Finding the best Border Collie puppies for sale near you

The Border Collie is the most intelligent canine that is perfect for active owners and families.

Buying a puppy is already a big responsibility, but Border Collies are different from other breeds. They’re bred to work and herd, and this is what defines them. With their high energy, sensitivity, stamina, and nature, there are things to consider before getting a working dog.

Is a Border Collie the right breed for you?

As any responsible breeder would do, we can’t stress enough how crucial it is to do your research about the kind of dog you want.

Here are important factors to ask yourself before buying a Border Collie puppy.

Are you prepared to care for a puppy?

Raising a puppy is time-consuming and requires commitment. A growing pup would need to be fed 3-4 times a day, be taken out to pee and poop, and since you’ll be house-training it, it can mean a lot of mess and clean up.

Little Border Collie pup making a mess of balls of wool

After coming home from work, would you still have the energy and time to give the pup at least an hour of work, exercise, or play? And since they’re adjusting to their new home, are you ready to wake up in the middle of the night by a crying, barking, or howling puppy?

Puppies, even adult dogs, shouldn’t be left in a crate for more than a few hours. It may help if no one’s around and to avoid the little thing from chewing anything in your house, but they can’t hold their business for too long. Not only that, pets shouldn’t eliminate where they sleep.

You also have to think about obedience training and socialization. Routine will be your friend when it comes to everything that has something to do with your puppy so that things can run smoothly.

When you’re not home, who’ll take care of your dog? Do you have any other pets? Will you be able to introduce and supervise them properly at all times?

If having a puppy sounds overwhelming but you really want a pet, an adult dog is an alternative.

Can you handle a Border Collie?

Aside from the pros and cons of taking care and raising a little pooch, is your heart set on a Border Collie?

This breed is medium-sized, but that doesn’t mean they’ll do fine in an apartment. A regular yard isn’t enough for Borders. They require a lot of space to run so they’re more suited to live in a ranch or farm where they can chase and herd until they get tired.

You should be aware of the mental and physical stimulation they need. Will you be able to provide that on a daily basis?

Just to give you an idea, here are a few tasks that can be used as a start for training a Border Collie.


Another thing is the hair coat. You may want a dog, but how about the rest of your family members or housemates? Is anyone allergic to pets? Border Collies shed throughout the year, but worse during shedding season. Would you be okay to deal with that? Can you afford regular trips to the groomer?

Think about other expenses as well – dog food, toys, supplies, medications, and routine or emergency visits to the veterinarian.

Is your house ready for a Border puppy?

Preparation also involves your home. Puppies can be naughty and destructive, but it’s common and more dangerous for the little fur angels. So how do you puppy-proof your house?

naughty Border Collie puppy playing with garbage

Literally get down to a puppy-eye level for you to see possible hazards. Make sure you hide electrical cords, lock cabinets with any kind of chemicals, and lock trash bins. Whether you have houseplants that are toxic to pets or not, you wouldn’t want them chewing on those, so keep them high.

Keep shoes, laundry, and small items such as toys out of reach. Pups can chew on them or even accidentally swallow them.

Supervise your puppy at all times, but if you can’t put them in a crate, playpen, or in a room where they can stay.

Do you have the basic needs of a puppy?

This basically means stock up on supplies. And when we say “basic”, it means essentials such as a leash, a collar or harness with a tag, puppy food, a doggy bed that has room for growth, and a grooming kit.

For pet bowls, stick with metal or ceramic. Plastic can easily get chewed up and may cause irritation. Don’t overdo it with toys. Just have one plush, one squeaky, and one chew toy.

You don’t want to end up with a bunch of puppy stuff where your pet will not use and outgrow them. A trusted vet can advise you on what other items your dog specifically needs.

Do you already have a veterinarian that is licensed and nearby?

It’s best to drive or walk around your area to find a trustworthy, licensed vet that has a great reputation. You can also do your search online or ask friends and relatives who have pets.

