Canada TNS Test Results

SummaryDetailed List
Normal/Clear Carrier Affected
10 4 0

Registered Name Owners Name Registration Number Sire Dam Date of Birth Gender Lab Number Assessment
Bellaclan Midnight Magic Linda D Jackson & Laura K S Shaw DN23975902 Avatar’s Boomer Of Bayshore Follyhill Felicity Bellaclan January 1, 2009 Female 11-7393 Normal/Clear
Clan-Abby NZ’s-Kiwi-Angel Vicki Jones DL678569/01 Clan-Abby Phantom Of Love Secret Affair O Clan-Abby July 19, 1996 Female UNSW_ID 1627 Carrier
Creekside Gem Fiona Robertson CBCA 7058 MirkISDS 272009 Creekside TapCBCA 3182 November 14, 2008 Female 14-815 Normal/Clear
Jaya’s Legendary Blue Aura Kara Hewitt DN059983/04 Quantum Leaps Mirror Image Bosier’s Work Of Art V Jaya January 5, 2004 Female UNSW_ID 5110 Normal/Clear
Outburst Brae Kirwin Sharon Hobbs DN102498/04 Brackenhill Royal Tartan Clan-Abby NZs-Kiwi-Angel January 8, 2005 Male UNSW_ID 2289 Normal/Clear
Outburst Braewood Tosca Sharon Hobbs DN172635/05 Borderfame Solid Rock Outburst Essies Little Zinger July 5, 2006 Female UNSW_ID 2288 Normal/Clear
Outburst Livin A Crazy Life Vicki Jones DL807336/01 Trumagik Tartan Scott Clan-Abby NZ’s-Kiwi-Angel August 6, 1999 Female UNSW_ID 1628 Carrier
Outburst Radical Vision Vicki Jones DN172635/03 Borderfame Solid Rock Outburst Essies Little Zinger July 5, 2006 Female UNSW_ID 5041 Normal/Clear
Outburst Reap The Rewards Vicki Jones DN203402/01 Wildair Blue On Black Outburst Livin A Crazy Life December 29, 2007 Male UNSW_ID 5042 Carrier
Outburst Watch Me Stalk Ewe Vicki Jones DL799634/01 Trumagik Tartan Scott Clan-Abby NZ’s-Kiwi-Angel December 18, 1998 Male Tested By Dr Alan Wilton Carrier
Pur-Plesur’s Patent Leather N Chrome Cindy Bergeron DN257645/03 Hamilton Pur-Plesur’s My Kodachrome Giftnell Got Yah Talking At Stavros June 17, 2009 Male 12-4917 Normal/Clear
Shur’can B Keen Gisele Savard DL857035/02ABC 175177AIBC 148556 Chuck Trimine’s Indy Anna February 7, 2000 Female UNSW_ID 4545 Normal/Clear
Shur’can See Me Shine Gisele Savard N/A Tosari Intoxication Shur’can B Keen October 28, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 4546 Normal/Clear
Think’n Do Four Shur (Rally) Gisele Savard DL852490/02ABC 104134 Chuck Trimine’s Moxie April 4, 1997 Male UNSW_ID 4544 Normal/Clear