USA CL Test Results

SummaryDetailed List
Normal/Clear Carrier Affected
297 0 0

Registered Name Owners Name Registration Number Sire Dam Date of Birth Gender Lab Number Assessment
@5H Tank Gary & Joyce Heibertshausen ABC 197210 JD Divine Storm August 29, 2001 Male 07-8650 Normal/Clear
@Dot 5H Farms ABC 320981 Imp Don Ruby April 19, 2008 Female 12-7095 Normal/Clear
@Hanson Jake Gary & Joyce Heibertshausen ABC 363627 Hanson Zac Hanson Teak April 30, 2012 Male 11-5192 Normal/Clear
Acoma’s Desert Rain Dancer Trish Spradley DL850452/01 Korella Darkwind Blame It On Rio Darkwind Acoma Spirit Dancer October 15, 2000 Female UNSW_ID 894 Normal/Clear
Advantage Highland Tegan Dan & Neva Gronert DN086972/01 Adventures Of Cowboy Dude Adventrue O My Goly Mis Moly July 3, 2004 Female 05-8777 Normal/Clear
Adventure’s Blu Harted Magie Ardell & Ken Parkin DN041395/07 Adventures Of Cowboy Dude Classy Touch Of Jewels June 15, 2003 Female 05-8074 Normal/Clear
Adventure’s Of Cowboy Dude Sandy Reeves DN003410/05 Borderfame True Blue Cinlock Castin Magic March 25, 2002 Male 07-8503 Normal/Clear
Adventure’s Sassy Satin Sandy Reeves DN111050/02 Adventures Rev The Border Solo Flight’s Jeanna May 8, 2005 Female 07-7489 Normal/Clear
Adventure’s Steel’n My Heart Sandy Reeves DN041395/06 Adventure’s Of Cowboy Dude Classy Touch Of Jewels June 15, 2003 Female 05-8762 Normal/Clear
Agape Did It Wright Debra Smilie Blomgren DN258212/01 Pawtails Xpress Yourself Shoreland Black Star Saphire September 16, 2009 Male 11-2616 Normal/Clear
Agape Rhythm ‘N Blues Julie Bosier DN080869/03 Borderfame True Blue Shoreland Black Star Saphire August 16, 2004 Male 05-1123 Normal/Clear
Ammardan’s Going Insane Danielle Nichols DN247608/04 Ammardan’s Stonewashed Jeans Ammardan’s Little Gossip April 14, 2009 Female 12-268 Normal/Clear
Applegarth’s Quest For The Grail Janis K & Robert W Mayr DN169628/01 Merlynn Eclipse Shebaa’s Meg November 9, 2006 Male 13-12698 Normal/Clear
Artemis Of Agrotera Heather Stevens & Jen White DN258233/01 Imp Bo Kay Lee ABCA 273946 August 24, 2007 Female 11-9847 Normal/Clear
Astra Style Joyce Heibertshausen/5H Farms ABCA 333914 ISDS 277219 Cap Astra Bute February 8, 2005 Female 06-4907 Normal/Clear
Avatar Catch Me If U Can Bayshore Caroline T Woods, J Frank Baylis & Stacy Einck DN067004/03 Bayshore’s Under My Spell Lochinbrae Whitney’s Oz November 18, 2003 Male BRC 1568 Normal/Clear
Avatar’s Lub On The Rox Bayshore Caroline T Woods & J Frank Baylis DL050902/02 Borderfame Spellbound Clan-Abby NZ Tonalee Love April 5, 2007 Female UNSW_ID 1946 Normal/Clear
Avatar’s Tiramasu Of Bayshore Caroline T Woods, J Frank Baylis & Stacy Einck DN091578/01 Borderfame I Am I Said Bayshore’s Black By Demand October 7, 2004 Female UNSW_ID 1950 Normal/Clear
Avatar Truthordare Bayshore Lisa Waldo, Caroline T Woods, & J Frank Baylis DN047015/01 Borderfame Spellbound Maghera Chronological At Starvos May 26, 2003 Female UNSW_ID 2227 Normal/Clear
Bayshore’s Apprentice At Avatar Stacy Einck-Paul & J Frank Baylis DN240524/01 Sporting Field B Noble Giftnell Kings Royal Gem September 1, 2008 Male 12-2991 Normal/Clear
Bayshore’s Avatar Ready Aim Fire Amy Novak & J Frank Baylis DN285264/01 Bayshore’s Luck Of The Irish Avatar’s Calypso Of Bayshore June 4, 2010 Female 11-7395 Normal/Clear
Bayshore Avatar Soulbound Deanne Veselka DN219459/02 Bayshore Charlie Brown Avatars Luv On The Rox Bayshore April 10, 2008 Female 13-3900 Normal/Clear
Bayshore’s I Am What I Am Stacy Einck-Paul & J Frank Baylis DL908291/01 Glentress Chain Reaction Trumagik Toucho Class December 8, 2001 Female 12-2992 Normal/Clear
Bayshore’s I’m A Believer Caroline T Woods & J Frank Baylis DL896760/01 Borderfame I Am I Said Tullacrest Goodtime Girl December 5, 2001 Female UNSW_ID 1948 Normal/Clear
Bayshore’s Penny Lane Stacy Einck-Paul & J Frank Baylis DN037616/02 Borderfame Choc Chill Glentress Winta Reaction February 25, 2003 Female 12-2984 Normal/Clear
Bayshore’s Tidal Wave At Avatar Stacy Einck-Paul & J Frank Baylis DN253054/01 Bayshore’s Man In Black Avatars Luv On The Rox Bayshore February 25, 2009 Male Animal Genetics Acct# 123603 Normal/Clear
BC Shepherd’s Moon Testarossa Kathryn Lissa Thomas ? Pardner Rip Tease May 1, 2001 Female 06-6210 Normal/Clear
Beesting Dare I Dream Terry Sadler AG02663201 Meleswood Rather Special Beesting Starlight June 6, 2006 Male UNSW_ID 2145 Normal/Clear
Beowulf Heather Stevens & Jen White ABCA 338101 Denim Blues ABCA 276292 Kay Lee ABCA 273946 March 9, 2009 Male AG109681 Normal/Clear
Bismark Eye Catcher Kathy Sours DN017505/01 Bismark Special Forces Dykebar Lovely Rita O’Tainsh October 24, 2002 Male 06-9294 Normal/Clear
Bismark’s Flying Colors Kim Hastings DL888804/08 Borderwind Kentucky Gold Rosaltess Calypso Cat July 10, 2001 Male UNSW_ID 2549 Normal/Clear
Blazzin Lark Joyce Heibertshausen ABC 373019 Red Buck-A-Roo Blue Dallas September 13, 2011 Female 12-7096 Normal/Clear
BO Shepherd’s Moon Top Red Dog Kathryn Lissa Thomas ? Pardner Rip Tease October 23, 2005 Male 06-6081 Normal/Clear
Bon-Clyde Laird Of Skara Brae Judy & Jim Hackett DN158766/01 Outburst Tartan Myst Brackenhill Star Of Bonclyde September 18, 2006 Male UNSW_ID 5647 Normal/Clear
BonniDune Bombs Away Trisha Eifert DL789045/01 Lydeardlea Angel In Disguise Tainsh New Dawn At BonniDune July 3, 2004 Male UNSW_ID 4357 Normal/Clear
BonniDune The Future Is Now Kelly Whiteman DN076352/05 Lydeardlea Angel In Disguise Tainsh New Dawn At BonniDune July 3, 2004 Female BRC 1339 Normal/Clear