Choose one that you can conveniently go to and that their prices are reasonable.

Instead of rushing to whoever’s available, it’s best to have a vet lined-up. Once your puppy comes home with you, he or she should visit the veterinarian for the first time to have a check-up. It’s just to ensure that there are no health issues.

How to look for a responsible Border Collie breeder?

Online is the easiest way to find a Border Collie puppy for sale.

Although it’s known that you should avoid pet stores, backyard breeders, puppy mills, classified ads, or flea markets, you always have to watch for red flags when it comes to dealing with a breeder.

Signs of a good Border Collie breeder

A responsible breeder would screen or ask puppy buyers to fill out a questionnaire and interviews them. They would want to make sure that their puppies would end up in good hands.

A Border Collie puppy playing in the grass while breeder watches

The list of breeders you’re willing to purchase from should be registered with a dog club or association. Most have canines who join conformation events so they’re probably a part of those organizations. This is also a good way to ask for other members who could vouch for them.

It’s best if the breeder is a member of traditional working Border Collie registries.

The American Border Collie Association (ABCA) is the principal registry, while the Border Collie Society of America (BCSA) is the official parent club of Borders in the US.

ABCA’s equivalent in Canada is the Canadian Border Collie Association (CBCA) and International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) in the UK.

If a breeder has their Borders signed up with other registries, consider it as a serious red flag. Some of them use it as a way to claim that their pups have “papers”. The ABCA also has a list of breeders who were either suspended or expelled from their association that includes why they got a disciplinary action.

A good breeder focuses on improving a breed, in this case, the Border Collie. Responsible breeders don’t have more than two different breeds as their goal is to produce better offsprings that showcase the breed standard.

It’s also a good sign if a Border Collie breeder puts you on a waiting list. It means their pups are in high demand and they don’t breed their dogs too often.

Red flags to watch out for in BC breeders

If a breeder is willing to sell you a puppy without asking questions, it’s a clear sign that he or she doesn’t care about their dogs and puppies. Their main concern is getting paid.

Observe the puppy’s environment when you’re given a chance to visit. Take a step back if you see that they’re kept outside. Reputable breeders often have their dogs stay indoors. Besides, most dogs who get to socialize have a better temperament than those who are caged outdoors.

Turn away if a seller has several popular breeds that they readily offer. It’s an easy way to make money and they probably don’t care if their puppies meet the breed standards for Borders.

If you notice that pups are always available throughout the year, it can be a sign of overbreeding or they have too many females that puppies are only for profit.

A list of Border Collie Breeders

We gathered direct contacts for Border Collie breeders in the US, Canada, and the UK.

This list is just to help your search for your own working dog to be easier, but please use the tips we provided in this article to screen breeders as well.

