AnscotSeptember 28, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 5739Normal/Clear
Anscot CatrinaAnnette ThompsonZ5823903Z04Merrybrook MoriatyWizaland Frosted Image At AnscotSeptember 28, 1999MaleUNSW_ID 5737Normal/Clear
Arnpriors Frosty MornLyndsey RunnaclesAJ 00954601Dellekko Silver Dollar Of GhostlandGemthorne RubyJanuary 6, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID BC 5256Normal/Clear
Astra ChelloCaroline CeceISDS 319227Fast Forward Da Casa D’Arinia ISDS 288594Astra Pridee ISDS 278039May 20, 2011Female12-1443Normal/Clear
Astra FableCaroline CeceISDS 319227Astra Chum ISDS 303162Astra Queen ISDS 310996August 30, 2011Femlae361-782-294Normal/Clear
Astra KeyneDane RedfordAE0901720 ISDS 270011Dolwen Chip ISDS 194883Desiree ISDS 261806November 28, 2003Male07-11185Normal/Clear
Astra LaycePam DuncanAG0901292 ISDS 281570Astra Mars ISDS 248493Meg ISDS 267569October 19, 2005Female07-11184Normal/Clear
Astra RuaCaroline CeceISDS 320661Astra Chum ISDS 303162Astra Cloud ISDS 296579November 26, 2011Female439-782-431Normal/Clear
Avatar One Nite StandBayshoreS Large, R Harlow & H BroadhurstAJ0900403Pikkupaimenen Zoom The MoonBayshore Seduction Of AvatarDecember 20, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 3667Normal/Clear
Avocks Blue MollyJenny A JamesW5236103W04Avocks Boy In BlueAvocks Quest For FameJanuary 10, 1996FemaleUNSW_ID 2916Normal/Clear
Axernamoon ImotepL & C Dalby3821CPTonkory Palmerstone At FaykenBelgarath Tran’s Gemeni Over AxernamoonSeptember 14, 2003MaleCB 34Normal/Clear
Bailstails Monster IncSue WyattAH03594601 ISDS 290468Llangwm Bob ISDS 224454Lucy Lastic ISDS 267933July 24, 2007MaleUNSW_ID 3875Normal/Clear
Barminca Shau’ri’s Amaunet For TazaeosC M Dutton & B E EdmondsAC03192602Borderfame Heart N SoulMiraje Love In The Mist Among BarmincaAugust 17, 2002FemaleBRC 2287Normal/Clear
Beesting Jezabell From StarsidePatricia WardY1917406Y02Miraje Texas RangerBeesting ZoeApril 28, 1998FemaleBRC 2286Normal/Clear
Beesting New EditionJulie A NicholsonAE04470203Beesting OrlandoRoxy Blue Lady vom SkuddenhofOctober 19, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 2782Normal/Clear
Belgarath Dark Angel At BordertrixGail F GilbertAB01878903Claygar Bootsy N SnudgeTarrynden Trianon At BelgarathJanuary 24, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 3271Normal/Clear
Beltane Chasing Dreams At MoonspinnerCarol Curtis4168CPClan-Abby NZ Doug’s Storm At BorderbreezeKirkdale Dark ‘n’ Dreamy At BeltaneJune 15, 2001Female05-2021Normal/Clear
Bilyara Feeling Alive At DarianSheila GayAE01463801Claygar Bootsy ‘N SnudgeBilyara Whirlwind RomanceMarch 18, 2004FemaleBRC 1746Normal/Clear
Birkvaughan Cover GirlAndrew Birkett & Russell J VaughnAB00654204Claygar Bootsy’n SnudgeWillo The Wisp At BirkvaughanFebruary 6, 2001Female05-1406Normal/Clear
Blacdimonz Cyan Via WillosyamGillian & Joanne GorleyAA03114401Deansgrove Out Of The Blue To BlacdimonzJonjosam Forever Blue At BlacdimonzMay 13, 2000Female05-4034Normal/Clear
Bluesplace Genevieve Of KamardaJenny L WysockiAF00180301Detania BertramKamarda Silver LiningNovember 11, 2004Female05-1110Normal/Clear
Bluesplace Sapphire Among DetaniaAngela L M GillespieAB01817906Magreena Largeto At MeisterwerkKamarda Field Of Dreams At BluesplaceMarch 18, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 1496Normal/Clear
Bluesplace Silver DollarG L & T A VincentAD03751703Kamarda Silver ShadowThunderstorm Over TosariMarch 9, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 1491Normal/Clear
Borderbrook Atomic KittenAudrey KemptonAF1143606Clan-Abby NZ Thunders Tiki At BorderbrookLocheil Winter Sunset At BorderbrookFebruary 3, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 5539Normal/Clear
Borderbrook Jingle BelleAudrey KemptonAG00759402Pikkupaimenen Forget Me Not At LocheilDemssin Hidden Star At BorderbrookDecember 24, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 5536Normal/Clear
Borderbrook Numero UnoAudrey KemptonAE00049501Bawntawn Dressed In BlackBorderbrook Everso EchoNovember 7, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 5537Normal/Clear
Borderbrook The JokerAudrey KemptonAE02462001Wizaland Lucky BrewWizaland Love’s Dreams At BorderbrookMay 14, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 5538Normal/Clear
Borderpride Act Of LoveLyndsay H MannAE00894001Merrybrook MoriatyGrandver Moon Goddess At BorderprideFebruary 5, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 3951Normal/Clear
Borderstorm Bo-NanzaSue MallabarAG00769803Dylon E Do WellAltricia Wishing Silver At BorderstormJanuary 6, 2006Male06-10603Normal/Clear
Borderstorm Indi-GoSue MallabarAD00473703Joe BoyAltricia Wishing Silver At BorderstormDecember 20, 2002Female05-797Normal/Clear
Bordertime Chasing BlueG L & T A VincentAH00656202Beltane Storm WarningDetania Cragan MoreJanuary 9, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 1492Normal/Clear
Bottlesford Only HopeJoyce TurnerAA05234001Brooksbid Country ClassicCharttop Royal SkyOctober 16, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 1984Normal/Clear
Brattius BrackenF H ChesterK113158Thomas A BecketJessOctober 4, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 3301Normal/Clear
Brett Rjj For Rayre (ISDS Brett)Dyane JonesAG0900165 ISDS 278750Roy ISDS 235516Missie ISDS 266705May 2, 2005Male06-528Normal/Clear
Bridacre FlairBruce W & Sheena A KilsbyAD00478102Whenway Royal HighlanderBridacre JulietNovember 24, 2002FemaleBRC 2088Normal/Clear
Bridgebank Must Be LoveSue Large2789CMMerrybrook MoriatyMuirend Love In The MistNovember 26, 2000FemaleBRC 1685Normal/Clear
Brentmoor OspreyE W H GloverAG04913304Highland Taff Of BlackrobinWaggerland Flyte Of Fancy At BrentmoorOctober 4, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 5985Normal/Clear
Caldonbeck Flynn For DetaniaAngela L M GillespieAD02654901Beesting Red SkeltonDetania Ashcombe FireflyApril 27, 2003Male05-1091Normal/Clear