Borderbreeze Barnstormer From Darkwind Robyn L Powley & Storey C Smith DL574337/01 Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone Clan-Abby Love Story At Borderbreeze November 13, 1991 Male UNSW_ID 1351 Normal/Clear
Borderfame Energizer Coralie Rumbold & Kyle James DN107034/01 Maghera Star Collector Borderfame Eternal Flame August 24, 2003 Male UNSW_ID 1861 Normal/Clear
Borderfame Lord Othrings James D & Linda J Dragoo & Helena Fitzgerald DN049756/01 Glentress Majestik Lord Borderfame Mystic Power December 2, 2002 Male BRC 1225 Normal/Clear
Borderfame My Own Delite Eileen Madrigale DL895420/02 Borderfame Sings The Blues Borderfame Ravers Delite April 7, 2001 Female 06-1331 Normal/Clear
Borderfame Mystic Night Chris Peach & Suzanne M Mayborne DL882217/01 Nahrof Moonlighting Borderfame Mystic Power March 3, 2001 Male 05-2889 Normal/Clear
Borderfame Solid Rock Suzanne M Mayborne DL882210/01 Nahrof Moonlighting Borderfame Mystic Power March 3, 2001 Male 05-2110 Normal/Clear
Borderfame Spellbound Caroline T Woods & J Frank Baylis DL813927/01 Borderfame Heart N Soul Borderfame Forever Magic February 17, 1999 Male UNSW_ID 1946 Normal/Clear
Borderfame True Blue Suzanne M Mayborne DL895420/01 Borderfame Sings Thblues Borderfame Ravers Delite April &, 2001 Male 05-2108 Normal/Clear
Borderhall Soul Mate Karen Hall DL707694/01 Fedorlace The Proclaimer Danbeth Black Crystal June 13, 1995 Male UNSW_ID 229 Normal/Clear
Borderhall Wish Upon A Star Dawn Monroe DL762578/02 Borderhall Soul Mate Borcat Superstar September 23, 1998 Female UNSW_ID 1561 Normal/Clear
BorderIsle Charmed By Ewe Lisa Weeks DN049662/04 Outburst Watch Me Stalk Ewe Tainsh A Toast To Ewe August 31, 2003 Female 05-3807 Normal/Clear
Bordertown Ember Glow Kimberly A Sykes & Mary B Green DN039207/02 Castlewalk Blackwatch Llyr Storm’s Bordertown Bonfire May 31, 2003 Female 08-10158 Normal/Clear
Borderzone Ship To Shoreland Suzanne M Mayborne DL907154/05 Borderzone Paint The Heavens Borderzone Monica Monica March 25, 2002 Male 05-2109 Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Cat Fancy Linda Mooradian DN074230/01 Outburst Watch Me Stalk Ewe Brackenhill Toucho Wish April 20, 2004 Female BRC 1249 Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Catch Me If Ewe Can Debbie & David Provence DN07123002 Outburst Watch Me Stalk Ewe Brackenhill Toucho Wish April 20, 2004 Male BRC 1465 Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Flew By Ewe Carolyn & Joseph Biondi DL847875/03 Trumagik Tartan Scott Brackenhill Wish A Lot August 16, 2000 Female UNSW_ID 1386 Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Heels Of Fortune Anne Fitzgibbon DN245677/07 Nahrof Turn It Up Brackenhill Cat Fancy April 9, 2009 Female 10-6938 Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Lots Of Tartan Linda Mooradian DL647875/07 Trumagik Tartan Scott Brackenhill Wish A Lot August 16, 2000 Male BRC 1251 Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Loyal And True Linda Mooradian DN092916/01 Gymbaroo Tried And True Brackenhill Tiny Tartan November 25, 2004 Female N/A Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Royal Flirt Linda Mooradian DL762896/02 Dykebar Blu Skies Over Tainsh Brackenhill Wish A Lot November 20, 1998 Female BRC 1248 Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Royal Flush Lorna & Bob Stark DL762896/08 Dykebar Blu Skies Over Tainsh Brackenhill Wish A Lot November 20, 1998 Male 07-22 Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Royal Tartan Linda Mooradian DL762896/07 Dykebar Blu Skies Over Tainsh Brackenhill Wish A Lot November 20, 1998 Male 05-107 Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Sundance Cat Susan F Hassinger DN176917/01 Nahrof Turn It Up Brackenhill Cat Fancy April 23, 2007 Male UNSW_ID 6151 Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Touch Of Heaven Lorna & Bob Stark DL847875/02 Trumagik Tartan Scott Brackenhill Wish A Lot November 16, 2000 Female 07-21 Normal/Clear
Brackenhill Toucho Wish Linda Mooradian DL899803/01 Trumagik Toucho Scott Brackenhill Wish A Lot August 16, 2000 Female BRC 1246 Normal/Clear
C2C Bella Villa Caren Mattson 385485 Shep Sparks Sparkle October 5, 2012 Female 13-3929 Normal/Clear
Cap Of Killiebrae Kelly J Whiteman DN183516/01 ISDS 266571 Dolwen Chips ISDS 194883 Jill ISDS 245915 May 2, 2003 Male UNSW_ID 2670 Normal/Clear
Cashel Keltic Warrior Cynthia J & Darren C Gies DN073219/01 Peachy Keen’s Rock Of Cashel Nahrof Shadows O Cashel June 7, 2004 Male BRC 1531 Normal/Clear
Castlewalk Blackwatch Llyr Kimberly A Sykes, Mary B Green, & Pat Guticz DL665869/01 Cindora Charlie Chalton At Beagold Beagold Anna At Fenacre November 13, 1996 Male 08-10148 Normal/Clear
Castlewalk Sheena Noel Sieh, Scott Fuller, & Hunter Kephart DN003255/02 Castlewalk Niklas Lochinbrae Kaena Kai March 30, 2002 Female UNSW_ID 4818 Normal/Clear
Celestria’s Fire And Mischief Jeanne Hagen-Santiago & Don Santiago DN145366/03 Majestic Hot Topic Celestria’s Easter Parade January 16, 2006 Male 07-4786 Normal/Clear
Celestria’s Kerrigan O-Tonalee Jeanne Hagen-Santiago & Tonya Stanley DN111308/01 X-mas Cracker At Clan-Abby Tonalee’s Hiland Hope March 11, 2005 Female 07-4785 Normal/Clear
Celestria Voyage To Shannara Jamie L Jackson & Jeanne Hagen -Santiago DN038057/01 Shannara Voyage O’ The Jerle Celestria’s Easter Parade June 27, 2003 Male 07-4756 Normal/Clear
Celestria’s Warrior O’Tonalee Jeanne Hagen-Santiago & Tonya Stanley DN111308/02 X-mas Cracker At Clan-Abby Tonalee’s Hiland Hope March 11, 2005 Male 07-4789 Normal/Clear