Border Collie breeders in the USA

Location Name/URL Contacts
Florence, AL Jule Too Border Collies
(256) 757-6526
New Market, AL Kensington Kennels
(978) 870-8932
Benson, AZ Desert Shore Border Collies
(602) 330-7240
Paso Robles, CA Embrace Border Collies
(805) 296-8844
Santa Barbara, CA Zuki Border Collies
(805) 729-3192
Simi Valley, CA Rigel Border Collies
(805) 530-2367
Lancaster, CA Powerhouse Border Collies
(661) 332-0058
Escondido, CA Jolly Paws Border Collies
(503) 250-1715
Avondale, CO JiJin Kennels
(804) 384-8357
Somers, CT Horsepower Hill Farm
(860) 749-3792
Windsor, CT Rising Star Border Collies
Venice, FL Arcane Border Collies
(786) 436-1176
St. Petersburg, FL FlyBy Border Collies
(727) 504-9017
Palm City, FL TallTails Border Collies
(772) 219-0076
North Port, FL Top Notch Border Collies
(941) 421-8016
Farmington, GA Flat Rock Border Collies
(706) 540-8008
Sylvania, GA Holther Border Collies
(912) 658-3500
Duluth, GA Solaras Border Collies
(404) 889-0340
DeSmet, ID MtnViewRanch and Kennels LLC
(208) 651-4458
Blanchard, ID Selkirk Border Collies
(208) 437-1255
Marengo, IL Brittemar Border Collies
Rockton, IL Czechmate Border Collies
(815) 494-0384
Olney, IL Heronwoods Border Collies
(618) 302-0995
Romeoville, IL Rav’nLeigh Border Collies
Boonville, IN Winthrop Farm
(760) 215-5284
Cedar Falls, IA Bosier’s Border Collies
(319) 269-1665
Des Moines, IA BorderPatrol
Louisville, KY Majestic Border Collies
(502) 267-6052
Robert, LA Wilsong Border Collies
(985) 542-2039
Holly, MI Grand Oakes Border Collies
(248) 634-5113
Macomb, MI Hot Shot Border Collies
(586) 949-9026
St. Paul, MN North Star Border Collies
(651) 253-8686
Stacy, MN Rising Sun Farm
(651) 462-5967
Tylertown, MS Cool Meadow Farms Border Collies (601) 303-0666
Fenton, MO Solachi Border Collies
(314) 807-5923
Shell Knob, MO Stoneridge Border Collies
(417) 335-0414
Hamilton, MT Gold Creek Ranch Border Collies
(406) 360-1344
Plattsmouth, NE Lookout Border Collies
(402) 210-4460
Wood River, NE Prairie Fire
(402) 450-5599
Fallon, NV Fallon Border Collies
(559) 593-5951
Las Vegas, NV OffOn Border Collies Contact page
New Hampshire
Bradford, NH Harris Farm Border Collies
(603) 938-2923
New York
Buffalo, NY Gentle Shepherd Farms
(716) 474-6273
Caledonia, NY Rollin Oaks
(585) 329-7480
North Carolina
Graham, NC Contact Point Border Collies
(336) 376-9133
Mooresville, NC Wimzical Border Collies
(304) 552-1555
Cincinnati, OH Mondenkind Kennels
(513) 280-1317
Canton, OH Outrun Border Collies
(330) 484-6947
Madill, OK Whistle-stop Border Collies
(580) 795-4398
Grants Pass, OR Hidden Valley Border Collies
(541) 471-0840
Lancaster, PA J-Tail Border Collies
(484) 719-9992
Fort Littleton, PA Plum Hollow Border Collies (717) 860-1693
Malvern, PA Canter Hill Border Collies
(610) 827-1594
Venango, PA XCaliber
(814) 398-1083
(814) 720-3734
Jonesborough, TN Tri Cities Border Collies (423) 913-0527
Wears Valley, TN Crosswood Border Collies
(865) 850-8121
Nashville, TN Rose’s Border Collies
(615) 763-5743
Morrison, TN TN Border Collies (931) 607-2426
Murfreesboro, TN Stones River Kennels
(615) 713-8423
Abilene, TX Seven Links Ranch Border Collies
Round Rock, TX Shannara Border Collies (775) 813-2239
Draper, UT SnoFire Kennels
(801) 971-0989
Warrenton, VA Bayshore Kennels and Farm
(540) 335-9137
Elkton, VA Patriot Border Collies
(540) 289-5587
Toms Brook, VA Sporting Field Kennel & Cattery
(540) 335-8250
Rochester, WA Hob Nob Border Collies
(360) 754-3650
Camas, WA The Border Collies of the Pawcific North
(360) 931-5597
Loon Lake, WA Sun Mountain Border Collies
(509) 233-8304
West Virginia
Weirton, WV Cyclone Border Collies
(304) 723-1651
Pipestem, WV TNT Cattle Dogs
(304) 207-2578
Torrington, WY Triskle Border Collies
(307) 715-4742