Calender GirlElizabeth M WalkerAF00111305Miraje Magnetic Storm At DaluiseDykebar Miss LANovember 22, 2004Female06-4352Normal/Clear
Call Me Catriona Avalon Of QuiraingAnnette A Megaughin-Helder & Andrew A MegaughinNHSB 2405768Kayleigh’s Dutch RexAvalon’s Ceilidh Of QuiraingJune 11, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 3921Normal/Clear
Cancion’s Caudale SurpriseB FosterAP02925703Littlethorn SciroccoConstantine’s Ivory FrostJune 25, 2012MaleDIN ISO 17025Normal/Clear
Canen Cadbury At BailstailsSue WyattISDS 284993Baz ISDS 251245Spice ISDS 235796August 21, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 3949Normal/Clear
Canen Kada at DiagemtasDi Chaplin272177Eryri Roy at CanenCanen BabeJuly 30, 2004Male13-5673Normal/Clear
Canen StormJulie AdamsAF0901019 ISDS 275124Eryri Roy At Canen ISDS 249362Titch ISDS 236878February 4, 2005Male06-8115Normal/Clear
Caristan Coco Chanel At MalynarMary AlexanderAD04629101Claygar Bootsy’n SnudgeCaristan CheersSeptember 15, 2003FemaleCB 6Normal/Clear
Caristan Comedy Classic At GlerastonR P & G D GrimesAE04734607Caristan Coming StormCaristan Comic CocktailsAugust 5, 2004MaleCB 8Normal/Clear
Charney Wish Upon A StarM & K KernahanAE03519201Ghostland PerlinRibans Dancing With Fire Over CharneyAugust 16, 2004Female06-2736Normal/Clear
Charouska Tru Colors At Manderian (ISDS Kara)Lyn NortonAA03515803 ISDS 250565Badger ISDS 202199Corinlea Linne At Charouska (Corinlea Jace ISDS 228891)May 27, 2000FemaleBRC 1743Normal/Clear
Charttop Cherry By LittlethornRobert TunnicliffAF00378704Littlethorn ContinentalCharttop MillieDecember 2, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 2356Normal/Clear
Cocobola Singin’ The Blues For ShamorelEleanor WarrenAG00837205Aculsia Addicted To Swing At ShamorelWestglen Tammy At CocobolaDecember 27, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 1548Normal/Clear
Comebyanaway Will He WeaveAmanda BainbridgeAE04701901Brackenholme AmosMadam J ComebyanawaySeptember 14, 2004MaleAnimal Diagnostics 989Normal/Clear
Comet Bolt From The BlueRobert TunnicliffAH01017802Littlethorn Jenson At TerverlyTerverly Ziggys PrideJanuary 1, 2007MaleUNSW_ID 5529Normal/Clear
Croxlea CatalinaJenny PorterAE01974205Littlethorn GalaxyCroxlea Forget Me NotApril 25, 2004Female05-2213Normal/Clear
Darian DarqfireSheila GayAC03865802Beesting Red SkeltonDarian SarabandOctober 21, 2002MaleBRC 1748Normal/Clear
Darkquest Fancy ThatDi MorganAK00449601Littlethorn ContinentalHawkstor Out of the Blue for DarkquuestDecember 19, 2008FemaleBRC 5266Normal/Clear
Dawn Of Sunloch ValleyNatalie HoltappelAF0901534Winpara Walkin On ThSunWillowtree Blue MouseSeptember 22, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1588Normal/Clear
Dazlerock’s Geri From TamarshDita KilsbyAD00358104Laetare Music’s Coda From JakovallTamarsh Maggie May Of TolarockSeptember 11, 2002Female05-779Normal/Clear
Deezaks Lightning Strikes At TaliswoodJohn TaylorAK01746906Laetare UnleashedFernhaven Sweet JoyApril 21, 2009FemaleUNSW_ID 6697Normal/Clear
Delanor A Trifle Tricolour Of WumblibumblyRhoda BurnsAH03078902Forbyfor TurbodieselDelanor Good Golly Ms MollyJune 6, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 5164Normal/Clear
Dentelle Of Sunloch ValleyDita KilsbyAF000900645Winpara Walkin On ThSunWillow-Tree Blue MouseSeptember 22, 2004FemaleBRC 1898Normal/Clear
Detania BertramAngela L M GillespieAA01253302Kamarda D’ArtagnanDetania Gibbon’s Cassie At BluesplaceOctober 31, 1999Male05-1092Normal/Clear
Detania Coxwain (ISDS Cox’n)Angela L M GillespieAB02796801 ISDS 254282Detania Jupiter ISDS 247587Detania Emma ISDS 239187March 30, 2001Male05-1096Normal/Clear
Detania Da Capo (ISDS Cap)Angela L M GillespieAD03754401 ISDS 266581Sheltysham Swag(man) ISDS 204352Magreena Dulcimer Among Detania ISDS 251192May 15, 2003Male05-1094Normal/Clear
Detania JupiterAngela L M GillespieAA00177801Detania HermesDetania I-Is-A-BelleAugust 24, 1999Male05-1924Normal/Clear
Detania Kasa CassieKaren BaxterAE04494306Mobella Land O’Hope N’ Glory For DetaniaDetania FlorabelleJune 9, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 3081Normal/Clear
Detania LaceyAngela L M GillespieY4046307Y04Detania MagnumDetania BelindaJuly 1, 1998Female05-1928Normal/Clear
Detania Lord JohnAngela L M GillespieAD03761202Tonkory Palmerston At FaykenDetania Iron LadyAugust 8, 2003Male05-1114Normal/Clear
Detania Merrydown At BluesplaceG L & T A VincentAE04028204Sheltysham Sampane SiderBluesplace SapphireOctober 6, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1489Normal/Clear
Detania Poseidon (ISDS Don)Angela L M GillespieU5054202U04 ISDS 215742Detania Jacktar From Robbinia ISDS 162875Detania Fenicks ISDS 193180August 4, 1994Male05-1093Normal/Clear
Detania Red Marbell (ISDS Ollie)Angela L M GillespieAD03752903 ISDS 266584Detania Hermes ISDS 234938Detania I-Ls-A -Belle ISDS 236391June 22, 2003Male05-1113Normal/Clear
Detania Tam O’ Shanter At BluesplaceG L & T A VincentAE01125005Detania BetramDetania Blue BonnetNovember 12, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 1490Normal/Clear
Detania The Sailor King (ISDS George)Angela L M GillespieAE01121503 ISDS 249969Detania Poseidon ISDS 215742Detania Test The Water ISDS 249969November 3, 2003Male05-1097Normal/Clear
Diagemtas LaceDi ChaplinAL00712109Canen Kada at DiagemtasDiagemtas BizzieNovember 25, 2009Female12-5418Normal/Clear
Dolnabania Sable SwiftSteve FoxAE01010201Rosmarinus The RainmakerKenmillone Shining StarMarch 8, 2004Female05-5738Normal/Clear
Dorvale Damon HillValerie MossY0983801Y01Tamarsh Chicago BearDorvale Going DutchJanuary 22, 1998MaleBRC 2084Normal/Clear
Dorvale Going DutchValeria MossW2275102W02Reakasso RyanBekkis Illusion Of DorvaleMay 8, 1996FemaleBRC 2085Normal/Clear
Dot Of Whitemoss (ISDS Dot)Melanie J WestAH0901834 ISDS 275576Craig ISDS 249897Floss ISDS 261475March 7, 2005Female07-8736Normal/Clear