Chaos! Heather Dickinson DN345140/02 Rival’s Hot rod TBC’s Faith May 25, 2012 Female 14-8238 Normal/Clear
Chetana Cast A Spell Connie Presley & Ricki Foulds DN155189/03 Glentress Spell Bound Chetana Shay Maidel June 21, 2006 Female UNSW_ID 2658 Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby Treasure Of NZ Lisa A Schneider DL761859/01 X-Mas Cracker At Clan-Abby Clan-Abby Kiwi Czarina April 20, 1998 Female 05-484 Normal/Clear
Clan Karola Jillaroo Wagons Ho Eileen Madrigale DL742981/03 Clan-Abby The Wizard Of Oz Clan-Abby NZ’s Kiwi Magic May 11, 1998 Female 05-1972 Normal/Clear
Classy Touch Of Jewels Joy Jones DL890207/03 Jenaid Thief Of Hearts High Flying Spirit July 28, 2001 Female  07-9287 Normal/Clear
Companion’s Piano Man Laura Jones DN420627/01 Solaras-Callista Mysterious Companion Sportingfield Little Surfer Girl January 13, 2015 Male 15-8479 Normal/Clear
Companion’s Total Eclipse David Forsyth & Emily Langley DN066605/02 Jencola American Dream Penny’s Travel March 14, 2004 Female UNSW_ID 2878 Normal/Clear
CuChulainns Murphy Blue Monica Wilhite DN112126/04 Visions Stonewashed Strauss Zoe Mae Morrison June 1, 2005 Male UNSW_ID 3441 Normal/Clear
Czechmate Hit The Trifecta Lisa Pruka DN065281/01 Shoreland’s Triple Crown Czechmate Quintessential March 28, 2004 Female BRC 1490 Normal/Clear
Darkwinds Dizzy Miss Lizzy Danielle Davis DL883663/01 Bruxley Cagey Joe Of Darkwind Darkwind’s Viva Las Vegas June 12, 2001 Female BRC 1514 Normal/Clear
Darkwind Legacy Of Ewe Meg Massaro DL885045/02 Darkwind’s Legacy Of Love Darkwind’s Ewe Go Girlfriend June 9, 2001 Female UNSW_ID 627 Normal/Clear
Darkwind’s Legacy Of Love Meg Massaro & Donna Mallory DL705424/07 Tainsh’s Kiwi-O-Clan-Abby Wizaland Daily Double At Darkwind July 30, 1997 Male UNSW_ID 626 Normal/Clear
Darkwind’s Lightning Dancer Kathryne & Sheridan Williford DN074279/01 Come By Lightning Ben Darkwind Do Ewe Wanna Dance May 19, 2004 Female UNSW_ID 1624 Normal/Clear
Darkwind’s Mirage Of Blackrock Terri A Pope DL893059/02 Borderbreeze Barnstormer From Darkwind Darkwind’s Daily Millions October 27, 2001 Male 05-3701 Normal/Clear
Darkwinds Rotten To The Core Heather Hutchings DN173278/03 Terbo Htwired At Darkwind Dreamworks Echo Of Darkwind March 20, 2007 Female UNSW_ID 5608 Normal/Clear
Darkwind Snoball’s Chance Linda DiPaolo Love DL655566/02 Darkwind Chartop Blu Thunder Clan-Abby To-Hell-And-Back September 17, 1996 Male 07-1374 UNSW_ID 1453 Normal/Clear
Darkwinds Trouble In Tyler Jodie Hansen DL858830/02 Korella Royal Command Darkwind Persephone December 11, 2000 Male UNSW_ID 1988 Normal/Clear
Darkwind Whistlestop Locomotion Kathryne & Sheridan Williford DN074279/02 Come By Lightning Ben Darkwind Do Ewe Wanna Dance May 19, 2004 Female UNSW_ID 1623 Normal/Clear
Dashing Nash Caren Mattson 373848 Freeze Paris December 11, 2011 Male 13-3215 Normal/Clear
Deansgrove Traveling Scot Lori Davidson DN141947/01 Charouska Highlander Of Deansgrove Deansgrove Matti October 16, 2004 Male UNSW_ID 2662 Normal/Clear
Desertshore Wilde Irish Charm Lisa Weeks DN175197/02 Shep Borderisle Charmed By Ewe March 18, 2007 Female UNSW_ID 5132 Normal/Clear
Desiree Joyce Heibertshausen ABC 261806 Zach Atsra Polly September 5, 2002 Female 06-2492 Normal/Clear
DK’s You’ve Gotta Have Faith Doree H & Megan K Donovan DL872901/04 Lydeardlea Shepherd’s Delight Lydeardlea Desert Song April 11, 2001 Female 06-1973 Normal/Clear
Dreamworks Hot Copy Jennifer Cahill DL914286/02 Kellagem Kalkite Darkwind Midnight Storm October 4, 2002 Male 07-3026 Normal/Clear
Dykebar Blu Skys Over Tainsh Barbara Palmer DL705485/01 Whenway Royal Highlander Dykebar Future Glory September 30, 1996 Male 07-1615 Normal/Clear
Elite’s All The Right Moves Charlene Hadley DN272909/03 Shoreland’s Will Rock You Shoreland’s Demitasse March 12, 2010 Female 14-8381 Normal/Clear
Fedorlace The Proclaimer Karen Hall DL707695/01 Kennoway Tartan Terror Crystalledge Chantel November 10, 1989 Male UNSW_ID 002 Normal/Clear
Fidelis Civil Action Judi Amore DL891413/01 Sheermyst Black Magic Trumagik Tartan Temptress June 9, 2001 Male UNSW_ID 2869 Normal/Clear
Fire Chaser’s Moon Teddy Kathryn Lissa Thomas DN126732/05 ACME Pyromania Besslin Chaser October 23, 2005 Male 06-6209 Normal/Clear
GForce Cuchulains Fenian Rebel Monica Wilhite DN174563/05 Visions Stonwashed Strauss HBC Givinthanx February 25, 2007 Male UNSW_ID 3440 Normal/Clear
Glenangus OK Wind O JiJin Anita Ramsey & Russell Duncan DN046079/02 Bessamour D’Ltan Azure Glenangus Princess Saraceen August 27, 2003 Female 06-7821 Normal/Clear
Glenangus TX Twister O JiJin Anita Ramsey & Russell Duncan DN046079/03 Bessamour D’Ltan Azure Glenangus Princess Saraceen August 27, 2003 Female 06-7820 Normal/Clear
Glenloy Bunyip Ronna Stewart DL859656/01 Maghera Followthat Rhythm Auldbrig Apparition April 29, 2000 Female 06-7185 Normal/Clear
Gymbaroo Tried And True Pat Schulz & Nancie Mages DL838857/01 Sheermyst Black Magic Nahrof Faith At Dalmoor July 14, 1999 Male BRC 1464 Normal/Clear
Haydonam Little Chloe Terry W Hammond DL667527/01 Goldentone Blue Illusion Danbeth Black Crystal March 26, 1996 Female 05-1848 Normal/Clear
HiTop Blue Sky Come Bye Sandy K Bohr DN03227903 Castlewalk Blackwatch Niklas Caleinte’s Kodak Moment April 3, 2003 Female 05-3863 Normal/Clear
Hitop’s Romancing The Stone Kimberly Munoz DN032279/02 Castlewalk Blackwatch Niklas Caleinte’s Kodak Moment April 3, 2003 Female 06-9917 Normal/Clear
