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April Coast Borders Ranch Juliana Spezzacatena RG/SPX/09/06025 Black Hand Painted Cassy Hand Painted November 20, 2009 Female 12-7394 Normal
Best In Border Rolex Camila Junqueira RG/SPX/09/02269 Bayshore Avatar Toth Avatar Flying To Me Bayshore May 16, 2009 Male UNSW_ID 6231 Normal
Best In Border Sweet Semillon Eduardo Machado RG/SPX/05/07695 Clan-Abby NZ Blue Snow Bear Brisa Trip Animal Friend November 1, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 5396 Normal
Best In Border The Aller Beginning Eduardo Machado RG/SPX/08/01067 Shoreland's The Golden Rule Lucky Charm Mationa February 6, 2008 Male 09/9108 Normal
Best In Border West End Girl Juliana Spezzacatena RG/SPX/06/04846 Bayshore's Believe In Magic St Thoth Best In Border Lady Macbeth July 17, 2006 Female 12-7396 Normal
Border Aller Make Cookie In Dallas Eduardo Machado RG/SCB/09/00029 Bayshore Avatar Dallas Br St Thoth Best In Border La Boheme February 21, 2009 Male UNSW_ID 5394 Normal
Border Aller One Man Band Daniela Paulucci Santos de Moraes RG/SCB/08/00457 Grey 223 Dos Pardais Best In Border Sweet Semillon August 12, 2008 Male 12-10037 Normal
Border Aller One Up Fashion Eduardo Machado RG/SCB/08/00464 Grey 223 Dos Pardais Best In Border Sweet Semillon August 12, 2008 Female UNSW_ID 5398 Normal
Br St Thoth Best In Border La Boheme Eduardo Machado RG/SPX/05/01526 Bayshore Avatar Toth Brisa Trip Animal Friend April 21, 2005 Female UNSW_ID 5397 Normal
Extra Maggie do Emporium dos Cćes Camila Junqueira RG/SPB/09/00466 Best In Border Man Of La Mancha Br St Thoth's Best In Border Helene June 19, 2009 Female UNSW_ID 6234 Normal
Eyes Of The World Cooper Anja Dekegel LOSH 0932254 Mobella The Fella Eyes Of The World Yellow Rose August 19, 2003 Male UNSW_ID 5802 Normal
Good Captain da Cabanha da Conquista Juliana Spezzacatena Martins RS/SPW/10/36128 Brusky Bellintani Chess BR Borderland February 18, 2010 Male 12-5641 Normal
Hanna do Kanove Ana Paula Ambrozini RG/SPX/04/06317 Border do Kanove Fila de Preton November 11, 2004 Female UNSW_ID 5902 Normal
Hi-Fi Para Emporium Encrenquinha's Camila Sakavicius RG/SPAI/09/02518 Best In Border Sharm-El-Sheykh Best In Border Si Mi Chiamano Mimi May 5, 2009 Male 10-302 Normal
JBK My Money Is On The Winner Eduardo Machado BR7670 JBK Show Me The Money Shoreland's Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy September 1, 2012 Female 13-3418 Normal
Johnnie Walker do Emporium dos Cćes Camila Junqueira RG/SPB/09/00037 Fera dos Pardais Vany 253 dos Pardais January 11, 2009 Male UNSW_ID 6233 Normal
Kate J. C. C. Juliana Spezzacatena RG/SPG/08/01183 Trick Treuwachter Deedee 164 Encruzilhada Do Sul August 14, 2008 Female 12-7395 Normal
Lord Manske J Mary Joćo Carlos Carvalho RG/SPZ/11/00454 Shoreland's Mocha Latte Lord Manske Lynn August 6, 2011 Female 12-10043 Normal
Lucky Charm Cartita Ana Paula Ambrozini BR4494 Clan-Abby NZ Kiwi Robbie Gypsy-Queen de Mafalda's September 14, 2008 Female UNSW_ID 5901 Normal
Lucky Charm Iracema Eduardo Machado KCC 337126 Clan-Abby NZ Kiwi Robbie Gypsy Queen De Mafalada's September 14, 2008 Female UNSW_ID 5395 Carrier
R'Petra 367 Dos Pardais André L. C. da Silva RG/SPX/09/01623 Best In Border Man Of La Mancha Angra Dos Pardais April 13, 2009 Female 10-304 Normal
Shut Up Pb do Emporium dos Caes Ana Paula Ambrozini RG/SPB/10/00980 Zico do Sol do Sul Hanna do Kanove October 18, 2010 Female 10-9697 Normal
Sukita Baby Encrenquinha's Ana Paula Ambrozini RG/SPAI/10/00739 Best In Border Sharm-El-Sheykh Best In Border Si Mi Chiamano Mimi January 8, 2010 Female UNSW_ID 6170 Normal
Vanny 253 dos Pardais Camila Sakavicius RG/SPX/07/00394 Red-Dawn Eric Cam Do Kanove February 19, 2007 Female 10-3547 Normal



CEA/CH (Collie Eye Anomaly / Choroidal Hypoplasia)

CL (NCL - Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis)

TNS (Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome)






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