Dumavala Hello DollyRob CaseK114171Thyme Of FlyteDumavala For Keeps SakeJanuary 24, 2004FemaleCB 30Normal/Clear
Dunnorthac Whoosh Its Blue At RannalerochJeremy M S BarronAE00423504Wizaland Ebony Exclusive At ZaandamTazmanian Devil In Disguise Amongst ZaandamSeptember 19, 2003Male06-5392Normal/Clear
Dykebar Miss LAElizabeth M WalkerAC02326103Borderfame Heart N SoulDykebar True BluJuly 9, 2002Female06-4353Normal/Clear
Elbereth Perchance To DreamToni JacksonAE03058601 ISDS 272367Thistlemist The Dark HorseElbereth Sodas Magic DreamJune 18, 2004Female07-1001Normal/Clear
Ellagant Stargate At ArnpriorsMaggie PeacockN/AEllagant Soul WandererDellhouse Harts on FireFebruary 27, 2004MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Elthea Ace Of SpadesSue ThompsonAE00463503Arnpriors SpectreKamarda Guinevere At EltheaJanuary 21, 2004Male05-1945Normal/Clear
Elthea Highland BreezeNatasha JohnsonAC01765704Bellatrix HighlanderKamarda Guinevere At EltheaMay 4, 2002Male05-1957Normal/Clear
Elthea Oliver TwistSue ThompsonAA03094605Bellatrix HighlanderKamarda Guinevere At EltheaJune 18, 2000Male05-4604Normal/Clear
Elthea Wizard Of OzSue ThompsonAA03094603Bellatrix HighlanderKamarda Guinevere At EltheaJune 18, 2000Male05-1944Normal/Clear
Erin Of Whitemoss (ISDS Erin)Melanie J WestAH0901202 ISDS 286507Lad ISDS 220922Meg ISDS 267287October 24, 2006Female07-8737Normal/Clear
Flickflack Basic ModelNic JonesAK0900663Stardell MuscaSlieve DigitJanuary 25, 2009FemaleUNSW_ID 4985Normal/Clear
Flynntastic Red Jaff Of TarnforceJohn Wykes3747CP ISDS 254094Tip Of Tarnforce ISDS 215278Flynntastic Frankie ISDS 230162April 5, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 3323Normal/Clear
Foxbarton Lady In WaitingVal A TillerAE00239704Foxbarton Royal LionMossyfern Easy Breeze From FoxbartonDecember 29, 2003FemaleBRC 2092Normal/Clear
Foxtwist Jess The OneJackie BromwichAB01579401Blackrobin HighlanderFoxtwist LegacyApril 5, 2001FemaleUNSW_ID 1888Normal/Clear
Glenson Del Boy (ISDS Del)Jackie GardnerAF0902050 ISDS 278361Touchango Glen BoyFloss Of The MillAugust 11, 2005Male06-4360Normal/Clear
Goytre Huntsman’s HollaMelanie J WestY2482504Y02Grandver WatermarkCaristan Te’ar Maria At GoytreMay 10, 1998Male07-8731Normal/Clear
Goytre Image Of ParadyseVicky E CarleyAE00072204Caristan Moet ChandonGoytre Never Ending StoryDecember 18, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 1478Normal/Clear
Goytre Never Ending StoryAnnette TaskerAA02059301Grandver WatermarkCaristan Te’ar Maria At GoytreApril 18, 2000Female05-6921Normal/Clear
Goytre Prince Of DreamsVicky E CarleyAB04304601Caristan Coming StormCaristan Te’ar Maria At GoytreNovember 11, 2001Male05-1102Normal/Clear
Goytre Take A GambleMelanie J WestY2482507Y02Grandver WatermarkCaristan Te’ar Maria At GoytreMay 10, 1998Female07-8729Normal/Clear
Goytre Tia’s Legacy Of DreamsVicky E CarleyAF031760001Goytre Prince Of DreamsGoytre Never Ending StoryJuly 15, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 1477Normal/Clear
Grandver Call The TuneMrs E & Miss J RatcliffeAD01439602Littlethorn GalaxyGrandver Cast A SpellMarch 30, 2003Female05-786Normal/Clear
Grandver Celtic DreamMrs E & Miss J RatcliffeAA03412805Sheltysham SwagmanGrandver Just A RoseJune 1, 2000Female05-785Normal/Clear
Grandver Celtic QuestMrs E & Miss J RatcliffeAA03412802Sheltysham SwagmanGrandver Just A RoseJune 1, 2000Male05-784Normal/Clear
Grandver Master CopyElaine & Jo RatcliffeY2138101Y02Brooksbid Country ClassicGrandver With GraceMarch 19, 1998Male05-4043Normal/Clear
Grandver Moon Goddess At BorderprideLyndsay H MannAB04025503Grandver Celtic QuestGrandver DreamstoneAugust 12, 2001Female05-1413Normal/Clear
Greatglen Phoebe At JakovallMarie JordanAG03346802Jakovall Truly EnctrancedArtemis Lady Of Swavesey At GreatglenJuly 1, 2006Female08-4834Normal/Clear
Grey Gone to DiagemtasDi Chaplin00/316593Bob ISDS 330530Jet ISDS 304052June 15, 2011Male12-3142Normal/Clear
Harrjak Hold Your HorsesClaire DellAJ01396801Forest TrailHarrjak Full SpeedFebruary 20, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 4457Normal/Clear
Harrjak TriggerLorraine ScottAD00133601Lydeardlea The Jazz Singer At ShamorelWaggerland JosieNovember 17, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 2911Normal/Clear
Havocsmill HarrietLisa ListerX1524501X02Madeleys MandateMacwispa MaconchyJanuary 16, 1997Female05-798Normal/Clear
Havocsmill Some Like It HotLisa ListerAR01158501Gees Vry Wagons Ho Boy Supra StarHavocsmill Special BlendMarch 6, 2014Female1237-83-2113Normal/Clear
Highfield Heez The BizNorman StokoeISDS 258809Bill ISDS 193021Clifton Flash ISDS 219629July 3, 2002MaleUNSW_ID 2454Normal/Clear
Highyews CapJulie HolmesAB1987702Ben Of HighyewsHighyews JessApril 23, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 2945Normal/Clear
Hillmoor Lace Sherebridge ISDS LaceLynn StevensAM0902901 ISDS 00/313736Ben ISDS 275877Canen Bliss ISDS 264941January 11, 2011Female12-6732Normal/Clear
Ishmaeleyah ZamelicClaire ThriftAG01556907Tamerrye Captain Chase At BytchekMastercut HotshotFebruary 13, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 2671Normal/Clear
Jakovall April LoveMarie JordanAF02169501Jakovall Truly EntrancedLaetare Cerafyn For Marie At JakovallApril 28, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 3925Normal/Clear
Jakovall Blueberry Puddin’Marie JordanAH00408601Jakovall Glen CaddanJakovall DetataDecember 28, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 3924Normal/Clear
Jakovall DentataMarie JordanAE02628701Rosmarinus The CrofterShoovikon Jumpin At ShadowsJune 18, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 3923Normal/Clear
Jakovall Glen LivetE GaastraAB00009107Tobermoray Ryans LegacyLaetare Cerafyn For Marie At JakovallJanuary 12, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 5051Normal/Clear
Jakovall Kashmire Blue At BlairmoreMarie HembrowAJ00978404Threjays CymroJakovall DentataFebruary 4, 2008Female08-8550Normal/Clear