HiTop’s Whiz Kid Brian & Linda Hurlbut DN032279/05 Castlewalk Blackwatch Niklas Caleinte’s Kodak Moment April 3, 2003 Male UNSW_ID 4648 Normal/Clear
Hob Nob I. O. Ewe Jef Blake DN070138/01 Rusty Lonerider Mikki February 2, 2004 Male 05-7397 Normal/Clear
Holther’s Tribute Too Beau Holley Grooms DN076754/01 Trumagik Tartan Beau Jule Too’s Meadowcreek March 14, 2004 Male 05-2301 Normal/Clear
Hot Shot Sassy Lass Sharon L Grech DL882789/01 Borderfame Choc Chill Schramm’s Strawberry Wine June 23, 2001 Female 05-8140 Normal/Clear
Hurit Emma Amanda deSouza DN312049/01 Thunder ABC 287688 Sasha ABC 173191 February 6, 2009 Female 11-7793 Normal/Clear
Jayden Lacey I’ve Got Ewe Babe Juli Lacey-Black DN158085/06 Shoreland’s Night Stalker Shoreland’s Rock Song September 13, 2006 Male 07-10634 Normal/Clear
Jayden Rock Candy Juli Lacey-Black & Denise Wardwell DN158085/05 Shoreland Night Staker Shoreland Rock Song September 13, 2007 Female 09-2715 Normal/Clear
Jenaid Thief Of Hearts Carol A Green DL745849/01 Borderhall Soul Mate Haydonam Miss Perdita August 6, 1997 Male 05-1047 Normal/Clear
Jetela Padraig De Auchmedden Pamela Baird DL812602/01 Majestic Outlander Majestic Grand Jete en Avant November 9, 1999 Male 05-4902 Normal/Clear
Jetela Priscilla De A’bhaird Pamela Baird DL812602/04 Majestic Outlander Majestic Grand Jete en Avant November 9, 1999 Female 05-4901 Normal/Clear
Jule Too’s Come By Lightning Ben Kathryne & Sheridan Williford DL903180/03 Jule Too’s Shooting Star Jule Too’s Silver Lining February 11, 2002 Male UNSW_ID 3079 Normal/Clear
Jule Too Holther’s Cap Feather Holley Grooms DN001891/02 Clan-Abby Legacie O Stars Clan Karola Betsy Ross March 4, 2002 Male 05-1203 Normal/Clear
Jule Too’s Holther’s Chloe Holley Grooms DL886769/09 Clan-Abby Legacie O Stars Jule Too’s Emma August 4, 2001 Female 05-1306 Normal/Clear
Jule Too’s It Had To Be You Lisa A Schneider DN001891/05 Clan-Abby Legacie-O-Stars Clan Karola Betsy Ross March 4, 2002 Male 05-1604 Normal/Clear
Jule Too’s Joy Of My Life Lisa A Schneider DN012412/05 Clan-Abby Legacie-O-Stars Clan-Abby Treasure Of NZ September 3, 2002 Female 05-486 Normal/Clear
Jule Too’s Shooting Star Holley Grooms DL818527/03 Clan-Abby Legacie O Stars Clan-Abby Treasure-Of-NZ January 5, 2000 Male 05-1812 Normal/Clear
Jule Too’s The Apple Of My Eye Lisa A Schneider DN012412/06 Clan-Abby Legacie-O-Stars Clan-Abby Treasure Of NZ September 3, 2002 Female 05-485 Normal/Clear
Kellagem Kalkite Kathy A & Jennifer D Fish DL774555/01 Minimbah Free To Rule Kellagem Hot Sizzler July 8, 1998 Male 05-1337 Normal/Clear
Kensington’s Big Ben Lisa Waldo DN146541/02 Whiteterra Rebel Rocker Kensington’s English Rose June 13, 2006 Male 06-7774 Normal/Clear
Kensington’s Charlie Chaplin Lisa & Mary Ann Waldo DN049790/03 Outburst Watch Me Stalk Ewe Kensington’s English Rose September 4, 2003 Male UNSW_ID 2293 Normal/Clear
Kensington’s Matchmaker Lisa Waldo, J Frank Baylis, & Caroline T Woods DN138347/07 Bayshore’s Under My Spell Kensington’s Royal Derby March 28, 2006 Female 06-7775 Normal/Clear
Kensington’s Royal Derby Lisa Waldo DN049789/01 Outburst Watch Me Stalk Ewe Tobermoray Haute Couture September 1, 2003 Female UNSW_ID 2228 Normal/Clear
Kensington’s Silver Lining Mary A & Lisa M Waldo DL779740/03 Clan-Abby The Wizard Of Oz Tobermoray Haute Couture March 6, 1999 Male 06-3099 Normal/Clear
Kesca Made Wild Deanne Veselka DN153596/05 Borderfame Choc Chill Wildblue Sandpiper August 8, 2006 Female 06-8500 Normal/Clear
Korella Royal Command Ricki Foulds DL736733/01 Crestvale Bound For Glory Korella Crown Jewel March 21, 1997 Male 05-1968 Normal/Clear
Kybota Wildblue Rhythm Deanne Veselka DL914198/01 Devondene Kiwi Legend Kybota City Rhythm April 30, 2002 Male BC5621 Normal/Clear
Linwald’s Come By Ivy Mary Patrice Ezzo, VMD & Linda J Dietrich DL892681/03 Pikkupaimenen Spy Catcher Skye Dancing August 31, 2001 Female UNSW_ID 6143 Normal/Clear
Locheil Dare Devil Sonja Donaldson DN205228/01 Lochiel Chic Of The Devil At Lethans Locheil Look At Gingerbell June 9, 2007 Male UNSW_ID 5035 Normal/Clear
Llyr’s Legacy On Fire Mary Schweitzer DN039207/06 Castlewalk Blackwatch Llyr Storm’s Bordertown Bonfire May 31, 2003 Female  07-9402 Normal/Clear
Locheil Mint Julip Heather Hutchings DN281489/01 Pikkupaimenen Creat Pretender At Locheil Locheil Spoil Me April 27, 2009 Female UNSW_ID 5613 Normal/Clear
Lochinbrae Pepita April Bruce DL903392/04 Castlewalk Blackwatch Niklas Lochinbrae Oz Made Me Forewe December 25, 2001 Female 05-4816 Normal/Clear
Lochinbrae Whitney’s Oz Claire Hamilton DL656711/01 Clan-Abby The Wizard of Oz Charttop Moon Light October 2, 1996 Female BRC 1837 Normal/Clear
Lochnbrae Wyndyway Xtreme Oz Alicia Ward DL903392/02 Castlewalk Blackwatch Niklas Lochinbrae Oz Made Me Forewe December 25, 2001 Female 06-1734 Normal/Clear
Lookout 3 Alarm Fire Noel D Sieh DN141012/02 Borderfame’s Crimson Tyde Castlewalk Sheena March 23, 2006 Female 08-10161 Normal/Clear
Lookout Rapid Fire Noel Sieh DN141012/01 Borderfame’s Crimson Tyde Castlewalk Sheena March 23, 2006 Female 08-2173 Normal/Clear
Made You Look At PowerHouse Heather Hutchings DN173896/02 Shorelands Luke Skywalker Tapfers Blue Bird On My Shoulder February 2, 2007 Male 09-8117 Normal/Clear
Majestic Honor At MoonlightRun Kathy & Robert Hightshoe DN091305/03 Lochinbrae Mood Indigo Majestic Prophesy Of Grandeur November 25, 2004 Female 06-9296 Normal/Clear
Majestic Hot Topic Ronni DeLay DL875883/01 Brackenhill Royal Tartan Majestic Prophesy Of Grandeur May 22, 2001 Male BRC 1419 Normal/Clear