Border Collie breeders in Canada

Location Name/URL Contacts
Cypress County, AB Canine Solutions (403) 866 6176
Bezanson, AB Dooglyn Borders
(780) 957-3447
High River, AB Hangin Arch Border Collies
(403) 422-0181
Athabasca, AB Landing Trail Stock Dogs
(780) 689-1978
British Columbia
Kelowna, BC JLM Border Collies
(250) 718-7644
Lumby, BC Keen-Eye Stock Dogs (250) 547-0212
Victoria, BC Keen-Eye Stock Dogs
(250) 478-1684
Kamloops, BC RMS Border Collies (250) 828-1176
(250) 318-1073
Strathclair, MB Nip Creek Ranch
(204) 365-0372
Cartwright, MB Wall 2 Wall Border Collies
(204) 529-2663
New Brunswick
Hanwell, NB Serendipity Border Collies
(506) 457-0348
Nova Scotia
Middleton, NS Double R Border Collies
(902) 825-4596
Lunenburg, NS Scotia Border Collies (902) 634-4833
Sunderland, ON Southview Farm & Border Collies (905) 960-6522
Claremont, ON Boywood Border Collies
(905) 649-3647
Tillsonburg, ON Bur Hill Border Collies
(519) 765-4708
Leamington, ON Caora Border Collies
(519) 738-6697
Bury, QC Astute Border Collie Purebred (819) 872-3832
North Hatley, QC Creekside Border Collies (819) 842-4227
McCord, SK Aspatria Kennels
(306) 478-2292
Maple Creek, Sk Montgomery Border Collies (306) 662-3667
(306) 662-8167
Shaunavon, SK Sheep Creek Farms (306) 297-3133
(306) 294-7604
Pleasantdale, SK Sommer Ranch Border Collies (306) 874-7936
(306) 874-7776

Border Collie breeders in the UK

Location Name/URL Contacts
North West England
Lancashire, North West Bryning Border Collies
Eastern & Central England
Reepham, Norfolk Rusca Farm Working Sheepdogs
01603 871521
Mayfield’s Farm
07724 193400
South West England
Exeter, Devon Kielia Border Collies
01392 479472
07712 520811
Antrim, Northern Ireland Irish Sheepdog
07977 213982
028 2582 2466
Heriot, Scottish Borders Neth Hill Border Collies
+44 (0)1875 835249
Perthshire, Central Scotland MidDerry Sheepdogs
44 7776 198365
44 7786 433952
Wales & Western England
Flintshire, Wales Denwyn Border Collies
07795 830287
Tremynydd Fach Pembrokeshire Sheepdogs 01437 721677

You can also use this interactive map that shows the location of Border Collie breeders.

[Google Map]

Border Collie puppies for sale at Marketplaces

Aside from specific Border Collie breeder sites, there are online marketplaces that allow you to narrow down your search with filters to help you find the right little pooch for you.

If you decide to purchase from these websites, don’t forget to do your part to make sure you’re purchasing from a responsible breeder.

Social media is also one of the most common ways for breeders to show the dogs they’re selling. There’s even a Facebook page for Border Collie puppies for sale.

Know what you’re getting into as an owner of a Border Collie

No matter how easy it is to get a dog or a puppy online, it takes time to do it right.

close-up photo of a person's hand petting a black and white Border Collie puppy

You can talk to veterinarians, friends, or breeders to learn more about Border Collies, but you still have to ask yourself if you got what it takes to handle the most intelligent, working breed in the world.

Having a smart pet may seem easy, but there’s always a catch for the amazing traits that Borders have. These intense, high-energy, and sensitive canines require a lot of attention and training to keep them in a constructive path.

Let’s not forget the price of a Border Collie and the costs that come with owning this bright fellow.

If a purebred Border Collie is not the right fit but you still love most of their traits, then you can pick a Border mix instead.

If you think your lifestyle matches the characteristics of a Border Collie, go on and find that hard-working dog you deserve!

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