Janbell Jacob’s Ladder At BirkvaughanAndrew Birkett & Russell J VaughanAF01402704Merrybrook BenjaminJanbell Sweet MemoryJanuary 16, 2005Male05-4020Carrier
Jonfiz Peregrin TookJ R & F H ChesterK123070Sympathy In White MajorKelamalika Dancing QueenDecember 1, 2007MaleUNSW_ID 3300Normal/Clear
Jonfiz Ring Of NenyaJ R & F H ChesterK123075Sympathy In White MajorKelamalika Dancing QueenDecember 1, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3302Normal/Clear
Kamarda Anna PavlovaJenny L WysockiAA03447103Brooksbid High SocietyKamarda JustineJuly 21, 2000Female05-1103Normal/Clear
Kamarda Dr Doolittle At EltheaSue ThompsonZ3973603Z04Detania MagnussonJephanil Eye Catcher Of KamardaSeptember 13, 1999Male05-4606Normal/Clear
Kamarda DuvalJenny L WysockiAD04880205Kamarda VilleneuveKamarda Magic MomentsNovember 21, 2003Male05-1107Normal/Clear
Kamarda Guinevere At EltheaSue ThompsonY0262906Y04Detania MagnumKamarda EnchantressSeptember 27, 1998Female05-1946Normal/Clear
Kamarda High CommissionerJenny L WysockiAF01651404Brooksbid High SocietyKamarda JasmineApril 7, 2005Male05-4611Normal/Clear
Kamarda Royal FusilierJenny L WysockiAA01893301Whenway Royal HighlanderDetania Jaicie Of KamardaApril 4, 2000Male05-1109Normal/Clear
Kamarda SesameJenny L WysockiAE01892205Mobella Hennessey Of TarryndenTamarsh Blue Bracken Of KamardaApril 3, 2004Male05-1105Normal/Clear
Kamarda ShalimarJenny L WysockiAB02013202Brooksbid High SocietyKamarda Silver LiningApril 19, 2001Female05-1104Normal/Clear
Kamarda VilleneuveJenny L WysockiAC01307706Kamarda Silver ShadowKamarda Anna PavlovaMarch 12, 2002Male05-1111Normal/Clear
Karingal Kindred SpiritC & S TydemanAD04931405Claygar Bootsy ‘N’ SnudgeMiraje Maori Maiden Among KaringalDecember 11, 2003Male05-2042Normal/Clear
Karingal Kiri Te KanawaSamantha J & Colin J TydemanAD04931401Claygar Bootsy ‘n’ SnudgeMiraje Maori Maden Among KaringalDecember 11, 2003Female05-2040Normal/Clear
Karrider Kassie At RannalerochJeremy M S BarronAE02970206Arnpriors SpectreArnpriors High Tide At KarriderJune 27, 2004Male06-5393Normal/Clear
Karrider Kiss And TellK B & D A GrahamAD03672101Arnpriors Saphire And SteelArnpriors High Tide At KarriderAugust 21, 2003FemaleBRC 2082Normal/Clear
Kelamalika Dancing QueenJ R & F H ChesterAF04629601Bluella Star ChancerBluella Merlins Majik For KelamalikaJuly 29, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 3298Normal/Clear
Kiaminogue’s Dolly DimpleKaren HamiltonN/AForestglade FlintasticTilly Tappy Toes At KiaminogueMarch 25, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 2422Normal/Clear
Kiaminogue’s Mr Blue SkyKaren HamiltonN/AForestglade FlintasticTilly Tappy Toes At KiaminogueMarch 25, 2007MaleUNSW_ID 2421Normal/Clear
Kiaminogue’s Mystic PrinceKaren D HamiltonAE04130001Forestglade’s Banner ManKamarda Mystic BlueAugust 15, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 1842Normal/Clear
Kiaminogue’s Reddy My GirlKaren HamiltonN/AForestglade FlintasticTilly Tappy Toes At KiaminogueMarch 25, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 2423Normal/Clear
Kimy v.d. Florettyhof At TonkoryJudith K GregoryAF0901319Wendevick XplorerClan-Abby NZ Kiwi VroutjeSeptember 2, 2003Male05-1745Normal/Clear
Kinaway Blessing ‘N DisguiseDavid & Kathleen A KintonAE04900101Kinaway Clan FraserWizaland Bless My SoulOctober 15, 2004Female05-877Normal/Clear
Kinaway Clan FraserDavid & Kathleen A KintonAA01817101Deansgrove GteeKinaway Dances With DreamsFebruary 14, 2000Male05-875Normal/Clear
Kinaway Famous Lover For JacamalisVal DavisAF00788105Bridgebank Casanova In LoveCroxlea Fame At KinawayJanuary 7, 2005Male05-2203Normal/Clear
Kinaway It’s Elementary For JacamalisVal DavisAD01550301Merrybrook MoriatyCroxlea Fame At KinawayMarch 7, 2003Male05-2202Normal/Clear
Kinaway Scandel In BohemiaDavid & Kathleen A KintonAD01550304Merrybrook MoriatyCroxlea Fame At KinawayMarch 7, 2003Female05-876Normal/Clear
Kipcroft Meg Of TarnforceKate & John WykesAF02027902 ISDS 275500Flynntastic Red Jaff Of Tarnforce ISDS 254094Min At Kipcroft ISDS 253567March 19, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 3322Normal/Clear
Kipcroft Red Kyle Of TarnforceKate & John WykesAJ02373903 ISDS 294900Flynntastic Red Jaff Of Tarnforce ISDS 254094Min At Kipcroft ISDS 253567April 5, 2008MaleUNSW_ID 4980Normal/Clear
Klevely The Muppet MeisterKirsty-Ann MitchellAK01940904Goytre Going PlacesMeisterwerk ThakatMarch 23, 2009MaleUNSW_ID 5992Normal/Clear
Laetare Cerafyn For Marie At JakovallMarie JordanY0003301Y01Brooksbid Country ClassicCroxlea Margaret At LaetareNovember 23, 1997Female05-1740Normal/Clear
Laetare Gabrielle JuratJacqueline M BarronAC02744701Mab Y Fro ISDS 227823Jane of Germal LaetareJuly 3, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 3799Normal/Clear
Laetare Justa Mo JomoJanet WoodZ3451004Z04Grandver WatermarkCroxlea Margaret At LaetareJuly 8, 1999Male07-7412Normal/Clear
Laetare Music’s Coda From JakovallMarie JordanV28983202V03Brooksbid Country ClassicCroxlea Margaret At LaetareJune 2, 1995Male06-4395Normal/Clear
Lets Get Ready To RumbleFiona H ChesterAG00966104Merldaze Cant Wait Wont Wait At UpanovaGood Golly Miss MollyDecember 26, 2005Male06-8852Normal/Clear
Littlethorn ContinentalB & A TunnicliffeY4618001Y04Whenway Decorated HeroLittlethorn EleganceSeptember 30, 1998MaleBRC 1745Normal/Clear
Littlethorn GalaxyB & A TunnicliffeAB01785803Sheltysham Swag(man) ISDS 204352Littlethorn XsaraMay 5, 2001MaleBRC 1744Normal/Clear
Locheil Destiny’s Child With WillianwaysGeoffrey W & Fiona M PatonAB03810201Borderfame Heart N SoulLocheil Lets Party At FortissatJuly 13, 2001Female05-2390Normal/Clear
Locheil Genesis At TamarshDita Kilsby2201CNBorderfame Heart N SoulLocheil Rave ReviewJuly 14, 2001Male05-1254Normal/Clear