Majestic Outlander Kelly Whiteman DL689277/05 Goldentone Blue Illusion Majestic Terbo’s Magic Moment May 8, 1997 Male BRC 1343 Normal/Clear
Majestic Prophesy Of Grandeur Ronni DeLay DL689277/01 Goldentone Blue Illusion Majestic Terbo’s Magic Moment May 8, 1997 Female BRC 1420 Normal/Clear
Majestic Summer Star Ronni DeLay DL774797/02 Majestic Jet Ruelle Majestic Prophesy Of Grandeur February 21, 1999 Female UNSW_ID 2052 Normal/Clear
Marada Calamity Jane Gerald Innella DL907265/05 Pikkupaimenen Dream Catcher Rogansrock Gale Warning March 30, 2002 Female 07-3773 Normal/Clear
Moss Linda C Stevenson ABC 258558 Astra Spot ABC 180914 Jill ABC 180915 October 20, 2004 Male 06-278 Normal/Clear
My-Key Heaven Sent To Oelamp Laura Kincaid DN215298/03 OffOn Remington’s Blue Steel My-Key Run The Grand Capri April 17, 2008 Male 11-164 Normal/Clear
Nahrof Never Say Never Claire Hamilton DN129926/02 Nahrof Never Say More Wiralee Hard Headed Woman July 19, 2005 Male BRC 1338 Normal/Clear
Nahrof Shadows O Cashel Cynthia J & Darren C Geiss DL909095/01 Nahrof Shadow Of Mercy Nahrof Turning Point November 26, 2001 Female BRC 1529 Normal/Clear
Nahrof The Cohort Lauren Somers & Errol Badior 2100090992 FIN 10080/05 DN141787/01 Nahrof The Talisman Nahrof Echos Of An Era June 12, 2000 Male UNSW_ID 401 Normal/Clear
Nahrof Turn It Up Linda Mooradian & Lauren Somers 2100197047 Yeleek Wizard Of Oz Nahrof The Turning Point October 14, 2004 Male BRC 1473 Normal/Clear
North Wind’s Just Believe Casey Carney DN137748/04 Hot Shot Calm Before The Storm Visons’s Sweet Ilusion March 12, 2006 Female UNSW_ID 2648 Normal/Clear
Noteworthy Farmer In The Dell Carol A Green DL869922/01 Jenaid Theif Of Hearts Borcat Superstar December 12, 2000 Male 05-1667 Normal/Clear
Noteworthy Movin ToThe Music Dawne Bosier DL912543/01 Jenaid Thief Of Hearts Borcat Superstar August 19, 2002 Female 05-1124 Normal/Clear
Noteworthy Queen Of Hearts Carol A Green DN055432/03 Jenaid Thief Of Hearts Wildblue Thunder Dancer August 8, 2003 Female 05-1668 Normal/Clear
Oelamp’s Hellfighter Laura Kincaid DN224459/04 Oelamp’s McJimsey RisingSun Keepin’ Oelamp Lit July 16, 2008 Male 11-166 Normal/Clear
Oelamp’s Jackpot Laura Kincaid DL631751/04 Heelalong Magician Of Xanth Lindsey January 6, 1996 Male 05-1855 Normal/Clear
Oelamp’s Next Generation Laura Kincaid DN224459/02 Oelamp’s McJimsey RisingSun Keepin’ Oelamp Lit July 16, 2008 Male 11-160 Normal/Clear
Outburst Tartan Myst Judy Hackett DN056765/05 Brackenhill Lots Of Tartan Outburst Livin A Crazy Life December 3, 2003 Male 05-6712 Normal/Clear
OutRun’s Adrenaline Rush Angela Roesch & Denise Heins DN135704/07 Shur’Can Kick Bo-Tyne Out Having Fun September 28, 2005 Female 06-3651 Normal/Clear
OutRun’s Five Finger Discount Angela Roesch & Chris Williams DN135704/08 Shur’Can Kick Bo-Tyne Out Having Fun September 28, 2005 Female 06-3652 Normal/Clear
OutRun Life’s Been Good Lisa J McWilliams DN178004/04 Benn Mickbeth Wagons Ho Elektra April 17, 2007 Male UNSW_ID 4490 Normal/Clear
Patriot’s RQ Air Assult Karen Yobbagy DN081280/02 Norwood’s Captian Quirk Norwood KMAC’s Red Hot Rocket July 4, 2004 Female 06-2046 Normal/Clear
Patriot’s RQ Ready Aim And Fire Debby Quigley DN081280/03 Norwood Captain Quirk Norwood KMAC’s Red Hot Rocket July 4, 2004 Male 06-9290 Normal/Clear
Pawtails Flyin In Time Carol A Green DN122439/01 2100213407 Tukonie Ycan If Ywanto Pawtails Moonlite Xpress April 5, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 890 Normal/Clear
Pawtails Too Hot THandle Carol A Green DN073490/01 Pawtails Hot Buttered Woombye Sunkist January 23, 2004 Male 05-1048 Normal/Clear
Pawtails Xpress Yourself Laura Overmyer & Julie Bosier DN122439/02 2100213403 Tukonie Ycan If Ywanto Pawtails Moonlite Xpress April 5, 2005 Male UNSW_ID 891 Normal/Clear
PC’s Ink Well.Com Karen Van Hoy DL757268/04 Kiss Me Cal Blacktie Irma La Spot August 14, 1998 Male 05-1335 Normal/Clear
Peachy Keen’s Hit And Run Hazel L Troendle DN032003/04 Peachy Keens Junkanoo Lochinbrae’s Mary March 23, 2003 Male 05-2335 Normal/Clear
Peachy Keen’s Rock Of Cashel Cynthia J & Darren C Geiss DL834978/07 Clan-Abby The Wizard Of Oz Jenaid Scene Stealer April 19, 2000 Male BRC 1530 Normal/Clear
Quail Creek Imagine A Third One Kathleen Ferruzza DN137881/06 Rio Run Gill Chic February 2, 2006 Female UNSW_ID 3580 Normal/Clear
Quantum Leaps Megabucks Dawne Bosier DL823234/04 Quantum Leaps Old Tru Blu To Ellie Mae February 12, 2000 Female 05-1122 Normal/Clear
Rebel’s True Grit Vanessa K Evans DL913715/02 Lanky Borderhall Dixie Of Montvuew August 31, 2002 Female AG109681 Normal/Clear
Red-Dawn Aiden Alicia Ward DN039023/01 Imp Sam ABCA 194957 Fox ABCA 173157 August 14, 2002 Male 06-1735 Normal/Clear
Red Dawns Bree Alicia Ward DL914883/01 Imp Sam Imp Floss December 24, 2001 Female 06-6470 Normal/Clear
Red Dogs Lightning Strikes Twice Frances Boughter DN199774/03 Ryker Rodeo Bear Reddogs Smudge November 14, 2007 Female 08-4546 Normal/Clear
Red Ryder At Real Pearl Emily Fish DN175174/01 Bayshore Count Chocula Jodie Foster At Real Pearl November 16, 2006 Male UNSW_ID 2350 Normal/Clear
Rhonabwy Awsome Blossom Terry E Sadler & Betty G Belliveau DL918193/01 Borderfame Awsome Force Rhonabwy Red Hot Maggie March 5, 2002 Female UNSW_ID 4941 Normal/Clear
Rhonabwy Secret Whispers Deanne Veselka DL903849/01 Borderfame Eveready Breekama Pats Charity April 10, 1996 Female BC5620 Normal/Clear
