Austria TNS Test Results

SummaryDetailed List
Normal/Clear Carrier Affected
16 1 0

Registered Name Owners Name Registration Number Sire Dam Date of Birth Gender Lab Number Assessment
Ardenwood Lana Deitmahr Kennels 3100191686 Clan Abby NZ Misty Tartan Ardenwood Penny July 8, 2007 Female UNSW IID BC 5237 Normal
52 Stars Buffy Brigitte Szölgyemi N/A Eyes Of The World Atlantis Flower Of Old Hill Chanel October 26, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 2594 Normal/Clear
Beladele Random Heart Luke Schneider 310087991 Kanawalla Australya Made Khayoz All About Soul October 19, 2001 Female UNSW_ID 881 Normal
Borderline Country Extacy Heidi Poschacher OHZB BrdC 1414 Madeleys Time Challenger Borderline Country Xdream September 3, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 1542 Normal/Clear
Borderline Country Justinboots Heidi Poschacher & Julia Kern OHZB BrdC 2175 Waveney Caught In Time Borderline Country Extacy November 12, 2008 Male UNSW_ID 5485 Normal/Clear
Borderline Country Xdream Heidi Poschacher OHZB BrdC 1018 Maccabee Blue Peter Borderline Country Twilight March 15, 2003 Female UNSW_ID 1543 Normal/Clear
Camwyn Venus In Velvet Daniel Scott 3100210521 Trucharm Monsters Inc Camwyn Midsummer Madness September 22, 2008 Female UUNSW_ID BC 5209 Normal/Clear
Canyonland A Beautiful Mind Ingrid Koenig OHZB BrdC 905 Cinlock Catchword Borderline Country Sky July 16, 2002 Female UNSW_ID 1540 Carrier
Canyonland Arizona Dream Wolfgang Lipczenko BrdC 906ISDS 273452 Cinlock Catchword Borderline Country Sky July 16,2002 Female UNSW_ID 1856 Normal/Clear
Dunwurkn Jordy Girl Wanda Ramsdell 4100152192 Borderstrand Milo N Milk Wottapud Roki Road October 12, 2007 Female UNSW ID BC 4531 Normal
Funknrun Jazzy’s GAL Patricia Bode 2100231846 Davondeb Murphy’s Law Colbella Dark Delight June 11, 2006 Female UNSW_ID BC 3845 Normal
Hotlee Take Ito Thelimit Heidi Poschacher OHZB BrdC 1499 Beauglen One For Theroad Korella Krystal Fire August 23, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 1545 Normal/Clear
Hotnote Good News Heidi Poschacher OHZB BrdC 1544 Minimbah Lustrous Luvstock Andromeda April 14, 2004 Male UNSW_ID 1544 Normal/Clear
Islandsky Blue Belle Deitmahr Kennels 3100176904 Echovale Great Bear Tambovale Centre Fold November 22, 2008 Female UNSW IID BC 5238 Normal
Jordyalan Cocos Chance Deitmahr Kennels 3100173675 Braeloch Wedgewood Blue Barringama Wandas Coco September 23, 2006 Male UNSW IID BC 5240 Normal
Kuhaylan’s Oz-CrazyLittleThingLove-K Temmel Tamara BrdC 1330 Noteworthy Fly Me To The Moon Kuhaylan’s australia Smokyblue Diamond May 24, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 2333 Normal/Clear
Lady Julie Synve Lundgren BrdC 1434ISDS 276433 BenISDS 220939 FlairISDS 248571 November 17, 2004 Female UNSW_ID 1857 Normal/Clear
Lionheart Anya At Borderline Heidi Poschacher OHZB BrdC 441 Dykebar Reach For Glory From Borders Home A Magic Heart May 24, 1998 Female UNSW_ID 1547 Normal/Clear
Mystiqview Betaines Fire Tracie Thompson 2100173664 Hotnote Electrify Wylie Wicked Temptation April 7, 2009 Male UNSW_ID BC 5234 Carrier
On My Own Closly Guarded Secret Christine Beirer 1367 OCBH Dream Of Kintyre Davy Brains’n Beauty Jean D’Arc August 20, 2004 Male UNSW_ID 2820 Normal/Clear
Rising Sun Ennis At Canyonland Ingrid Koenig N/A Cub Rising Sun Peg February 7, 2007 Male UNSW_ID 2560 Normal/Clear
Sheltysham Sun Shade Elisabeth Kotschy BrdC 909AC01870406 Caristan Moet Chandon Shenna She’s Of Sheltysham January 1, 2002 Male UNSW_ID 1630 Normal/Clear
Waminda Ghost Whisperer Catherine Mullen 2100272125 Waminda Kaspar The Ghost Etherial Double Impact April 13, 2008 Female UNSW ID BC 4072 Carrier
Whenway Celtic Tradition Synve Lundgren BrdC 264ISDS 273451 MossISDS 188389 Whenway Roision January 22, 1996 Male UNSW_ID 1859 Normal/Clear
Wylie Golden Reward Heidi Poschacher OHZB BrdC 2356 Korella Krystal Reward Trumagik Secret Whisper January 26, 2009 Male UNSW_ID 5486 Normal/Clear
Zealour Kayleigh Of Pinewood Country Claudia Schnabl BORC 2928 Alderaan Sgian Dubh Unique Lady Of Pinewood Country September 15, 2011 Female 1308A29092 Normal/Clear