Locheil Rave Onto AculsiaDella A Watterfall-Lucas & Richard G LucasAE03420905Pikkupaimenen Fair PlayLocheil Rave ReviewApril 22, 2004FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Locheil Really And Truely At CroxleaJenny PorterAF02841807Pikkupaimenen Spy CatcherLocheil Look At Gingerbell July 5, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 1375Normal/Clear
Locheil Time For A Change At KaeleonKaren L GaylardAE01127101Pikkupaimenen Fair PlayLocheil Mustang SallyDecember 12, 2003Female05-992Normal/Clear
Loracian First ImpressionLyn NortonS49756202S04Wizaland Newz SensationWizaland Little OwlSeptember 30, 1992FemaleBRC 1737Normal/Clear
Lucy LasticSue WyattAE0900163 ISDS 267933Glen ISDS 238576Pearl ISDS 258969October 31, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 2359Normal/Clear
Lunarlite HurricaneHillary MeyerK116964Lunarlite Moonlight MagicLunarlite C’s RedMarch 29, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 2522Normal/Clear
Lydeardlea A Gal In Calico At BorderprideL H MannAC03574001Laetare Master ClassLydeardlea Satin N SilkAugust 6, 2002FemaleUNSW_ID 3878Normal/Clear
Lydeardlea Angel EyesP M WelshT0342906T01Brooksbid Country ClassicDykebar Firegem At LyderdleaJanuary 1, 1993FemaleUNSW_ID 1769Normal/Clear
Lyderdlea AngelinaP M WelshAA01017004Lydeardlea Mr RafflesLydeardlea Angel EyesJanuary 10, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 1767Normal/Clear
Lydeardlea Blue Angel At AculsiaDella A Watterfall-Lucas & Richard G LucasAA0107007Lydeardlea Mr RafflesLydeardlea Angel EyesJanuary 10, 2000FemaleBRC 1858Normal/Clear
Lydeardlea Lace’s Legacy At CasmawllanC A LandAF01367002Littlethorn ContinentalLydeardlea Satin And SilkFebruary 16, 2005Female07-8703Normal/Clear
Lydeardlea Mr RafflesP M WelshW3886804W03Lydeardlea Sultan Of SwingLydeardlea Satin DollJuly 31, 1996MaleUNSW_ID 1768Normal/Clear
Lydeardlea Satin And SilkP M WelshY1311405Y02Tonkory MorganLydeardlea Chantilly LaceFebruary 18, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 1770Normal/Clear
Mab Y-FroJenny A JamesW0096229X02 ISDS 227823Threjays Craig At Bordersridge ISDS 212122Jess ISDS 216032May 23, 1996MaleUNSW_ID 2917Normal/Clear
ISDS Mac (Truly Mine At Whitemoss)Melanie J WestKCOR054894 ISDS 219303Mirk ISDS 168667Snowie (ISDS R.O.M.)January 22, 1996Male07-8734Normal/Clear
Madeleys CheckmateAnn & Pete StaceyZ0395501Z01Claygar Boots ‘N’ SnudgeMadeleys Hit The Rite NoteDecember 3, 1998MaleBRC 1095Normal/Clear
Madeleys Hit The Rite NoteAnn & Pete StaceyT3042203T02Wizaland Newz SensationMadeleys Bizzie LizzieMay 2, 1993FemaleBRC 1094Normal/Clear
Madeleys Hot Shot TooAnn M & Peter N StaceyT3042201T02Wizaland Newz SensationMadeleys Bizzie LizzieMay 2, 1993MaleBRC 1903Normal/Clear
Madeleys Picture PuzzelAnn M & Peter N StaceyAC02469702Madeleys CheckmateMiraje Its A Miracle At MadeleysMay 22, 2002FemaleBRC 1092Normal/Clear
Madeleys Time ChallengerAnn & Pete StaceyX1830802X02Nahrof No CommentMadeleys Hit The Rite NoteMarch 30, 1997MaleBRC 1093Normal/Clear
Magreena Belle Of The BallKay RandallAB03627301Magreena Reach For A StarDetania Madame With MagreenaAugust 26, 2001Female05-4601Normal/Clear
Magreena DebutanteKay RandallAE04634001Magreena DestinationMagreena Belle Of The BallSeptember 26, 2004Female05-1941Normal/Clear
Magreena On ReflectionKay RandallISDS 251190Magreena MarvinMagreena Make BelieveJuly 31, 2000Female05-4600Normal/Clear
Magreena Reach For A StarKay RandallAA01008902Magreena Largeto At MeisterwerkMagreena Blue OrchidJanuary 1, 2000Male05-1939Normal/Clear
Magreena String Of PearlsKay RandallAE00289703Kamarda Royal FusilierMagreena Blue OrchidNovember 7, 2003Female05-4599Normal/Clear
Manderian Morning SonLyn NortonX1979507X02Altricia BobLoracian First ImpressionApril 13, 1997MaleBRC 1736Normal/Clear
Manderian Summer Solstice (ISDS Dave)Lyn NortonAC02780704 ISDS 259763Sheltysham Swag(man) ISDS 204352Charouska Tru Colors At Manderian (ISDS Kara 250565)June 25, 2002MaleBRC 1742Normal/Clear
Manderian Summer SongLyn NortonAE00920602Manderian Summer Solstice (ISDS Dave 259763)Darian Indian Summer Over ManderianFebruary 6, 2004FemaleBRC 1739Normal/Clear
Manderian Sundance With Ofcharak (Dodge)Kathleen FrawleyAC02780705 ISDS 259764Sheltysham Swag(man) ISDS 204352Charouska Tru Colours To Manderian (Kara ISDS 250565June 25, 2002Male05-1938Normal/Clear
MayDyane JonesISDS 307776Hawkstor Chief ISDS 269313Missie ISDS 266705May 1, 2010FemaleUNSW_ID 5990Normal/Clear
Meisterwerk KomitLee OakesAG02746901Tonkory Flame And FireBluesplace Cyclone Suzie At MeisterwerkMarch 24, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 2241Normal/Clear
Merrybrook CasperDavid & Jean HoareX1205804X01Nahrof No CommentDornbrae Border Crystal At MerrybrookFebruary 9, 1997MaleBRC 1902Normal/Clear
Merrybrook JokerDavid & Jean HoareX1205801X01Nahrof No CommentDornbrae Border Crystal At MerrybrookFebruary 9, 1997MaleBRC 1901Normal/Clear
Merrybrook Second EditionJoan SingletonX1205701X01Nahrof No CommentMerrybrook JoanneFebruary 19, 1997MaleBRC 1900Normal/Clear
Midnight RoyS M FindlayAK0901115 ISDS 00/299807MacGailDecember 30, 2008MaleUNSW_ID 5268Normal/Clear
Miraje Feeling BlueAnna FoxU5034302U04Beesting WarriorWizaland Newz SplashAugust 28, 1994Female05-804Normal/Clear
Miraje Forget Me Not At KaringalSamantha J & Colin J TydemanAC04124905Tonkory Palmerston At FaykenMiraje Indian MoonSeptember 14, 2002Female05-2041Normal/Clear
Miraje Georgie GirlTeresa A & Robert N BaxterY1337006Y02Wizaland Loves CasanovaLoracian Black VelvetFebruary 2, 1998Female05-814Normal/Clear
Miraje It’s A Miracle At MadeleysAnn M & Peter N StaceyU5034303U04Beesting WarriorWizaland Newz SplashAugust 28, 1994FemaleBRC 1904Normal/Clear
Miraje Love In The Mist Among BarmincaM G & B E EdmondsAA0759601Miraje The MagicianLoracian Black VelvetApril 19, 2000FemaleBRC 2291Normal/Clear
Miraje LucasDiane VennAF01646602Merrybrook Benjamin At JanbellMiraje Unchained MelodyFebruary 12, 2005MaleBRC 2474Normal/Clear
Miraje MacnamaraSamantha J & Colin J TydemanAC00704703Caristan Moet ChandonMiraje Dallas DreamerDecember 14, 2001Male05-2039Normal/Clear