Rhonabwy Total Eclipse Terry Sadler 6100022249 Winpara Walkin On ThSun Rhonabwy Whispering Kate January 31, 2001 Male UNSW_ID 441 Normal/Clear
RisingSun Keepin’ Oelamp Lit Laura Kincaid DN073650/03 Blazin’ Kane Rising Sun Shey Ireland June 8, 2004 Female 05-1856 Normal/Clear
Rival’s Quick To Respond Angela Roesch & Denise Heins DN204471/03 Hollowshot High Roller At Powertripp Rival’s Joke’s On U December 20, 2007 Female 08-3349 Normal/Clear
RiverRun’s Greta Garbo Mark & Amy Hansen DL740675/09 Borderfame Choc Chill RiverRun’s Hollywood Star June 13, 2003 Female BRC 1659 Normal/Clear
RiverRun’s Hollywood Star Mark & Amy Hansen DN037794/01 Gotrah Kaspers Kid RiverRun’s Hollyanna May 14, 1998 Female BRC 1658 Normal/Clear
RiverRun’s Kashanova Janine Warner DN169844/01 Lochkeens Kash RiverRun’s Greta Garbo January 21, 2007 Male UNSW_ID 2550 Normal/Clear
RiverRun’s What Legends Are Made Of Kayla & Cathy Trowbridge DL816487/02 Majestic Outlander RiverRun’s Hollyanna January 4, 2000 Female 05-5220 Normal/Clear
Royal’s Imaginary Friend Ronna Stewart DN106668/01 Love’s Terrin It Up Royal Glenloy Bunyip January 26, 2005 Female BRC 5619 Normal/Clear
Runamok’s Queen Of Dunridge Susan Devaux DN022127/02 Wildfire-Fidelis Bustin Loose Wildblue Chase The Clouds January 24, 2003 Female 06-7723 Normal/Clear
Seabreeze Ride Of A Lifetime Cara Goch DN259893/04 Peachy Keen Kippers For Tea Hot Shot Quest For The Truth October 16, 2009 Male 09-10355 Normal/Clear
Serena’s Celtic Dream Sandra & Mark Shults DL806828/02 Peachykeen Jewel Of The Crown Ginnylands Scarlet Ribbons October 16, 1999 Female 06-626 Normal/Clear
Serena’s To The Manor Born Patricia Charlton DL847771/02 Lydeardlea Angel In Disguise Ginnylands Scarlet Ribbons August 8, 2000 Female UNSW_ID 2659 Normal/Clear
Shaelyn’s Lickity Split Chloe Meeks DL854767/06 Terbo Boot Scoot N’ Boogie Terbo Striptease October 27, 2000 Female 05-5709 Normal/Clear
Shannara Voyage O’The Blue Fairy Jamie Swanson DN341260/03 Celestria Voyage To Shannara Wildair Winter Light May 24, 2012 Female 13-834 Normal/Clear
Sheermyst Touch Of Magic Terry Sadler DL794491/01 Sheermyst Black Magic Sheermyst Just Me August 15, 1998 Female UNSW_ID 2146 Normal/Clear
Shoreland Cream Tops Neopolitan Vickie Schuckmann DN228435/03 Shoreland Will Rock Ewe Shoreland’s Anita Ewe August 8, 2008 Female UNSW_ID 6149 Normal/Clear
Shoreland Demitasse Jackie Bayes & Debbie Butt DN110210/02 Borderfame Solid Rock Baird Creek Star Shoreland April 9, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 2054 Normal/Clear
Shorelands Ewe Rock My World Karen DeLong DN17345/01 Shorelands Mocha Choca Latte Shorelands Let’s Rock January 4, 2007 Male UNSW_ID 5717 Normal/Clear
Shoreland Ewehoo Maggie Blue Timothy G & Lori Young DN014789/02 Borderzone Steel Thunder Shoreland’s Nine To Five August 29, 2002 Female 05-9778 Normal/Clear
Shoreland’s Flying S Big Tex Rock’s Tamara Stanley DN376034/01 Borderfame Solid Rock Shoreland’s Ewe Take My Breath Away June 6, 2013 Male 14-7219 Normal/Clear
Shoreland’s Missing Ewe Karen DeLong DN155130/01 Borderzone Goldrush At Shoreland Shoreland’s Watchin’ Over Ewe July 26, 2006 Female UNSW_ID 2910 Normal/Clear
Shoreland’N’SnoFire Burn’N Up April Bruce DN144370/03 Borderfame True Blue Shoreland Tri-Umph For Ewe April 21, 2006 Male 06-7882 Normal/Clear
Shorelands Silver Wings Heather Hutchings DN210268/04 Shorelands Kinetic Riptide Tapfers Blue Bird On My Shoulder February 18, 2008 Female UNSW_ID 5611 Normal/Clear
Silon Sorcerers Apprentice Heidi & James Smith DL795943/03 Borderhall Soul Mate Loni June 16, 1999 Male 05-9058 Normal/Clear
SnoFire’s Play’N In The Waves April Bruce DN124498/04 Tainsh’s MtnSpirit O’Shdordg Lochinbrae Pepita November 4, 2005 Female 06-3100 Normal/Clear
Sogn Valley’s Forget-Me-Not Debra E DeGidio DN036282/03 Rocky RiverRun’s Blue Sapphire May 9, 2003 Female 05-1976 Normal/Clear
Spirit Of Grace Monica Wilhite DN038700/16 Lochinbrae Mood Indigo Borderzone Grace My Soul July 12, 2003 Female UNSW_ID 3068 Normal/Clear
Sporting Fields Indigo Deanne Veselka DN219831/02 Bayshore’s Believe In Magic Shoreland All That Jazz June 7, 2008 Female 13-3902 Normal/Clear
Sportingfield Call To Hollowshot Suzanne LeRoy DN185510/01 Sporting Field Call Forth Borderfame Hollowshot Once In A Blue Moon April 4, 2007 Female  09-5143 Normal/Clear
Sportingfield’s Carbon Copy Of Avatar Bayshore Stacy Einck-Paul & J Frank Baylis DN277168/01 Bayshore Sovereign Sporting Fields Sportingfield Etched In Borderfame March 29, 2010 Female 12-2993 Normal/Clear
Sportingfield Gold Rush April Bruce DN193025/06 Hollowshot Glint Of Gold Borderfame Vanilla Skys June 24, 2007 Male 09-6787 Normal/Clear
Sportingfield’s Sonnet Claudia Nagel & Debbie Butt DN257197/06 Dykinta Made You Look Sportingfield Etched N Borderfame July 10, 2009 Female 016-055-849 Normal
Spot Holley Grooms DN070049/01 Scott ISDS 189240 Maid ISDS 188118 December 2, 1996 Male 07-8798 Normal/Clear
Starbrooke New Beginnings Lorna & Robert Stark DN134847/04 Brackenhill Royal Flush Bruxly Ritzy O’Rourke January 8, 2004 Female UNSW_ID 1972 Normal/Clear
Sterling Cheers Terry Sadler DN043443/01 Brackenhill Ice Chip Cinlock Catarina August 2, 2003 Female UNSW_ID 2148 Normal/Clear
Sterling Cisco Terry Sadler DN067883/03 Clan-Abby Too Much Tartan Sterling Paige March 19, 2004 Male UNSW_ID 4942 Normal/Clear
Sterling Dutch Treat Terry Sadler DL914899/01 Borderwind Sterling Gold Sterling Belle October 13, 2002 Female UNSW_ID 2147 Normal/Clear
Sterling Pirates Treasure Terry E Sadler DN083722/02 Brackenhill Royal Tartan Sheermyst Touch Of Magic September 3, 2004 Male UNSW_ID 2143 Normal/Clear
Sterling Tyke Sandie Hanlon DL808356/02 Bessamour D’Ltan Azure Sterling Paige November 6, 1999 Male BRC 4137 Normal/Clear
Stirling Bridge’s Britt Heather Stevens DN258156/01 Nick Razzel’s Rose April 12, 2008 Female 10-3786 Normal/Clear
Stirling Bridge’s Daisy Heather Stevens DN203831/01 Jake Kelsee April 27, 2007 Female 09-1533 Normal/Clear
Stirling Bridges Skyler Heather Stevens DN251449/01 Copper ABCA 285392 Paige ABCA 269976 February 8, 2009 Female 09-0837 Normal
Stirling Bridge’s Spike Heather Stevens & Robert Robinson DN230989/01 Chico Jillian August 9, 2004 Male 09-1534 Normal/Clear
Storm’s Bordertown Bonfire Mary B Green DL817628/02 Jabba Lyn June 10, 1999 Female 08-10151 Normal/Clear
Sun Mtn’s Because I Can Sandra & Mark Shults DN092029/02 Hamilton’s Tin Man Serena’s Celtic Dream December 5, 2004 Female 06-625 Normal/Clear
Sun Mtn Dream Works Sandra & Mark Shults DL758203/03 Clan-Abby The Wizard Of Oz Rosaltess SunMtnsNextHorizon September 22, 1998 Male 06-624 Normal/Clear
Sun Mtn’s Hurricane Ally Sue Thompson DN055891/01 Sun Mtn’s Life Of Riley Dykebar Lovely Rita O’Tainsh December 21,2003 Female UNSW_ID 2652 Normal/Clear
Sun Mtn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Sonja Donaldson DN055891/03 Sun Mtns Life Of Riley Dykebar Lovely Rita O’Tainsh December 23, 2003 Female 06-584 Normal/Clear
Sun Mtns Wind Dancer Suzanne LeRoy DN055891/02 Sun Mtns Life Of Riley Dykebar Lovely Rita O Tainsh December 21, 2003 Female UNSW_ID 2657 Normal/Clear
Sunshines Dancing On A String Lyne Erickson DN084165/09 DC Lydeardlea Angel in Disquise Sunshines Double Delite September 25, 2004 Female 09-4646 Normal/Clear
Sunshines Mighty Kite Patricia Charlton DL675547/03 Cap Of Corinlea Mai January 13, 1997 Male UNSW_ID 2651 Normal/Clear
Sweet Too Michelle Rhodes ABCA 274663 Reed (Ben) ABCA 71743 Sweet ABCA 78809 October 16, 2005 Female 07-2992 Normal/Clear
Tainsh’s Bit O Tartan Ricki Foulds DN085015/01 Clan-Abby Too Much Tartan Korella Flirt O Tainsh September 7, 2004 Male 05-3703 Normal/Clear
Tainsh BonniDune Red Sky At Nite Kelly Whiteman DL821130/01 Majestic Outlander Dykebar Into The Future O’Tainsh January 21, 2000 Male BRC 1341 Normal/Clear
Tainsh’s MtnSpirit O’Shdordg April Bruce DL913595/02 Dykebar Blu Sky’s Over Tainsh Korella Flirt O Tainsh August 28, 2002 Male 05-5560 Normal/Clear
Tainsh New Dawn At BonniDune Kelly Whiteman DL821130/02 Majestic Outlander Dykebar Into The Future O’Tainsh January 21, 2000 Female BRC 1342 Normal/Clear
Tainsh’s Tartan Legacy To BonniDune Kelly Whiteman DL049452/06 Clan-Abby Too-Much-Tartan Korella Flirt O’Tainsh August 21, 2003 Male BRC 1340 Normal/Clear
Tapfers Bluebird On My Shoulder Linda Mitcham & Bobbie Ochoa DN055432/01 Jenaid Thief Of Hearts  Wildblue Thunder Dancer August 8, 2003 Female 06-1747 Normal/Clear
Tartan Bay Flew To Freedom Mary Elizabeth Simpson & Carolyn Biondi DN082523/09 Bayshore’s Under My Spell Brackenhill Flew By Ewe July 18, 2004 Female 06-6876 Normal/Clear
Tartan Bay Let It Ride Carolyn & Joseph Biondi DN082523/01 Bayshore’s Under My Spell Brackenhill Flew By Ewe July 18, 2004 Male 06-1181 Normal/Clear
Terbo All Eyez On Me Terry W Hammond DL659496/01 Borderbreeze Barnstormer From Darkwind Arfryn Mountain Bred October 29, 1996 Male 05-1846 Normal/Clear
Terbo Australian For Beer Gregory Schuckmann & Terry W Hammond DN050586/02 Terbo Bad To The Bone Terbo Ringside Gossip October 17, 2003 Male 05-8460 Normal/Clear
Terbo Badd To The Bone Terry W Hammond DL365569/01 Goldentone Blue Illusion Terbo Color Me Badd April 6, 1998 Male 05-1845 Normal/Clear
Terbo Crushed Ice Terry Wise Hammond DN250964/01 Terbo All Eyez On Me Shoreland’s Ewe Take My Breath Away May 11, 2009 Male 11-8389 Normal/Clear
Terbo’s El Zorro Sharon L Abbott DL736570/07 Clan Abby Wizard Of Oz Arfryn Mountain Bred April 2, 1998 Male 05-1871 Normal/Clear
Terbo Kiss This Terry W Hammond DL857213/01 RiverRuns Cowboy Up For Terbo Terbo Color Me Badd December 18, 2000 Female 06-9111 Normal/Clear
Terbo Maid Of Money Terry W Hammond DL895365/01 Chalfont Ben O’Loch Gotrah Celtic Maid November 11, 2001 Male 05-1844 Normal/Clear
Terbo’s Obsession With Shoreland Terry W Hammond DN228435/01 Shoreland Will Rock Ewe Shoreland’s A Nita Ewe August 8, 2010 Male UNSW_ID 6147 Normal/Clear
Terbo Ringside Gossip Terry W Hammond DL814808/01 Goldentone Blue Illusion Arfryn Mountain Bred December 7, 1999 Female 05-1847 Normal/Clear
Terbo Theres No Place Like Home Doug Hardesty & Terry W Hammond DL736570/01  Clan-Abby The Wizard Of Oz Arfryn Mountain Bred April 2, 1998 Male 05-9072 Normal/Clear
Tonalee’s Blue Field O’Stars Stephanie Gafford DL887877/02 X-Mas Cracker At Clan-Abby Clan-Abby NZ-Tonalee-Love August 6, 2001 Female 05-2143 Normal/Clear
Tonalee’s The Look Of Love Bonnie Harris DL816859/01 Clan-Abby Hiland Thunder Clan-Abby NZ Tonalee Love December 24, 1999 Female BRC 1435 Normal/Clear
Top Shelf’s Rapid Attack Meryl Sheard DL754882/05 Bugaboos Wind Beneath My Wings Zima On Blue Ice July 28, 1998 Male 04-5164 Normal/Clear
Tovarin’s Thistle Do Betsy Korbonski DL844101/02 Lydeardlea Angel In Disguise Tovarin Selkie From Beagold August 2, 2000 Female 05-3800 Normal/Clear
Traviston C Dyna Soar Patricia Charlton DN129481/01 Cap Of Corinlea Mai September 20, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 2660 Normal/Clear