Miraje Maori Maiden Among KaringalSamantha J & Colin J TydemanAB01793404Miraje The Storm LordMiraje Feeling BlueMarch 11, 2001Female05-2037Normal/Clear
Miraje Miss DiorDiane E VennAC04429003Claygar Bootsy N SnudgeMiraje California GirlOctober 4, 2002FemaleBRC 1909Normal/Clear
Miraje Soul EncounterDiane E VennAD04325401Borderfame Heart N SoulMiraje Unchained MelodySeptember 5, 2003MaleBRC 1908Normal/Clear
Miraje Storm Splash Charmer At AculsiaR & D LucasAA02757002Miraje The Storm LordWizaland Newz SplashApril 21, 2000MaleBRC 1859Normal/Clear
Miraje The Storm LordDiane E VennW3090305W03Wizaland Loves CasanovaLoracian Black VelvetMay 16, 1996MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Miranwiz SerenadeAnnette ThompsonAJ0472150Miraje The ComposerMiraje Miss DiorOctober 21, 2008FemaleUNSW_ID 5738Normal/Clear
Mobella Land O’Hope N’ Glory For DetaniaAngela L M GillespieAD00855001Bluella Landau At WestireneMobella Winter GloryDecember 21, 2002Male05-1112Normal/Clear
Mobella MasterpieceRobin & Susan MogerAC03661305Detania Tarquin At MobellaMobella Look ‘n’ DreamAugust 10, 2002Male05-790Normal/Clear
Mobella Tucker’s LuckPam HarrisW3503702W03Mobella Secret Legend At DellmerinoMobella Ruby Tuesday At RossacreMay 23, 1996Male05-792Normal/Clear
Mobella Winter GloryPam HarrisW0119704W01Detania Tarquin At MobellaMobella Cherished DreamDecember 22, 1995Female05-791Normal/Clear
Mystic Witch To Magic At BirkvaughanAndrew Birkett & Russell J VaughanAC02523601Bridgebank Dark Storm At BirkvaughanJill ThunderaceJune 12, 2002Female05-4019Normal/Clear
Mythmist Sweet SensationLinda M AndrewsAB03785501Sheltysham Swag(man) ISDS 204352Shace Tantalizing Tazmin From MythmistSeptember 15, 2001Female05-879Normal/Clear
Oh TedJacky OrrissAJ0900560 ISDS 292354Jack Of All TradesCanen LadyJune 9, 2007Male09-9319Normal/Clear
Orient Cracker By ChikaramorSue MorleyAE02204203Locheil TexasTonkory Up And OverMay 9, 2004FemaleBRC 2078Normal/Clear
Passim Forever BlueS AderAD03467705Passim Into The FutureTri Ellie At PassimAugust 5, 2003Female05-2211Normal/Clear
Passim Golden Shimmer At SianworthSian JonesAC00776106Reakasso Rock Symphony For PassimAvock’s Pussy WillowFebruary 10, 2002Female05-2207Normal/Clear
Passim Key QuestS AderAE01329701Hambutts Eternal HopePassim Golden ShimmerFebruary 28, 2004Female05-2210Normal/Clear
Passim Pennys From HeavenB E Edmonds & C M DuttonAE02588904Passim Golden MoonPrincewood Winter Luck At PassimMay 31, 2004FemaleBRC 2290Normal/Clear
Passim Sea StormS AderAD03467702Passim Into The FutureTri Ellie At PassimAugust 5, 2003Male05-2205Normal/Clear
Pawtails The Sundowner At BryningNatalie HoltappelAE0901596Pawtails Hot ButteredWoombye SunkistJanuary 23, 2004Male05-324Normal/Clear
Pencaitland Rob-RoyLyn NortonR4184402R03Clan-Abby Blue AberdooneBridacre Promise Of TamarshAugust 8, 1991MaleBRC 1738Normal/Clear
Princewood Winter Luck At PassimS AderAC00703101Mobella Tuckers LuckPrincewood Suki’s SkylarkOctober 1, 2001Female05-2208Normal/Clear
Raeannes Star AppealLisa BaileyAJ00128301Pennda Freshwater Glen ISDS 259576Lizzy Serenade ISDS 215816December 11, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 4984Normal/Clear
Rajjinka SmokescreenGemma HanekomAG02018601Merledaze Cant Wait Wont Wait At UpanovaTosari CaiqueJune 4, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 2495Normal/Clear
Raxmae Limited Edition Of DumavalaKathy CaseK110550Goldlawns Tribute To BrackenDumavala I’m For KeepsMarch 3, 2003MaleCB 31Normal/Clear
Red Instead At ComebyanawayAmanda BainbridgeAG0901116MacLucyDecember 24, 2005FemaleAnimal Diagnostics 989Normal/Clear
Resleap Christmas CrackerVoirrey PaeslerAD00286206Resleap Winter’s TaleResleap Highland LadyDecember 24, 2002Male05-769Normal/Clear
Resleap Jingle BelleVoirrey PaeslerAD00286203Relseap Winter’s TaleRelseap Highland LadyDecember 24, 2002Female05-771Normal/Clear
Rosmarinus Trail Blazer At TaliswoodSuzanne TaylorAJ00876704Rosmarinus Rum TwisterRosmarinus EclipseJanuary 10, 2008MaleUNSW_ID 6698Normal/Clear
Rowesdale Creme BruleeS Large & R HarlowAG0901567Wottapud Baileys CreamStockhaven Choc TreatJune 27, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 3234Normal/Clear
Ruremi Bluebelle Of SouthangusFlora CairnieAE04212702Forrestwalk Knight Shadow Over ZaandamZaandam Be Surprised AstraSeptember 14, 2002FemaleCB 29Normal/Clear
Sankenali Carolina At FaykenRoss K & Vicki S Green3712CPTonkory Palmerston At FaykenSankenali Going For GoldSeptember 17, 2003FemaleUNSW_ID 5748Normal/Clear
Scorhill Addition To Sherebridge (ISDS Spice)Lynn StevensAL012070023 ISDS 00/305653Kilcreen Fox 9 ISDS 276619Sherebridge Just The Job Of ScorhillJanuary 14, 2010Female11-7443Normal/Clear
Shanowl Light Said FredLinda CookAE00941801Woodsorrel Red WineShanowl Rambling RoseJanuary 1, 2004MaleCB 61Normal/Clear
Sheltysham ChocoholicSam & Colin TydemanAH04792405Tenita Fair Warrior At KaringalSheltysham Summer ShowerOctober 9, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3955Normal/Clear
Sheltysham Sheer Silk For ManderianLyn NortonAE03316001Sheltysham Sampane SiderSilque AdventurerJune 24, 2004FemaleBRC 1740Normal/Clear
Sheltysham Shockin SnobP Forster-CooperAF00485603Caristan Chance Of LoveSheltysham Shampane SnobNovember 20, 2004MaleUNSW_ID 1625Normal/Clear
Sheltysham So Soigne Of ViatrixesBeatrix G SuchAH00006002Sheltysham Sapane SiderSheltysham ChiChiNovember 14, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 3895Normal/Clear
Sheltysham Sorta Nice At TerricaVeronica P AvoryAD01151401Simpley SachiSheltysham Sainted LadyJanuary 24, 2003Female06-4380Normal/Clear
Sheltysham Space SpyP Forster-CooperAF05352208Littlethorn GalaxySheltysham Shampane SnobOctober 29, 2005MaleUNSW_ID 1626Normal/Clear
Sheltysham Special Spel At StarniasE GaastraAH01318901Sheltysham Shockin SnobSheltysham Space SpelsJanuary 27, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 4354Normal/Clear
Shepwood Burning Torch For Manderian (ISDS Megan)Lyn NortonAE00446606 ISDS 268850Avocks Drovers Gold (ISDS Avocks Todd 231884)Avocks Bonny Beth Of Shepwood (ISDS Avocks Bonny 228011)January 6, 2004FemaleBRC 1741Normal/Clear
Sherebridge EncoreP L StevensAC01733103 ISDS 259177Kurgan Rob RoySkye At SherebridgeApril 23, 2002Female09-1634Normal/Clear
Shipelle Rain Showers Over StarsidePatricia P WardY2418905Y03Beesting Cosmopolitan Of GillestaShipelle Dainty BessApril 7, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 2393Normal/Clear
Shoovikon Jumpin At ShadowsMarie JordanY0215306Y01Reakasso RyanMeadoways Freedom Of SpiritSeptember 13, 1997Female05-1738Normal/Clear
Sianworth Celtic MagicSian JonesZ4035902Z04Brooksbid Country ClassicWoolram Blush At SianworthAugust 27, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 1995Normal/Clear
Skye At SherebridgeP L StevensY0096214Y04 ISDS 239594Sadghyl Pip Me To ComebyeMed ISDS 191629May 21, 1998Female09-1635Normal/Clear
Slieve DigitNicola H JonesISDS 277016Hope ISDS 248095Slieve Breeze ISDS 244210May 26, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 2595Normal/Clear
Snowmere JessJuliet MockfordISDS 205613Viber Travelling Matt From CorinleaRuscombe Rill At SnowmereJanuary 27, 1993FemaleUNSW_ID 2801Normal/Clear
Snowmere TarnJuliet MockfordISDS 236436Kittenspool CampbellSnowmere JessFebruary 21, 1998MaleUNSW_ID 2802Normal/Clear
Sorcerers Apprentice At ShepherdspalChris FreemanAB01266903Brooksbid High SocietyLangamay LottieMay 11, 2001MaleUNSW_ID 2218Normal/Clear
Southangus MarowanFlora CairnieAF037931011 ISDS 279242Astra MarsWestfield JodieJuly 22, 2006Female06-8137Normal/Clear
Stardell VenusWendy BeasleyAP00786802 ISDS 00/318026Stardell Musca ISDS 273782Moel Sian at Stardell ISDS 273782January 20, 2012Female13-10064Normal/Clear
Starnias GatekeeperE GaastraAE01009501Bekkis VirtuosoJakovall Glen LivetNovember 24, 2003MaleUNSW_ID 4355Normal/Clear
Starside Almost An AngelPat WardAA04786905Beesting TwigletteShipelle Rain Showers Over StarsideOctober 25, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 2354Normal/Clear
Sumfinn To Shout AboutSian PowellAH0900946 ISDS 287225Gwyn ISDS 248002Tegwen ISDS 246675November 27, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 3149Normal/Clear
Tamarsh Atomic StormDita M KilsbyAF00190504Miraje The Storm LordTamarsh Atomic KittenNovember 24, 2004Male05-1251Normal/Clear
Tamarsh Impreza Of AxernamoonL & C DalbyAB02755903Sheltysham Swag(man) ISDS 204352Tamarsh Baycham Of DorvaleMay 29, 2005FemaleCB 33Normal/Clear
Tamarsh Quest For Fame Of ViatrixesBeatrix SuchAD04756101Locheil Genesis at TamarshTamarsh JemmimaOctober 27, 2003Male05-2704Normal/Clear
Tamarsh SkylarkDita M KilsbyKC 0692CGMobella Bursh Strokes At TamarshTamarsh Pearls N LaceSeptember 16, 1993Female05-2386Normal/Clear
Tamarsh Sorceror Of TorbriarJan Brearley2508CMSheltysham Swag(man) ISDS 204352Komargo Magical Blue Mist At KalidenMarch 18, 2000Male05-773Normal/Clear
Tamarsh Swan Lake Of TorbriarJan BrearleyZ323050101Z03Ruan’s Country Lad At KalidenTamarsh Chicago PeaceJuly 14, 1999Female05-775Normal/Clear
Tamarsh Team SpiritDita Kilsby0907CKSheltysham Swag(man) ISDS 204352Tamarsh Pearls N LaceNovember 14, 1998Female05-1252Normal/Clear
Tarrynden Miss GeorgiaAngela BridgemanAB03336704Miraje The Storm LordTarrynden Solar MistAugust 20, 2001Female05-789Normal/Clear
Tazaeos Santa BabyC M Dutton & B E EdmondsAG00084701Barminca Hedwig For TazaeosPassim Pennys From Heaven For TazaeosDecember 20, 2005FemaleCB 28Normal/Clear
Tazaeos Showaddy WaddyB E Edmonds & C M DuttonAE02871801Nobite Son O Chilli For TazaeosBarminca Shau’ri’s Amaunet For TazaeosJune 12, 2004FemaleBRC 2292Normal/Clear
Tazaeos That AmoreC M Dutton & B E EdmondsAF01125001Nobite Son O Chilli For TazaeosBarminca Shau’ri’s Amaunet For TazaeosMarch 6, 2005FemaleBRC 228Normal/Clear
Tefryn Mackinley At BeltaneCorinne GeeringAA03674703Clan-Abby NZ Dougs StormTefryn Uptown GirlAugust 19, 2000Male05-365Normal/Clear
Tefryn Uptown GirlPamela J EtheredgeY0679105Y01Tonkory MorganTefryn TynkaFebruary 3, 1998Female05-2686Normal/Clear
Tenita Flaming SpiritAnita TydemanAE04885802Caristan Coming StormTenita Flaming SkyOctober 28, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1459Normal/Clear
Thistlemist At LargeSue Large4228CJThistlemist Union Jack At TruebeaFells TansyMay 31, 1998MaleBRC 1690Normal/Clear
Thornbury NellKeith BrittonAJ0900479Thornbury JebTaddymoor ZigSeptember 30, 2007FemaleUNSW_ID 3920Normal/Clear
Threjays ElianLyn M NortonAG0902524 ISDS 284786Threjays Cymro ISDS 263569Tri Ellie At Passim ISDS 259019July 25, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 2184Normal/Clear
Tilk Sono’ Ryka At TazaeosC M DuttonK100390Nobite Son O’ Chilli For TazaeosStevies Ruf N TumbleOctober 11, 1999MaleBRC 2289Normal/Clear
Tilly Tappy Toes At KiaminogueKaren D HamiltonAE00968205Meisterwerk JimboForestglade Windy WillowJanuary 31, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1843Normal/Clear
Tip Of TarnforceKate & John Wykes0249CJ V0095869 ISDS 215278Ben ISDS 162350Jody ISDS 180262September 18, 1994MaleUNSW_ID 3324Normal/Clear
Tonkory BorisJudith Gregory1959CPBorderfame Heart N SoulWendevik Xquisit Of TonkoryMay 16, 2003Male05-2221Normal/Clear
Tonkory Destined For GrandverElaine & Jo RatcliffeAE02760702Tidespring Classic ChoiceTonkory XoticApril 24, 2004FemaleUNSW_ID 1689Normal/Clear
Tonkory Entente Cordial With AculsiaR & D LucasAD03730201Tonkory BorisTonkory RubaAugust 9, 2004MaleBRC 1861Normal/Clear
Tonkory My Kynda Guy At ChikaramorS Morley & A RogersonAH01617703Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender At LocheilTonkory Yippee AyehFebruary 6, 2007Male11-7440Normal/Clear
Tonkory Palmerston At FaykenRoss K & Vicki F GreenX1418102X02 2301CIBeagold Mr LennoxMobella Team Spirit At TonkoryMarch 14, 1997Male05-2375Normal/Clear