Trumagik Toucho Class Caroline T Woods & J Frank Baylis DL755416/01 Trumagik Tartan Scott Trumagic Toucho Tartan May 4, 1997 Female UNSW_ID 1945 Normal/Clear
Trucolorz Dash 2 Whistlestop Kathryne & Sheridan Williford DN083777/02 Imp. Spot ABC 73928 Darkwind Legacy Of Ewe September 28, 2004 Male UNSW_ID 1622 Normal/Clear
Trucolorz Gone With The Darkwind Meg Massaro DN054018/01 Darkwind’s Blame It On Rio Darkwind Keltic Love O’Trucolorz December 11, 2003 Female UNSW_ID 628 Normal/Clear
Trucolorz Kiss Me – I’m Irish Meg & Sonny Massaro DN083777/01 Imp. Spot ABC 73928 Darkwind Legacy Of Ewe September 28, 2004 Female UNSW_ID 629 Normal/Clear
Tullacrest Goodtime Girl Caroline T Woods & J Frank Baylis DL809674/01 Borderfame Bravo  Tullacrest Lovem-N-Levem November 21, 1994 Female UNSW_ID 1943 Normal/Clear
Tweed Kathryn Lissa Thomas DL832013/01 Gus Red Rose June 6, 1999 Male 06-6079 Normal/Clear
TwinCreekBanjo Regina Farr ABC 308646 Blue Moonzappa Lola April 26, 2007 Male UNSW_ID 4902 Normal/Clear
Vision’s Ornery Little Heifer Heather Hutchings DN129190/02 Bismarks Flying Colours Blue Snip November 15, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 5609 Normal/Clear
Visions Out Of The Blue Patricia Powell DN078160/06 Bismark’s Flying Colours Hastings Liz June 2, 2004 Female 07-7334 Normal/Clear
Visions Sundance Kid Monica Wilhite DL027702/03 Bismark’s Flying Colours HBC Emma February 10, 2003 Male UNSW_ID 3067 Normal/Clear
Wagons Ho Bouncin Gili Cindy & Melissa Alison DN002820/01 Wagons Ho Bounce Back Brumby Delbonita Fair Dinkum February 23, 2002 Female 07-5228 Normal/Clear
Wagons Ho Elektra Lisa McWilliams DN040794/03 Wagons Ho Notorious Borderfame My Own Delite June 13, 2003 Female UNSW_ID 3535 Normal/Clear
Wagons Ho Jinx Deanna Veselka DN040794/02 Wagons Ho Notorious Borderfame My Own Delight June 13, 2003 Female BC5614 Normal/Clear
Wandoona Royal Tradition Karen Hall N1020881 Minimbah Royal Crest Crystalledge Exotic Lace December 11, 1988 Male UNSW_ID 003 Normal/Clear
Watchme Take It To The Limit Karen Yobbagy DL882927/03 Off On A Storming Intrepid Heelalong’s Just Do It June 26, 2001 Male 06-2045 Normal/Clear
Wildair Blazing To Morgan Kathy A & Jennifer D Fish DL885944/06 Kellagem Kalkite Francis August 4, 2001 Female 05-1569 Normal/Clear
Wildair Blue On Black Bonnie Harris DL915718/01 Xmas Cracker At Clan-Abby Tonalee’s The Look Of Love November 16, 2002 Male BRC 1657 Normal/Clear
Wildair Whistlin’ Dixie Stephanie Garfford DL615718/04 Xmas Cracker At Clan-Abby Tonalee’s The Look Of Love November 16, 2002 Female 07-1808 Normal/Clear
Wildair Tonalee Love’s Look Bonnie Harris DL915718/03 Xmas Cracker At Clan-Abby Tonalee’s The Look Of Love November 16, 2002 Female BRC 1434 Normal/Clear
Wildblue Days Of Thunder Nicole Vanek DN057540/02 Kybota Wildblue Rhythm Wildblue Sandpiper December 26, 2003 Male 06-7717 Normal/Clear
Wildblue Echoes Of Thunder Deanne Veselka DL835247/01 Korella Blue Thunder Korella Wind Dancer May 10, 2000 Male 05-1687 Normal/Clear
Wildblue Eternity Deanne Veselka DL905688/02 Danbeth Fullstop Rhonabwy Secret Whispers January 17, 2002 Male BC5622 Normal/Clear
Wildblue Hail Damage Alicia Ward & Amanda Milburn DN063699/03 Kybota Wildblue Rhythm Wildblue Wings Of The Storm March 3, 2004 Female 06-1736 Normal/Clear
Wildblue In A Dream Deanne Veselka DL894841/02 Wildblue Sunstorm Korella Weave A Dream November 11, 2001 Female BC5616 Normal/Clear
Wildblue Silver Haze Emily Fish & Deanne Veselka DN000387/02 Bayshore’s Indiglo Korella Wildblue Sunset December 31, 2001 Female 05-8629 Normal/Clear
Wildblue Storm Shadow Deanne Veselka DN042549/01 Wildblue Sunstorm Korella Royal Charm July 4, 2003 Male 08-8998 Normal/Clear
Wildblue Tartan Mist Deanne Veselka DN115876/02 Wildblue Diamond In The Ruff Tainsh’s Ewe Too July 10, 2005 Female BC5619 Normal/Clear
Wildblue Weave A Storm Jillian C Greenwood DL894841/05 Wildblue Sunstorm Korella Weave A Dream November 11, 2001 Female 05-1830 Normal/Clear
Wildfire Sincerely Yours Bob Janek DN218806/06 Nahrof The Cohort Wildfire Turnin’ Tric’s May 21, 2008 Female Animal Genetics Acct# 122238 Normal/Clear
Willowbrook Shadow Of My Heart Joseph Diehl & Lori Lucas DN196860/03 Shoreland Off The Cuff Tapfers Wildblue Echos Angel October 2, 2007 Male 11-1120 Normal/Clear
Windygyle Hallmark Karen Hall DL707697/01 Nahrof First Edition Windygyle Final Fling June 22, 1993 Female UNSW_ID 004 Normal/Clear
Winpara Dragonfire Bonnie Harris DN153837/01 Amaranth Of Sky Dragon Farm Winpara Soul Desire March 11, 2005 Male BRC 5453 Normal/Clear
Wochme Genuine Risk Of Solaras Vanessa Evans DN166184/06 Callista’s Blue Smitten Rebel’s True Grit November 26, 2006 Male 12-220 Normal/Clear
Wochme Never Forget Vanessa Evans & David Evans DN195841/04 Lochinbrae’s Die Hard Shelby V September 11, 2007 Male 11-6897 Normal/Clear
Wochme Stardust Vanessa Evans & Barbara Fitzgerald DN166184/03 Callista’s Blue Smitten Rebel’s True Grit November 26, 2006 Female 11-6898 Normal/Clear
WZ Black Magic Emily Langley DN062757/01 Sky ABCA 177401 Daphne ABCA 168465 August 25, 2003 Male UNSW_ID 2879 Normal/Clear
Younghavens Garcon Casanova Tim & Lori Young DN152904/04 Wildblue Caoirean Shoreland Ewehoo Maggie Blue June 1, 2006 Male UNSW_ID 4503 Normal/Clear
Younghaven Saint Zoe’s Lady Kimberly & Layne Edwards DN094753/02 Borderzone Steel Thunder Shoreland Ewe Go Tally Ho December 18, 2004 Female 07-884 Normal/Clear
Younghaven Walk The Wild Side Kathryne & Sheridan Williford DN152904/06 Wildblue Caoirean Ewehoo Maggie Blue June 1, 2006 Female UNSW_ID 3080 Normal/Clear