Tonkory RubaJudith GregoryY2713302703Judeen’s Joy Of Clan-Abby At TonkoryTonkory Over The MoonMay 5, 1998Female05-1418Normal/Clear
Tonkory Take To The SkyMiss S C LangdonZ2427205Z03Tonkory Palmerston At FaykenTonkory Mia From CorinleaMay 6, 1999Female05-2200Normal/Clear
Tonkory Tickle My FancyR, D & H LucasN/ATonkory Move Over To HuntleyTonkory Goodness GraciousJuly 14, 2008Female13-10102Normal/Clear
Tonkory XoticJudith GregoryAB03711103Borderfame Heart ‘N SoulTonkory Over The MoonSeptember 11, 2001Female05-1588Normal/Clear
Tor Of PalsmajorsKay AllenAK0900845 ISDS 00/300167Eryri Rock ISDS 257423Mollie ISDS 274674January 1, 2009Male12-1392Normal/Clear
Torbriar River MusicJan BrearleyAC01698705Laetare Music’s Coda From JakovallTamarsh Summer Serenade Of TorbriarApril 27, 2002Male05-772Normal/Clear
Torbriar River SerenadeJan BrearleyAC01698701Laetare Music’s Coda From JakovallTamarsh Summer Serenade Of TorbriarApril 27, 2002Female05-774Normal/Clear
Tosari Baroque Of KaeleonKaren L GaylardZ1802202Z02Detania Summersam Of TosariDetania BrazenApril 18, 1999Male05-993Normal/Clear
Tosari Rio Grande By StarsidePat WardAA0067705Detania Summersam Of TosariDetania Ariel Of TosariNovember 26, 1999FemaleUNSW_ID 2409Normal/Clear
Touchango Ari-UpT W FelsteadISDS 228580Kai Intrepid ISDS 195382Kalkara Missy At Touchango ISDS 183081November 1, 1996MaleUNSW_ID 2232Normal/Clear
Touchango BallisticT W FelsteadISDS 248803Beefer Buzz ISDS 224299Touchango Morning Breeze ISDS 201776April 1, 2000FemaleUNSW_ID 2233Normal/Clear
Touchango With The FlowT W FelsteadISDS 239410Joe Boy ISDS 228635Touchango Morning Breeze ISDS 201766June 27, 1998FemaleUNSW_ID 2231Normal/Clear
Tragility The ApprenticeAmelia TaytAK01935607Bluella Re-Born To PerformBluella B’WithcedMay 3, 2009Male12-8202Normal/Clear
Tri Ellie At PassimS AderAD0900930Taff ISDS 241018Nell ISDS 234213March 19, 2002Female05-2209Normal/Clear
Tribboch Mr Dream MerchantWinifred M HaganAE02715402Sheltysham Swag(man) ISDS 204352Blacdimonz Blue Velvet Of TribbochJune 28, 2004Male05-6523Normal/Clear
Tribboch Mr WonderfulJohn McCallum4400CRSheltysham Swag(man) ISDS 204352Blacdimonz Blue Velvet Of TribbochJune 28, 2004Male07-1022Normal/Clear
Tribboch She’s The OneWinifred M HaganAE02715406Sheltysham Swag(man) ISDS 204352Blacdimonz Blue Velvet Of TribbochJune 28, 2004Female05-6522Normal/Clear
Tristar Maggie May At JodamiJoanne L Le Cornu & Kathleen M BlakemoreK123707??March 4, 2007Female08-4838Normal/Clear
Truly Mine At Whitemoss (ISDS Mac)Melanie J WestKCOR054894 ISDS 219303Mirk ISDS 168667Snowie (ISDS R.O.M.)January 22, 1996Male07-8734Normal/Clear
Upanover Shaken Not StirredSharon EldridgeAK00195707Merledaze Can’t Wait Won’t Wait At UpanoverRosmarinus RumrosaNovember 22, 2008MaleUNSW_ID 5512Normal/Clear
Vindomora EternalAnnette BenoistAB04489301Vindomora BrockFinash Absaloot Meg Of VindomoraSeptember 29, 2001Male05-4023Normal/Clear
Waggerland StytchwytcheryEmma ConliskAF02049806Woodsorrel Red WineWaggerland Whizzi WigMarch 21, 2005FemaleUNSW_ID 2592Normal/Clear
Wendevik Xquisit At TonkoryJudith Gregory0012CKBeagold Mr LennoxMobella Team Spirit At TonkoryJuly 17, 1998Female05-2223Normal/Clear
Westirene Chilli Pepper At RossbrookS FerberAE03727103Westirene Rizzle DizzleWestirene RosaritaJuly 23, 2004MaleBRC 2590Normal/Clear
Westirene Rob Roy At RaezhavenRachel BirtAG03312201Westirene Rizzle DizzleWestirene RosaritaJune 21, 2006MaleUNSW_ID 1553Normal/Clear
Whenway Royal HighlanderBruce & Sheena KilsbyU0867902002Int Sup Ch Spot ISDS 161819Ma Biche Of WhenwayFebruary 21,1994MaleBRC 2087Normal/Clear
Willowhale GordiusSally TurnerAE01001406Pondeboys ArranWillowhale AlethiaApril 21, 2004Male06-8116Normal/Clear
Wizaland Bless My SoulSue Large4083CNBorderfame Heart N SoulWizaland Livin’ It UpMay 20, 2002FemaleBRC 1692Normal/Clear
Wizaland Ebony JadeBrenda SpencerAF01253102Wizaland Lucky BrewThistlemist At LargeDecember 28, 2004FemaleBRC 2504Normal/Clear
Wizaland Ebony KaosBrenda SpencerAC00746305Wizaland Jonah LumoWizaland Trust In LoveNovember 25, 2001FemaleBRC 1953Normal/Clear
Wizaland Ebony SilouetteSue Large1472CKMerrybrook MoriatyWizaland Newz ScoopSeptember 14, 1998FemaleBRC 1687Normal/Clear
Wizaland Jingle All The WayS Large & R HarlowAG04988907Claygar Boot Scootin’ BoogieWizaland Soul SilhouetteAugust 1, 2006FemaleUNSW_ID 3668Normal/Clear
Wizaland Harvey MoonSue Large1204CMWizaland Matchless EndeavourNorvellyne ZenobiaAugust 22, 2000MaleBRC 1688Normal/Clear
Wizaland Huckel-Bear-ReeSue Large3105CLWizaland Newz EditionWizaland Newz ScoopSeptember 21, 1999MaleBRC 1695Normal/Clear
Wizaland Jonah LumoSue Large0944CGWizaland Jack FrostWizaland Newz SpectacularMay 19, 1995MaleBRC 1691Normal/Clear
Wizaland Livin’ SoulSue Large2122CNBorderfame Heart N SoulWizaland Livin’ It UpMay 20, 2002MaleBRC 1689Normal/Clear
Wizaland Loves CasanovaDiane E VennT4855502T04Wizaland Newz EditionImage Of Love at Clan-AbbyJune 30, 1993MaleN/ANormal/Clear
Wizaland Lucky BrewSue Large0695CKWizaland Matchless EndeavourNorvellyne ZenobiaJanuary 19, 1997MaleBRC 1693Normal/Clear
Wizaland Newz SplashDiane E VennS4009603S04Clan-Abby Blue AberdooneWizaland Newz SpectacularAugust 2, 1992FemaleN/ANormal/Clear
Wizaland Soul SilhouetteSue Large2121CNBorderfame Heart N SoulWizaland Ebony SilouetteDecember 7, 2001FemaleBRC 1684Normal/Clear
Wizaland Trust In LoveSue Large1803CKMerrybrook MoriatyImage Of Love At Clan-AbbySeptember 22, 1997FemaleBRC 1694Normal/Clear
Wizaland Two Thumbs FreshSue Large3108CLWizaland Lucky BrewWizaland Loves RewardApril 25, 2000FemaleBRC 1686Normal/Clear
Wizaland Willie GofarBrenda SpencerZ1664905Z02Wizaland Jonah LumoWizaland Livin It UpFebruary 19, 1999Male05-1412Normal/Clear
Wizaland Wizout Doubt By Darian (ISDS Archie)Sheila GayAB01891801 ISDS 254885Darian Indigo Frost (ISDS Jones 182003)Thistlemist At Large (ISDS Thistlemist Wiza 238939)March 14, 2001MaleBRC 1747Normal/Clear
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